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Movie Stars Reveal Their Porn Star Names

The "porn star name game" is a time-honored tradition in America.

It's a game pretty much anyone can play, depending on the rules — we employ the First Name: First Pet, Last Name: Street You Grew Up On method (our apologies to those with allergies, maybe you had a goldfish?). And the results are, without fail, hilarious.

We asked over 100 of our favorite movie stars in Hollywood — including Channing Tatum, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and Neil Patrick Harris — for their porn star names. They did not let us down. Click through the gallery for all 100+.

Reporting by: Sandie Angulo Chen ("Millie 69"), Robert DeSalvo ("Rocky Waverly"), Claire Donovan ("Spunky Walter"), Elizabeth Durand ("Stephanie Veronica"), Bryan Enk ("Buck Densmore"), Max Evry ("Orion Cedar Crest "), Breanne Heldman ("Krugerrand Ardon"), Jenni Miller ("Mitzi Turtle Creek"), Kevin Polowy ("Sparkle Sterling"), Brandon Rae ("Sammi von Fernway"), Brooke Tarnoff ("Brandy W. Riviera"), Joanna Varikos ("Angel 14") and Kase Wickman ("Blake Sisters").

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Argo' and More

Argo Warner Bros.

This week: Ben Affleck directs and stars in the current Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture, "Argo," which tells the incredible true story of how the CIA helped get six Americans out of Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis by having them pose as Canadian filmmakers.

Also new this week is the creepy horror film "Sinister" starring Ethan Hawke, a new version of "Anna Karenina" starring Keira Knightley and the Blu-ray 3D debut of "Top Gun."

Get More »

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Behold! The Ultimate Bruce Wayne

Batman Face Morph

Holy Photoshop Wizardry, Batman!

Reddit user morphinapg has worked some finesse worthy of Batcave technology in merging the features of former Batmen Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale to create the be-all, end-all Caped Crusader (unmasked, of course).

Take a good look. Is that not the face of a billionaire playboy by day, masked vigilante by night? Let Hollywood be on the lookout for a headshot that most resembles the above when it comes time for "Justice League" casting.

Thanks to Heat Vision for the find.

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Batman Unmasked: See Bruce Wayne's True Face

Man, it's gotta be pretty hard for a superhero to keep a secret identity these days, what with the internet all up in everyone's business. Take Batman, for example: No matter how carefully he disguises his voice by making it sound like angry Grover, one snapshot and a face recognition algorithm later and suddenly we've got Bruce Wayne's face posted all over Gotham City.

And just what would Batman's real face look like? Thanks to Cinema Blend, we have the definitive answer right here. Get More »

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The 25 Best Music Performances in Movies

Pitch Perfect Universal

Actors are trained to be able to portray just about anything their role calls for, but there's one thing even the best actors can't possibly fake: Singing.

That's why we're always so impressed when actors sing on screen rather than just lip-synch some professional musician. Case in point: Next week's "Pitch Perfect," which features stars such as Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson belting out tunes like the divas they were meant to be. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Silent House' and More

Elizabeth Olsen in "Silent House"
Open Road Films

This week: Elizabeth Olsen plays a young woman who helps her father and uncle prepare their boarded-up summer home only to become trapped inside with a killer in "Silent House," a low-budget horror movie originally said to be shot in one long, continuous take.

Also new this week is the romantic drama "The Deep Blue Sea" with Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston, the supernatural thriller "Monitor" with Noomi Rapace and the Blu-ray debut of  1996's "The Island of Dr. Moreau" starring Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer. Get More »

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GALLERY: Great Moments in '80s Hair

Before the 1990s, there was a stretch of time -- roughly 10 years or so -- we refer to as "the '80s." It was, like, this totally rad era in which a geriatric Rodney Dangerfield could be a party animal, coke was a problem and New Coke was an even gnarlier problem. And the only rule for your hair was that it had to appear hilarious to anyone not living in the '80s.

With the jukebox broadway musical "Rock of Ages" coming to theaters, we say it's time to grab a pogo ball and hop our way through the historical hallway of hairstyles, searching for what made '80s yearbooks into the comedy treasure chests they've become.

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Val Kilmer Removes His Glasses … A Lot

Val Kilmer

If you ever see Val Kilmer wearing a pair of glasses — clear, shaded, prescription or otherwise — chances are that sight isn't going to last very long.

