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'Star Wars' + Schoolhouse Rock = Best Learning Device Ever

We all remember how we learned about bills becoming laws or what a conjunction is. Not by paying attention in class of course. But thanks to Schoolhouse Rock!

But what happens when Schoolhouse Rock gets combined with Star Wars? We get "Star Wars Rock," an awesome video by YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica that teaches us about adjectives. It has all the catchiness of a Schoolhouse tune minus the annoying animations, plus Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, and all your other Star Wars  favorites. And you thought learning couldn't be fun. Get More »

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Video Q&A: John Krasinski on Being the Next Ben Affleck

John Krasinski, who is best known to the world as Jim on NBC's "The Office," is ready to be something more: Ben Affleck.

Just kidding. Sort of. Get More »

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VIDEO: 'ParaNorman' Star Christopher Mintz-Plasse Takes Over Our Interview

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Sometimes interviewing the hottest celebs on the planet isn't as easy as it looks. NextMovie editor Kevin Polowy hit the red carpet at Comic-Con 2012 to interview Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anna Kendrick and Kodi Smit-McPhee about their upcoming movie "ParaNorman."

Unfortunately, it doesn't go so well for Kevin, but luckily Mintz-Plasse was there to put his reporter hat on and save the interview. Has he done this before?

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VIDEO: Comic-Con Fans Reveal Fantasy Shag

Just because Comic-Con superfans love comic books, superheroes and dressing up like their favorite characters doesn't mean they aren't still interested in the ladies. Under those masks and beneath that makeup, Comic-Con fans still have celebrities and sex on the brain.

We caught up with some fanboys at Comic-Con 2012 and asked them which celebrity would make their fantasies come true. Check out the video above to see what they had to say about pleading for their celebrity crushes, positions and even pancakes.

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