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'Boxtrolls' Trailer: 'Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes'

And you think your family's full of squares? Check out this first teaser trailer for "The Boxtrolls," an animated film based on a popular Alan Snow kids' book called "Here Be Monsters."

As you can see, this 3D stop-motioner is about a rather non-traditional family: a boy and some tunnel-dwelling boxes. Get More »

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Jesse Eisenberg Scores Laughs and Drugs in 'Why Stop Now' Trailer


With his perpetually tweaking OCD personality, "Social Network" Oscar-nominee Jesse Eisenberg always gets the most cinematic mileage out of dropping himself into super-frantic situations, i.e. robbing a bank ("30-Minutes or Less") or hunting the undead ("Zombieland").

After already having played a drug mule in "Holy Rollers," Eisenberg's neuroticism is about to go full-tilt boogie in "Why Stop Now," the trailer for which just debuted via Yahoo! Movies. Get More »

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Giants vs. Patriots: Which Teams 20 Celeb Fans Are Rooting for in the Super Bowl

Viggo Mortensen

Who says Hollywood doesn't know sports? With Super Bowl XLVI just days away, many in the movie biz are showing their true colors in preparation for the big game. But the fandom elevates when two storied teams like the New York Giants and the New England Patriots face off.

Here, we take a look at 10 die-hard celebrity fans for each team. Based on this study alone, the Patriots fans may be better-looking; but if a fight were to break out at the bar this weekend, we'd want these Giants fans to have our back.

Get More »

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Tracy Morgan Hospitalized After Sundance Collapse

Getty Images

Tracy Morgan has been hospitalized after collapsing during an event at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday.

According to TMZ, the "30 Rock" comedian and "Death at a Funeral" star was being honored at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah last night when he apparently became disoriented; after being escorted out of the event, he fell unconscious and was rushed by ambulance to the Park City Medical Center. Get More »

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Tracy Jordan's Filmography Gets Posterized


The Tracy Jordan character Tracy Morgan plays on "30 Rock" is so outlandish that it's clear he could never exist in anything approaching the real world-- and his filmography, including classics like "Who Dat Ninja?," only reminds us of his implausibility .

Then again...  just put out a third "Chipmunks" movie.

Industry commentary aside,Jordan's list of filmic accomplishments is hilarious, and if we can't actually see them made, we can at least see them in poster form thanks to the wonder that is the Internets. NBC recently posted a gallery of Jordan film posters, and some enterprising web folks have taken things a step further, all for your viewing enjoyment. Get More »

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Eddie Griffin, Tracy Morgan in the Running for Role of ODB in Biopic

Getty Images

Ol' Dirty Bastard's life story is still coming to a theater near you … eventually. The rapper also known as Dirt McGirt, Big Baby Jesus or just simply ODB died in 2004, and in 2009 his cousin and fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA mentioned a biopic was a possibility.

In a recent interview with XXL, RZA dished some details on the project, and it sounds like it's moving into high gear. Not only that, it's attracted the attention of "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan and actor Eddie Griffin. Get More »

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9 Great Movie Moments at the Video Music Awards

Ben Stiller at the Video Music Awards

You might think that the MTV Video Music Awards are all about music, or more specifically, music videos. But throughout the past 17 years, there have been plenty of movie-related moments that have broken up the many Madonna performances, "Moonman" award upsets and general VMA revelry.

After all, you can't pack an auditorium full of the entertainment industry's most talented performers and not expect some big-screen brilliance. (We're already anticipating one big movie moment at this Sunday's show. Two words: "Hunger Games.")

In celebration of this year's ceremony and the big-screen moments that it will certainly bring, we've compiled the nine best movie-related VMA moments (ever!) for your enjoyment. Get More »

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