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'Ender's Game' Comic-Con Goodies: New Video and Posters Go Viral

The world still has a few more months to go before "Ender's Game" hits theaters on Nov. 1, but mega-fans can curb their Formic-sized appetites right now with some new Comic-Con-based promo treats, which are currently causing some hooplah on the web. Get More »

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Hollywood's 13 Best Commencement Speeches

Getty Images Getty Images

Some of us just yawned and obsessed over the ticking of the clock during our far-too-long commencement speeches. Whatever maniac decided that so-and-so's wife's something or other who didn’t even graduate is equipped to send students off with a 30-minute diatribe on themselves is sorely mistaken. Just dole out the degrees already and call a day a day, right, kids? Unless ...

You know, every so often schools are able to wrangle in someone actually interesting to deliver a few notes of wisdom — some more often than others (cough Harvard cough). Even better, once in a while they're our very shiniest movie stars who make lots of funnies and deliver all the feels and suddenly the speeches don't seem so bad. Get More »

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Video Q&A: Maggie Gyllenhaal Just 'Won't Back Down'

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a lot of things: A-list actress, Hollywood royalty, social activist … the list goes on and on. However, above anything else, Gyllenhaal is a mother. Ironically, it's her experience as a real-life mom that made her want to play the lead in "Won't Back Down" — which would also require her to spend more time away from her daughter. Get More »

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'Won't Back Down' Trailer Makes the Grade


The first trailer for "Won't Back Down," a film co-written and directed by Daniel Barnz ("Beastly," "Phoebe in Wonderland") has dropped, featuring its strong cast of Maggie Gyllenhaal, the unconquerable Viola DavisVing Rhames and Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter.

The flick tells a very consumable (and tear-jerking) story of parents and teachers aligning to step up and make a change in their kids' under-performing school. Get More »

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Viola Davis Gets Political With Barbara Jordan Biopic

Viola Davis
Getty Images

Viola Davis is never one to back down from a crusade.

The Oscar-nominated star of "The Help" will be trading the uneasy domestic politics of the South for the uneasy domestic politics of the White House itself as she's signed on to headline a biography film about political pioneer Barbara Jordan, according to Variety.

The currently untitled film will be based on Mary Beth Rogers' biography, "Barbara Jordan: American Hero," which traces Jordan's rise from a poor Houston neighborhood to an influential member of Congress. Jordan made headlines in 1966 as the first African-American woman to be elected to the Texas senate and in 1972 became the first African-American woman from the South elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Get More »

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Our Nominees for Best Dressed at the 2012 Oscars

Hollywood's biggest night is finally here, bringing with it life-changing moments, tear-filled speeches and, of course, heart-pounding fashions. But in a sea of the world's most beautiful people, clad in the world's most breathtaking gowns, how does a girl stand out?

This year the answer is simple: drama, drama, oh, and a little more drama. This was not the time for black. This was not the time to play it safe. This was the time to dress like it's the Oscars. Because it is the Oscars. (Just in case you forgot.)

From glittering sequins and plunging necklines, to vibrant colors and even some sizzling white, Tinseltown's golden girls brought out the big guns to remind us just what makes movie-land grand. And while not everyone can take home that coveted little bald man (sigh), one fact is certain: every single lady who nabbed a spot on this best-dressed list is a clear winner in our eyes.

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2012 Oscar Predictions: Our Official Academy Awards Picks

The Artist The Weinstein Co.

Updated Feb. 23, 2012.

Here's some inside intel for casual movie fans contemplating their Oscar predictions: By the time the Academy Awards roll around, we know who's going to win in pretty much every major category.

Sure, there can be surprises and the occasional too-close-to-call race, but after so many other award functions play out in the lead-up to Oscar night, from the Critics Choice to the Golden Globes to the all the guild gatherings, patterns emerge and some favorites appear unbeatable.

That's why if you're about to head to Vegas (Editor's note: NextMovie does not condone gambling, unless you're sharing …) and lay down some scratch on "The Artist" winning Best Picture, the rewards, at this point, won't be too tempting. Get More »

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Is Fashion Week the New Oscars of Celeb Sightings?

Lauren Cox

Fashion Weekwent full speed ahead this week and now that it's over, I'm finally catching my breath.

As always, there was no shortage of celebrity guests at the shows, parties, or other events but this season still seemed a little dry compared to past seasons. Perhaps it was the Grammys in Los Angeles that interfered, or the Berlin Film Festival happening in Germany now. Still, I had plenty of awesome encounters.

I knew up and coming menswear designer Simon Spurr would be a good place for hot, young male stars, so on Sunday night, I braved the harsh weather outside Milk Studios. Musicians Joe Jonas and Gabe Saporta were among some of the guests, as well as my buddy Kellan Lutz. My favorite of the night was "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus (looking clean and completely devoid of a certain ear necklace, I might add). He took a moment to pose for a picture in the snow, even though he wasn't wearing a coat. Get More »

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Oscars 2012 Poll: Best Actress

Oscar Poll: Best Actress
Weinstein / Disney / Columbia Pictures

PREVIOUS: What was the biggest Oscars snub? >>

More on the 2012 Academy Awards
Oscar Predictions 2012: Who Will Win?

This poll will close at 1 p.m. on February 22, 2012.

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Viola Davis Books 'Ender's Game' and 'Beautiful Creatures'

Viola Davis
Getty Images

UPDATE: Despite initial reports, Viola Davis has been cast as "seer" Amma in "Beautiful Creatures," and not Marian.


Being the Oscar-nominated star of "The Help" definitely has its privileges.

Viola Davis, who's up for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as Aibileen Clark in "The Help," has scored supporting roles in the film adaptations of two fantasy novels: "Ender's Game" and "Beautiful Creatures," according to Variety.

For "Ender's Game," which is based on the first book in a popular sci-fi series by Orson Scott Card, Davis joins a cast that includes Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin and "Hugo" alums Asa Butterfield and Ben Kingsley for the story of an elite military academy that trains children to do battle with an invading race of insect-like aliens. It is Ender Wiggin (Butterfield), the gifted young gamer and strategist, who ends up being humanity's greatest hope. Get More »

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