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7 Movie Posters Before Color Correction

Les Miserables Universal/NextMovie

You should never use too much flash ... even when taking pictures of movie stars.

The pesky "red eye" effect that often occurs in flash photography can be easily fixed these days with Photoshop and other nifty image editing programs, but just because we've got the digital tools and the digital talent doesn't mean the phenomenon doesn't happen any less often. Get More »

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The 13 Ickiest Movie Romances of All Time

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Summit

Not every romantic movie match was made in heaven. We submit it's quite the opposite in a lot of cases.

This baker's dozen batch of film titles in particular, boasting some shamelessly twisted pairings, has definitely given our gag reflex an unhealthy workout over the years. From incest to incomprehensible deception to just plain strange, there are a lot of different variations of yuck to be experienced within this group. Get More »

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