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'Gone Girl' Finds Its Girl in Rosamund Pike

Getty Images Getty Images

Ben Affleck's next (and potentially most complicated yet) on-screen love interest has arrived by way of Rosamund Pike, the actress who's landed the covetous lead in the adaptation of Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl," and she's brought a few friends along for the suspenseful movie ride as well.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck and Pike are being joined on the cast of the whodunnit/crazy marital drama by Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry. Get More »

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Steven Soderbergh Pledged $10K to Spike Lee's Kickstarter, Will Sit Courtside at a Knicks Game

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The spirit of a Kickstarter campaign, like the one Spike Lee unveiled on Monday, is to raise funds from like-minded strangers with hopes of achieving a common goal. In Lee's case, however, he's also getting help from a friend: director Steven Soderbergh.

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Flight' and More

Flight Paramount

This week: Denzel Washington plays an alcoholic airline pilot who makes a remarkable emergency landing in the high-altitude drama "Flight," directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Also new this week is Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross," the romantic comedy "Celeste and Jesse Forever" with Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones and the Blu-ray debut of "Cabaret" starring the inimitable Liza Minnelli. Get More »

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'Tyler Perry's Temptation:' Confessions of a Kardashian


Tyler Perry's success is undeniable. Over the past 15 years, the writer, actor, producer and director has become a one man movie factory and in the process turned himself into both a brand and an icon. And yet, for all of his success, Perry still faces an odd backlash from some who question whether he's a legitimate artist.

So how does Perry answer those critics? By featuring Kim Kardashian in the trailer for his new movie "Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor."

In your face, movie snobs!

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Are You Ready For Jamie Foxx's Tyler Perry's Madea's 'Alex Cross?'


When Tyler Perry made the decision to branch out from his wildly popular series of "Madea" comedies and try his hand at serious action with this fall's thriller "Alex Cross," it was a bold move. Unfortunately, though, it didn't really pay off at the box office. So where does Perry go from here?

Well, how about "Tyler Perry's Alex Cross 2 — Madea: Special Ops?" Get More »

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The Inevitable 'Madea' and 'Alex Cross'-Over Arises

Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit

Tyler Perry's first turn starring in a movie that was not his own (and for which he needed no fake boobs, white wig or tattered nightgown) didn't exactly pan out as he might have hoped. "Alex Cross" turned out to be both a box office and critical mess, and the likelihood of that "Double Cross" sequel ever happening grows slimmer and slimmer with every scathing review.

Bummer for him, sure, but the good news for us is that it provided ample fodder for a "Madea" mash-up like no other. Get More »

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'Alex Cross' Already Set for 'Double Cross'

Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit

Before "Alex Cross" arrives in theaters tomorrow, there's one thing we know for certain: Cross lives. In fact, we already know Tyler Perry survives to see a sequel.

Based on James Patterson's popular series, "Alex Cross" follows the battle between a Washington, D.C. psychologist/detective, played by Perry, and a sadistic killer (Matthew Fox).

According to Deadline, the sequel will follow Patterson's 13th book "Double Cross," which features the detective gearing up to face off with not one, but two killers. No word yet if Fox's baddie or director Rob Cohen will be around for a round two. Get More »

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Madea's Serial Killer Reunion in 6 'Alex Cross' Clips

Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit

Media mogul (or is that Madea mogul?) Tyler Perry is leaving his hallelujers at home as he stars in his first major Hollywood blockbuster which he neither produced, wrote or directed: Rob Cohen's "Alex Cross."

Based on the series of books by James Patterson featuring the title police detective, previously portrayed by Morgan Freeman in "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider," this one finds Cross tackling a new serial killer named Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan (Matthew Fox). When this Butcher kills someone close to him, Cross will use all his cunning to bring this maniac to justice, even if it means he himself must go off the deep end. Get More »

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Tyler Perry Taking Madea Into Outer Space?

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry (Getty Images)

With this week's seventh film in the ever-expanding Madea franchise, "Madea's Witness Protection," Tyler Perry has taken his gun-toting, sass-talking granny character to new levels of absurdity. What's next, "Madea Vs. Aliens?"

Quite possibly.

Perry talked to BlackFilm about the movies that influenced him most, and the "Star Trek" supporting player brought up his unabashed love of science fiction… while dissing Ridley Scott's recent return to the genre.

"I love Sci Fi, I love the 'Alien' movies and the 'Alien' franchise," said Perry. "I was very disappointed with 'Prometheus,' but I love that whole franchise. Those are my favorite movies. I’m actually working on a sci-fi movie right now." Get More »

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Tyler Perry Trades Fake Boobs for Real Guns in 'Alex Cross' Trailer


Following in the footsteps of a legend like Morgan Freeman is no easy task, so when the powers that be decided to make a new film featuring hard boiled police detective Alex Cross, whom Freeman portrayed in the films "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider," they has their work cut out for them. After all, who in Hollywood has the chutzpah, the brie and the magnetic screen presence to pull off such a feat?

Madea, that's who. And we've got the new trailer for "Alex Cross" to prove it. Get More »

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