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'The Artist' Shocker: Uggie the Dog Is a MURDERER

Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes Getty Images

One of the most heartwarming stories and performances of the year was that of Uggie the dog in the Best Picture-winning silent film "The Artist." After stealing hearts across the globe, the Jack Russell terrier became so beloved that there was actually a grassroots campaign to get him a Best Supporting Actor nomination. He was just so darn cute.Which makes this latest news even more shocking: According to his own new autobiography, "Uggie: My Story," Uggie the dog actually began his career in the most heinous fashion possible: He murdered an innocent kitten.

Is there nothing true and pure in this world any longer? Get More »

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'The Artist' Pooch Uggie Continues Quest for World Domination With Upcoming Autobiography

Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes
Getty Images

Every movie star needs a juicy memoir to his or her name and Uggie the dog is no different. Although it will probably be pretty G-rated compared to other stars' tell-all autobiographies, Uggie has plenty of waggy tales to tell for his upcoming book "Uggie: My Story."

And what a story! The little Jack Russell terrier stole screen time from dreamy Jean Dujardin in "The Artist" and appeared in "Water for Elephants" with Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattison. He's currently working as the spokesdog for Nintendo after rumors of retirement, and he was a guest at the White House Correspondents' Dinner over the weekend.

Uggie even had his own grassroots Oscar campaign, Consider Uggie, started by fans who were barking mad that the star wasn't in the running. Get More »

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Uggie Dodges Retirement as Nintendo Spokesdog


Is Uggie pulling a Steven Soderbergh?

The canine star of "The Artist" was supposedly going to be retiring from show business after making his appearance at the Oscars. Well, now that "The Artist" took home a whole bunch of those Oscars, a lot of job offers are no doubt piling up in Uggie's doghouse -- which means plans for retiring to a life of lounging by the pool might've been a bit premature. Get More »

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Good Boy! 'The Artist' Star Uggie Wins Big at the Golden Collar Awards

Getty Images

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly give him a few awards for them.

Last night, while dogs around the country were begging for Milk Bones, an elite group, including Uggie, the furry star of "The Artist," were competing for Golden Collar Awards for the most creative canines in the entertainment industry.

The awards were founded in late 2011 by Dog News Daily, a marketing and digital media company, who created the Golden Collars after hearing the buzz surrounding Uggie's performance, and it looks like the hype paid off. Get More »

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Mystery Illness Forces Uggie Into Early Retirement

Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes
Getty Images

Uggie, the charming Jack Russell terrier who pretty much stole every scene in "The Artist" (that little film that's up for ten Oscars) is suffering a mystery illness that looks like it will likely cut short his career. We know; it's terrible.

Last night, Uggie's trainer, 49-year-old Omar Von Muller, said the four-legged friend will retire after his appearance at the Academy Awards later this month.

"It's very sad, but he is suffering from a mystery shaking syndrome. It is a neurological disorder and we've spent thousands on vets' bills trying to figure out what is causing it, but the experts don't really know," he stated. Get More »

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Martin Scorsese Wants YOU to Nominate Blackie For the Golden Collar Awards

Sacha Baron Cohen and Blackie in "Hugo"

Uggie, the adorable Jack Russell terrier from "The Artist," has been stealing the Oscar season spotlight not only from his co-stars, but also from his fellow canines, particularly Blackie, the unsung hero of Martin Scorsese's "Hugo."

Now Scorsese is a raging bulldog, calling out Dog News Daily's First Annual Golden Collar Awards in the pages of the Los Angeles Times for snubbing the "handsome" Doberman Blackie, who plays the attack dog of Sacha Baron Cohen's bumbling train station officer to great effect. While Uggie received two nominations in "Best Dog in a Theatrical Film" category, the imposing Blackie got zilch. Get More »

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'The Artist' Dog Star Uggie Is Retiring From Showbiz

Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes
Getty Images

But Uggie, we were just starting to get acquainted!

The scene-stealing (and probably complete movie-stealing) canine from what's probably going to be this year's Oscar winner for Best Picture will soon be calling it quits on treading the boards, according to Fash Track.

The ten-year-old Jack Russell terrier will make an appearance at the Golden Collars Awards on Feb. 13 and will probably inevitably make an appearance at the Oscars on Feb. 26 -- and after that, he's retiring from show business, according to his trainers, Omar Von Muller and Sarah Clifford. Get More »

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George Clooney and 'The Artist' Dog Get All Weepy-Eyed

Getty Images

W Magazine Editor Lynn Hirschberg sat down with several of the big awards contenders this year and asked them a very straightforward question: "What movie made you cry?"

What she got was a lot of surprising answers, including from Mr. Cool, George Clooney, who cried at perennial tearjerkers "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Old Yeller." The latter is ironic since they also interviewed Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier from "The Artist" whose 2 weird spasms seemed to indicate he liked "Around the World in 80 Days." Get More »

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Uggie Dominates Golden Collar Awards

Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes
Getty Images

Move over, George Clooney, and step aside, Meryl Streep, because there's a new superstar dominating the award season headlines — and his name is Uggie.

Yes, they say that every dog has his day but few of them have days quite this impressive, as Uggie has just achieved a rare double acting nomination, earning nods for Best Dog in a Theatrical Film for his acclaimed roles in both "The Artist" and "Water for Elephants."

We give this one two paws up. Get More »

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'The Artist' Dog, Uggie, Lands a Valentine

Uggie the dog attends the 2012 Golden Globes
Getty Images

Everyone loves Uggie, the adorable pooch who stole the show on Sunday when "The Artist" picked up the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical).

And now, the world's most famous Jack Russell terrier has landed a Valentine of his own. But it's not what you're thinking — he has not yet found true love (or if he has, he's keeping that bit of news away from the press).

He has, however, landed a Valentine card from American Greetings. Get More »

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