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Hot People Looking Hot: Ashley Greene Photos

Ashley Greene had her breakout role in the supporting cast of Cullens in "The Twilight Saga" movies, but we knew it was only a matter of time before this brunette beauty stepped into the spotlight on her own.

We're celebrating her turn in this week's "CBGB" by highlighting her brilliant brunette locks, flawless bone structure and body to die for in her own Hot People Looking Hot gallery.

We like to think we can see the future like Ashley's "Twilight" character Alice Cullen, and we predict we'll be seeing this actress lead movies and magazine covers for a long time. Flip through these photos, and you'll believe in our vision, too.

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How to Differentiate Movies With the Same Title

Lee Daniels' The Butler The Weinstein Company

It's a horror story that any movie fan can relate to, Twi-Hard or not: You're watching TV and you see the name of your favorite movie listed on your channel guide, only to flip over and discover that the "Twilight" they're showing doesn't have Edward and Jacob battling for the love of Bella — but instead Gene Hackman and Paul Newman fighting over Susan Sarandon.

You were just punked by Same Name Syndrome. (Hey, at least it also includes a topless Reese Witherspoon.) Get More »

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5 Things You Will Not See at Comic-Con This Year

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

In case you haven't already noticed, the list of movie-related items expected to drop at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con event is, to put it mildly, incredibly extensive.

Just about all the major players are pullin' out the stops this year to get that geek street cred on lock ('cause nerds rule, yo!). So, while we're all optimistically jotting down little lists of things to be particularly jazzed about, things are going to be so busy, hectic and ridiculously awesome for just about anyone even remotely involved with the entertainment biz ... well, except for a few people.

Believe it or not, there are some franchises opting out of a day in the sun at America's Finest City ... and some pretty big ones, too. Get More »

8 Movie Favorites Recast With Cats

Cats: They're such divas. Adorable, adorable little divas. They rule our world, so why not the cinematic one?

We obliged our feline friends by reimagining eight movies — with the aid and inspiration of our Twitter followers — starring cats instead of humans. Really, we can only dream of such cinematic purrfection.

The first one out the gate? Why, "The Great Catsby," of course. F. Scott Fitzgerald concluded that the pursuit of the American dream could only lead to a dirty litter box at best, after all.

The Great Catsby Get More »

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First Tarzan, Now Kellan Lutz Is Hercules, Too

Kellan Lutz in Immortals Relativity

If you had asked us just a few short months ago which member of "The Twilight Saga" cast would be most likely to spend an entire movie with his shirt off, we would have answered Taylor Lautner in a heartbeat. It's pretty much what his career's been based on.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Kellan Lutz has defied the odds, as the erstwhile Emmett Cullen has just signed on to play the lead role in Renny Harlin's upcoming fantasy epic "Hercules." Get More »

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Infographic: Young Adult Heroines

Young Adult Fiction is all the rage in cinema right now. True, "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" have made their final bows, but in their place has come a maelstrom of successors, including "The Hunger Games," "Warm Bodies," "Beautiful Creatures," "The Host," and the upcoming big-screen adaptations of "Divergent" and "The Mortal Instruments."

Most of these stories are seen through the eyes of a young heroine, and with all of these yarns sharing similar elements of romance, fantasy and conspiracy, keeping track of all the distinctive details of each leading lady and their respective heroine's journeys can be a daunting task indeed. In the interest of simplicity and at-a-glance organization, NextMovie's own Nick DeSantis (artwork) and Amanda Bell (stats) have conjured this handy chart to help in keeping all the ladies in line — literally. Get More »

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A Hater's Guide to 'The Host'

The Host Open Road

The big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel "The Host" only just hit theaters today, but there's one thing many Twihards and non-Twihards alike can already agree on: They hate it.

Of course, most of the haters not only haven't seen the movie yet, but they haven't read the book, either. Usually we'd suggest waiting to pass judgment until after you've actually read the book or seen the movie and developed an informed opinion. But on the other hand, what fun would that be? Get More »

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Judging 15 Actors Who Went Blond For a Role

The Place Beyond the Pines Focus Features

Changing appearances for the sake of entertainment is nothing new in Hollywood; it's all part of the gig. But when professional heartthrob Ryan Gosling tweaks his look, disgruntled fans are going to have something to say about it.

In "The Place Beyond the Pines," Gosling sports a bleach-blond 'do for his role as a motorcycle racer-turned-bank robber. As photos started surfacing during the film's production, people were wondering what the heck was going on with his hair. Serious drama. Get More »

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A Crash Course in Stephenie Meyer Geometry

The Host Open Road

Stephenie Meyer has journeyed away from the "Twilight" zone to create her first desert-based sci-fi tale with "The Host," the Andrew Niccol-directed adaptation for which hits theaters this weekend. However with all the current talk about the story's "love box," we realized there's definitely a running theme here within each of her stories: basic geometry. Get More »

'Tyler Perry's Temptation' and 25 Movies That Sound Like Perfumes


There's a movie coming out this week called "Tyler Perry's Temptation." It has nothing to do with any personal temptation of Tyler Perry himself — it's a movie he directed called "Temptation," but it's Tyler Perry, so his name's in the title.

But it sounds more like a perfume than a movie, right? According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, there's a 37.6% chance that there will be a perfume called "Tyler Perry's Temptation" by 2018.

That got us thinking: What other movies out there could be perfumes? Here are 25 that you could spray on your neck and wrist before a night out. Get More »

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