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Twitter's Gonna Start Selling Movie Tickets Soon

Twitter Bird Twitter

So far, there've been a lot of snazzy movie-related stuffs coming through on Twitter, like our favorite rejected "Bond" titles and Megan Fox just not getting it and even the Vatican getting all Holy "Dark Knight" Batman! on us.

Whether it's directors giving us super-sweet sneak peeks (what up, "Ant-Man"), actors doing random Q&As to keep the virtual world in the know or people being way harsh Tai on their own social platforms, Twitter has made a place for itself as a thing in the world of film promos. And now the bird wants snag a piece of that movie money pie by selling some movie tickets.

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25 Cool Movie People Doing it Right on Twitter

Anna Kendrick's Twitter feed Twitter - @AnnaKendrick47

When it comes to Hollywood people on Twitter, there are basically four different types:

1. Those who just think they're way too cool for tweet school before setting virtual foot onto the platform in the first place (here you have your Megan Fox-style fails);

2. The ones that are obviously controlled by some P.R. lackey receiving triple-filtered fluff to post (lookin' at the noob, Liam Hemsworth);

3. Those other guys who totally should have had someone buffering their tweets and/or should altogether just avoid typing while under the influence of alcohol, anger or any other inhibition-lowering stimuli (most recently, Alec Baldwin); Get More »

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Holy Holiness, Batman! The Vatican Tweets About the Dark Knight

Courtesy of E! Online

Now we know why Robin begins most of his exclamations with the word "Holy."

Comic book culture has found its way into almost every facet of our everyday lives in recent years, so it really comes as no surprise that it would finally find its way into religion. Witness above the bizarre and somewhat ominous tweet that came out of the Vatican on Thursday (thanks to E! Online for the pic).

The tweet came from a verified Twitter handle for Pontifical Council for Social Communications that linked to an article detailing the evolution of the Caped Crusader. Officials claim it was an "internal system failure due to a non-native English speaker posting the story on the website," which created an automatic tweet, according to Huffington Post.

"Admittedly some people might have been thrown off by the headline," said Greg Burke, a Vatican communications adviser. Nah, what makes you say that, Greg?

What's most interesting is the Batman article remains on the site. Perhaps we should be reading in-between the lines of Pope Francis' recent tweet that said, "True power is service. The Pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the weak, the vulnerable." Did anyone in Rome notice a bat-shaped symbol lighting up the sky last night?

Anyway, now we also know the Batcave is really in Italy.

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In Memoriam: Megan Fox's Twitter Page (2013 - 2013)

Megan Fox Getty Images

You guys. Megan Fox and Twitter are dunzo.

All that potential, and all we got was one measly week of Megan Fox as @MeganFox talking about Megan Fox.

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2013 Oscar Snubs: The Best of the Twitter Freakouts

People felt a lot of feels about the 2013 Academy Award nominations this morning, and they felt those feels all over Twitter. Here, we've captured the best of the Oscar snub Twitter freakouts, be they over the Best Director category (Tom Hooper! Kathryn Bigelow! AFFLECK!), movies omitted altogether (ahem, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"), Nicole Kidman's urination habits, and other (according to Twitter) travesties. Enjoy.

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Drop Everything, Megan Fox Is Now on Twitter

Megan Fox Getty Images

Megan Fox has been one with the Facebook crowd for years, but now the notoriously weird guarded actress has decided to buck up and give the Twitter world a go once and for all. All we can say is "thank you" because with just one tweet in the bag, things are already hilarious.

Fox announced her big foray into the Twitterverse via FB, stating that it was against her "better judgment" and that she had a little trouble getting her officially Official Megan Fox Twitter name @MeganFox at first because there were just so darn many fakers out there. Poor thing.

Now that she's got her little impersonation issue sorted out - thank the celebrity-lovin' heavens for that - her first masterfully-executed tweet has graced our feeds like so: "I'm incredibly late to the party but I'm here nonetheless, so what now?" Get More »

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10 Follow-Worthy Celebrities We Didn't Realize Were On Twitter

It's nearly a new year, so don't you think it's about time you followed some new people on Twitter? By now, Kim Kardashian's tweets are old hat, Lindsay Lohan's flails at public normalcy have gotten lame and Kanye has run out of water bottles to be responsible for.

NextMovie culled the Internet for you to find ten celebrities you may not be following yet — partly because we're straight-up shocked that they're even on Twitter for us to follow. John Cleese, what are you even doing here? Check it out, and follow away. Get More »

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The 20 Best #RejectedBondTitles on Twitter

Daniel Craig in "Skyfall" MGM
Adele's pipes saved "Skyfall" from joining the Bond series' cavalcade of horrendous titles, but some of them — cough, "Quantum of Solace," cough — could easily go down on any list of Hollywood's worst movie names ever. As far as we know, the 23 (and counting) movies' creators weren't trying to be ironic, so the titular humor was probably unintended.

Thanks to the evil wizardry that is the Twitterverse, though, we learned last night that it could've been worse... much worse.

Not only would Steven Spielberg never direct one of these #RejectedBondTitles, but even Daniel Craig would have to be extra eyebrow flexible to keep a straight face and pull it off. Here are our favorite 20 of the bunch.

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Twitter Reactions: Will You Still See 'Dark Knight Rises' This Weekend?

Christian Bale and Michael Caine in "The Dark Knight Rises"
Warner Bros.

It's a question we thought we'd never need to ask: Are you going to see "The Dark Knight Rises" this weekend?

In light of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., people are no longer wondering how many times they'll see the film, but if they want to keep their plans to spend time in the multiplex watching the finale to Christopher Nolan's epic superhero trilogy at all.

We asked the Twitter followers of @NextMovie and @filmdotcom if the news made them nervous to hit the theaters moving forward... and you refuse to be swayed. Get More »

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Stars and Fans Take to Twitter to Weigh in on Oscar Nominations

Jonah Hill in Moneyball

This morning, while the rest of the world was still in bed, something magical happened. In a place where the people are beautiful and it's never winter, the movie gods of the Academy announced to the mere mortals which of their favorite stars would be crowned prom king and queen in the running for an Oscar.

The next logical step was for stars and fans alike to take to Twitter and praise some nominees, bash the Academy for forgetting others (Channing Tatum, robbed again!), and cast their votes for this year's winners. Despite all the anger and awe that the nominations inspired, a sense of camaraderie between fans, haters and celebs became evident.

Even Albert Brooks, who many felt was a shoo-in for Best Supporting Actor, tweeted that he was "robbed," and was quickly consoled by funnyman Patton Oswalt, who was apparently ready to provide a shoulder to cry on for any slighted stars. "Join me for a drink at The Drawing Room, @AlbertBrooks?" tweeted the comic. "Me and Serkis have been here since 6am." Get More »

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