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8 Movie Stars Smurfed

The idea of turning some of your favorite celebs into little blue people who like to sing "La, La, La-La-La La" (you know how it goes) is abso-smurfly hilarious, and we've got the pics to prove it. Hey, it could've been worse — they could've also been bitten by a certain black fly and turned into Black Smurfs, doomed to exclaim "Gnap!" and hunger for Smurf-tail for the rest of their days.

Upon the release of "The Smurfs 2," check out what it might look like if Gargamel used his evil wizard ways to turn Hollywood into the Smurf Village.

Bill Mother-Smurfin' Murphy

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China Thinks the Sequel is 'Despicable'

Universal Universal

The story of China's film market is getting more and more intense (and, frankly, popcorn-worthy) to observe. The nation knows well that its market is uberinfluential right now — the second-biggest in the world behind the U.S., for now — and that big studios are pretty much at the mercy of their State Administration for Radio, Film and Television to allow their movies, especially those big-budget blockbusters, a chance at those coveted international ticket sales. Get More »

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'Smurfs 2' Trailer: Smurfette Gets Naughty

Long before the Na'vi were bringing sexy back to blue on the big screen, there were "The Smurfs," peacefully villaging it up in their little mushroom manor for pretty much the entire '80s (ah, memories!). And when the evil Gargamel finally got himself enough screen time in 2011 to chase the tiny buggers outta their safe haven and into the Big Apple, things got cinematic alright.

A new trailer for "The Smurfs 2" — admit it, you've been on pins and needles ever since the credits rolled on the first "Smurfs" movie — is here, showcasing more of Gargy's diabolical plan to finally capture those pesky little Smurfs, as teased by the first picture glimpse in December.

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2013's 29 Movie Sequels Ranked From Least to Most Necessary

Iron Man 3 Marvel

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" is 2013's inaugural sequel in a year chock full of them (29 in all). With this much franchise volume in one year, it's good to keep some perspective in terms of which series we're primed for ... and which ones shouldn't have had a first movie to begin with.

From the bad to the rad, here's our rundown of all the follow-ups fans have been clamoring for — or haven't, as the case may be. Prioritize your sequel viewing, people. Get More »

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'Smurfs 2' Trailer Is ... As Smurfing Smurfy As You Expected


The word "smurf" is so versatile. It's kind of like aloha, except you can use it to secretly swear at someone. So when we say that the first trailer for the upcoming animated film "The Smurfs 2" is just as incredibly smurfy as you might expect, well, we could mean pretty much anything by that.

Hey, it's got Katy Perry and Neil Patrick Harris in it, so how smurfy could it really be? Get More »

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Ricci, Gleeson and Smoove Get 'Smurf'ed

Christina Ricci
Getty Images

The little blue people have recruited three new big people for their next big-screen adventure.

Christina Ricci, Brendan Gleeson and J.B. Smoove will soon be singing "La, la, la la-la-la" (at least in their heads) as they've signed on to appear in the currently untitled sequel to last summer's box office hit, "The Smurfs," according to Heat Vision.

The plot of "The Smurfs 2" (which is what we'll call it until advised otherwise) hasn't been revealed yet, though certain Smurfy character details have emerged with the casting news. Ricci will be providing the voice of Vexy, an evil version of Katy Perry's Smurfette (we think we remember that episode …?), while Smoove will voice a "naughty" new character named Hackus and Gleeson will play Victor Doyle, the stepfather of Patrick Winslow (Neil Patrick Harris). Get More »

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Blue Is the New Gold: 'The Smurfs' Gets Sequel


It ain't easy being green, but being blue doesn't seem like such a bad deal --  just ask the Smurfs.

The film adaptation of the beloved cartoon, released in theaters on July 29, has already grossed over $78 million in the U.S. and $135 million internationally, beating out big-budget action hits "Cowboys and Aliens" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" this past weekend.

Apparently the numbers have studio execs convinced; despite dismal reviews from critics, Sony has decided to  to try to their luck again with a sequel to the hit family comedy. Get More »

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