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Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged!

Jennifer Aniston
Getty Images

Justin Theroux might look like a bad boy, but he's a romantic at heart. The screenwriter/ actor proved he's ready to put a ring on it when he popped the question to his girlfriend of just under 18 months on his 41st birthday.

"Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage," his rep confirmed to People.

The couple first met roughly five years ago when he worked on the set of "Tropic Thunder"—a movie Theroux co-wrote with Ben Stiller — and later co-starred in "Wanderlust." Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Project X' and More

Project X
Warner Bros.

This week: In "Project X," a teenage house party goes viral, and the neighborhood watches helplessly as things get explosive.

Other new DVD releases include the funny, warm-hearted "Jeff, Who Lives at Home," the fish-out-of-water comedy "Wanderlust" with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, and the Blu-ray debut of Christian Bale in "Newsies." Get More »

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Why Must Every R-Rated Comedy Show Peen?

Jason Biggs in American Reunion

The "American Pie" franchise deserves its full slice of credit when it comes to innovation in the sexual humor space; its original, after all, was the movie that introduced the world to the not-so-time-honored tradition of making whoopee with pastries.

But what's the "edgiest" scene (played for laughs) in its latest installment, "American Reunion"? A shot of Jason Biggs' fully exposed member, of course.

Welcome to the most over-used cliche in contemporary R-rated comedies. Get More »

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Treat Your Fashion 'Wanderlust' With These Stylish Picks

Can you imagine ditching an urban jungle like New York City for a not-so-urban forest and a bunch of hippies?

Neither can we, but that's exactly what Linda (Jennifer Aniston) and George (Paul Rudd) had to do when they faced unemployment in the movie "Wanderlust."

As they traveled in search of a new home, our minds followed their changes in fashion, which were reflective of where they were. Ultimately, as they end up in "Hippie Land," we were submersed in a world fringe and skin-baring clothing.

Even if that hippie-like style doesn't particularly appeal to you, Linda and George manage a few looks that could work for just about anyone. See for yourself in our the latest Get the Goods — you won't have to go far to score the hip looks from "Wanderlust."

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Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Get Communal in 6 'Wanderlust' Clips


"Role Models" director David Wain is back with "Wanderlust," a new comedy about the trials and tribulations of a couple facing the perils of economic downturn. On their way to move in with family, they make a stop at a bed and breakfast -- and have to go with the flow once they find out the place is actually a commune.

The couple is played by the likable duo of Jennifer Aniston and our current man-crush Paul Rudd, who previously appeared together on "Friends" and in the 1998 movie "Object of My Affection." Will they be able to overcome societal convention and explore the boundaries of free love with two hot hippie specimens played by Malin Akerman and Justin Theroux? Guess we know the answer to that second one already. Get More »

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My Awkward Meeting With Paul Rudd

Lauren Cox

If I could sum up my meeting with Paul Rudd yesterday into one word, it would be awkward.

In my experience, the funnier the celebrity, the more socially off they are. Don't get me wrong: the "Wanderlust" star is a super nice guy. When he arrived at the "Late Show with David Letterman" studio yesterday, he came right across the street and started signing – even personalizing! – autographs for fans.

Once he signed for the group of girls next to me, I promptly asked him for a picture. He ignored me.

Awkward! Get More »

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Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd Will Do Anything For a Laugh

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Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd have proven over the years that they will do anything in order to entertain you, their loyal fans. But passing gas, spitting up and sleeping with Betty White?

Hey, all in a day's work for the stars of "Wanderlust."

If you guessed that this must have something to do with MTV's After Hours, you are once again correct, as Rudd and Aniston willingly submitted themselves for questioning in the little game called "Would You Rather?" So where does George Clooney's libido fit in? And what causes Aniston to do a literal spit-take? Watch the video — and see what real dedication to your craft is.

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'Wanderlust' Nudity Is No 'Big Deal' For Jennifer Aniston

According to Jennifer Aniston, "nude" does not qualify as "news."

Aniston and her "Wanderlust" co-star Paul Rudd appeared on MTV First to discuss their raunchy new comedy about a suddenly unemployed Manhattan couple who move to a commune inhabited by people who don't really see a need for clothing most of the time. In staying true to the film's premise, the Hollywood superstars stepped up to the plate and stripped for the camera.

Aniston's purported nude scene has been the subject of much hullabaloo in leading up to the film's release, but the "Horrible Bosses" star has waved off the scene.

"Big deal," she said. "At that point we had been shooting for two months, two-and-a-half months, and the amount of things we were asked to do that we were just, 'All right' ... at that point it was, like, putting on my shoes."

Or, rather, taking off her shoes.

You can watch the full interview with Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd (and watch them introduce an exclusive, never-before-seen clip from "Wanderlust") when MTV First: Wanderlust airs on MTV on Wednesday, Feb. 22 starting at 7:56 p.m. ET.

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Why Dudes Man-Crush on Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd
Getty Images

That smile. Those eyes. That devil-may-care attitude. Sure, ladies love him -- but who wouldn't be lost in the wily, sardonic sea that is "Wanderlust" star Paul Rudd, the guy who put the "man" in "bromance"?

Having first caught our eye in Amy Heckerling's "Clueless" in 1995, this former bat mitzvah DJ has always had charm to spare and the kind of non-threatening good looks that headliners are made of. Despite featured roles in hit movies like "The Cider House Rules" and "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet," not to mention practically becoming the unofficial seventh friend as Pheobe's husband on "Friends," it took Rudd nearly a decade to truly enter the bro-sphere with a little watershed film called "Anchorman." Get More »

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This Giveaway Puts The Lust In 'Wanderlust'


Lust may be one of the seven deadly sins, but from where we're sitting, it kind of all depends on what you're lusting after.

Coveting thy neighbor's nanny? Bad. Coveting our amazing new "Wanderlust" giveaway prize package, which includes a Jennifer Aniston/Paul Rudd DVD Prize Pack?

Well, let's just say the confession booth is going to be really crowded after this one. Get More »

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