You've seen Val Kilmer work the bifocals in a lot of movies. He looked cool in sunglasses in "The Doors" and "Top Gun," brought a sexy smartness to Bruce Wayne with his reading glasses in "Batman Forever" and even impressed a Native American medicine man with his shades in "Thunderheart." But have you ever noticed — in pretty much everyone movie that calls for him to don these accessories — just how often he actually removes those things from his face? Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' and More

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

This week: Tom Cruise is back as IMF agent Ethan Hunt for the fourth and most high-stakes assignment yet in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," which takes the intense action from Moscow to Dubai.

Also out on DVD this week are Michael Fassbender and his penis in "Shame," the harrowing post-apocalyptic character study "The Divide" starring Michael Biehn and Milo Ventimiglia, and the haunted house horror film "7 Below" with Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames.

'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol DVD

Box Office: $209 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 93% Fresh
Storyline: Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team (Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton) go underground after the Kremlin is bombed and the IMF is thought to harbor international terrorists. While trying to clear the agency's name, the rogue group discovers a plot to start a nuclear war and must use all the high-tech gadgets at their disposal to avert global catastrophe.
Extras! Both the DVD and Blu-ray contain 51 minutes of "Impossible Missions," which can be watched either as individual making-of featurettes ("The Sandstorm," "Dubai Car Crash") or as one long documentary.
We Say: This "Mission" -- if you choose to accept it -- is one of the most dizzyingly exciting action films in recent history, especially when Cruise scales the outside of Dubai's Buri Khalifa, the world's tallest building. Another impossible bonus is that this "Mission" stands on its own -- you don't need to watch the previous three movies in the series to enjoy the action.


Shame DVD
20th Century Fox

Box Office: $4 million
Rotten Tomatoes: 80% Fresh
Storyline: Michael Fassbender plays Brandon, a Manhattan sex addict who shuns intimate relationships with people. He is forced to confront some painful memories when his wayward sister (Carey Mulligan) moves in with him and his insular life becomes exposed.
Extras! The "Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with Michael Fassbender" talks in-depth about Brandon's inability to form meaningful relationships.
We Say: This fascinating NC-17 drama by director Steve McQueen got a lot of attention for showcasing Fassbender's penis, which deserves its own screen credit and dressing room; but the film most notably features a brave performance by Fassbender as it explores the dark side of extreme sexual addiction.

'The Divide'

The Divide DVD
Anchor Bay

Box Office: $22,000
Rotten Tomatoes: 22% Rotten
Storyline: A group of nine tenants (including Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette, Milo Ventimiglia and Lauren German) in a New York high-rise barricade themselves in the basement to survive a nuclear attack, slowly descending into madness when help never comes.
Extras! Both the unrated DVD and Blu-ray contain commentary by the director and actors Biehn, Ventimiglia and Michael Eklund.
We Say: Although it's difficult to watch the tenants physically and psycho-sexually torment each other, the movie features a chillingly believable portrayal of what people become when stress erodes the thin mask of sanity we all wear.

'7 Below'

7 Below
Arc Entertainment

Box Office: N/A
Rotten Tomatoes: N/A
Storyline: A group of strangers (including Val Kilmer and Luke Goss) stranded after a tour bus accident must ride out a storm in a Ving Rhames' creepy house, where a little boy murdered his family a century ago.
There are no bonus features of note on either the DVD or Blu-ray.
We Say: Rhames chews into his chance to play a creepy loner, but this straight-to-video ghost tale is creaky like his haunted house.

Also New This Week:

"Frozen Planet: The Complete Series"
"High Road to China"
"Born to Be Wild"
"Buck Privates" Blu-ray

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GALLERY: The 19 Most Memorable Movie Tattoos

It’s an elite group that Rooney Mara is about to join. As Noomi Rapace did before her, Mara, playing "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," will take a spot in film lore as one of the very few female lead characters sporting major body art.

Usually, on-screen tattooing signifies toughness, edginess and a certain amount of invincibility, qualities that Mara’s character, computer hacker Lisbeth Sander, has in spades.

With the dragon tattoo itself being a key part of the murder mystery story, here's a look at some other top body artistry in movies -- mostly sported by heavily muscled and bare-chested bad guys. We think you’ll agree that some of the imagery is practically museum-worthy.

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