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Link Riot: Time Lapse Video of the 'Titanic' Set


• Watch this crazy time-lapse video of the construction of the set ship for 'Titanic'. [YouTube]

• With 'Star Trek Into Darkness' already out, the question still remains: will there be a 'Star Trek 3'? [Hypable] Get More »

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The 13 Most Gratuitous Nude Scenes in Movies

Swordfish Warner Bros.


Once upon a time (read: the '80s), movie fans could count on the fact that at some point, someone in the movie would randomly drop trou or rip off their shirt for no apparent reason whatsoever. And frankly, it was great. After all, why worry about things like plot or character development when you can have some good old-fashioned gratuitous nudity instead? Get More »

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The 9 Greatest Sexless Sex Scenes

Fox Fox

In the new thriller "Stoker," there's a scene involving Mia Wasikowska playing piano with her uncle, played by Matthew Goode. During this incredibly sophisticated duet he puts his arm around her back to play some keys at a higher octave, and they both start breathing heavily…

That's right, it's a sex scene with NO SEX!

This is not an innovative conceit, though, since we have nine other examples of this titillating tactic on display for your viewing pleasure. It's all of the hanky with none of the panky.

Enjoy. Get More »

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Twisted Valentines From Movie Characters

Valentine's Day is great for getting cards and candy and flowers and stuff. But some people take the concept of "Be Mine" to rather sinister and even psychotic levels.

No, we're not talking about anyone's ex (well, not in particular, anyway). We speak of the diabolical romantics that make for some of cinema's most memorable and twisted villains. This Valentine's Day, you should recall a different holiday and be thankful that you're not the one receiving some of the sentiments below.

Natural Born Killers Get More »

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Famous Movie Couples: What Their Babies Would Look Like

Have you ever wondered what Jack and Rose's baby would look like if the Titanic hadn't sunk — or, you know, she'd made room on the damn door — and they'd both survived to raise a family together?

Don't lie. You know you have.

We'll admit that we have, anyway, and with the magical (but MONSTER CREEPY) technology at, we were able to create composite photos of our favorite movie couples' offspring.

The future is terrifying amazing.

The 'Titanic' Baby

Get More »

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Leo DiCaprio Walked Kate Winslet Down the Aisle at Her Secret Wedding

Hands on your hearts, "Titanic" diehards! What you're about to hear may just make you die. Hard.

Kate Winslet secretly wed beau Ned Rocknroll, nephew of Virgin Atlantic tycoon Richard Branson, earlier this month, People reported. But here's the detail that'll make you swoon: The ceremony was so hush-hush that the happy couple's parents weren't even informed — but Kate's "Titanic" co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, was. And he reportedly walked her down the aisle, giving her away to her new husband. Cue happycry! Get More »

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'Titanic' Blunder! Jack Dawson Didn't Have to Die

Titanic 3D Paramount

Damn you, James Cameron. Our thirteen-year-old hearts were broken for naught!

Turns out Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack Dawson didn't - scientifically, at least - have to go down with the ship in 1997's mega-blockbuster "Titanic."

The wily "Mythbusters" duo Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman took to task the ending to one of Hollywood's most ill-fated romances and discovered that Kate Winslet's socially angsty Rose could have easily shared her space on the little makeshift floating board with her "never let go" love ... with a little life-jacket maneuvering. Get More »

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What If?: James Cameron's 'Jurassic Park'

Getty Images

Long before "Avatar" changed the way we see movies with its mind-blowing 3-D CGI, there was another film that revolutionized the world of Hollywood special effects: Steven Spielberg's 1993 smash "Jurassic Park."

So it only makes sense that Cameron revealed in an interview with the Huffington Post that he once tried to secure the rights to "Jurassic Park" himself. The surprising part? How glad he is that he failed. Get More »

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What Would 'Titanic' Have Been Like Without Kate and Leo?

Titanic 3D

Some performances are just so indelible that you can't imagine anyone else possibly taking on the role. Sigourney Weaver is Ellen Ripley. Al Pacino is Michael Corleone. And could anyone possibly have played the star-crossed lovers of "Titanic," Rose and Jack, other than Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio?

Well, how about Kate Winslet and... Jeremy Sisto?

Yeah, we have a feeling you're going to want to see this. Get More »

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Cloning Dinosaurs for a Real World 'Jurassic Park': Just How Dumb Are We?

Jurassic Park

From the moment the first frames of Fritz Lang's classic sci-fi epic "Metropolis" first unspooled back in 1927, filmmakers have been warning the world about the dangers of scientific hubris. And the message seemed to be pretty clear: if you mess with forces beyond human control, chances are something really bad is going to happen. It's fairly simple, right?

Well, apparently it's not simple enough, because get this: According to /Film, billionaire businessman Clive Palmer is rumored to be in the process of trying to clone dinosaurs for his own real world "Jurassic Park."

What could possibly go wrong?! Get More »

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