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MASHUP: Cars Crashing Into Weird Things

Put on your seatbelt, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

There's nothing we love more than a good car crash. Something about the metal-on-metal action triggers the daredevil in us, makes us stare in awe and glee at the wreckage. But as car crashes became more common, directors had to figure out more and more inventive ways of redefining the car crash game. Simply put, cars sometimes crash into the darndest things.

Ever wanted to see a car blow up a helicopter? "Live Free or Die Hard" has you covered. Michael Bay makes sure no fruit stand or water canisters are safe in "The Rock," while "Cannonball Run" gets its cars to cool off by taking a nice dip in the pool. You'll see all that and plenty more in the our mashup, compiled by Avaryl Halley. Be sure to watch till the end, which proves cars can truly crash through anything. And next time you get behind the wheel, remember: no texting, cause if you're not paying attention, this could happen to you.

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'Pain and Gain' On DVD and Blu-Ray Will Jack You Up

Grab those dumbbells and head to the couch, dummy. It's about time you get a good pump in while watching "Pain and Gain," out on DVD and Blu-ray August 27. Get More »

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The 9 Most Jacked Dudes in Hollywood

Pain & Gain Paramount

Most of us understand that as we age, it's important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Go for a jog (or a "yog" if you're Ron Burgundy) once in a while. Maybe opt for a salad sometimes instead of a few slices of pizza. If you work at a desk, perhaps you make sure you walk around your office for five minutes every hour. Feel that burn.

Then there are others who take that notion to extreme lengths, who hear "maintain a healthy and active lifestyle" and think "lift enough weights every day of my life to tear a horse in half with my bare hands and have a laughing fit in its blood." Get More »

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9 Movies That Ripped Off the 'Die Hard' Formula

Olympus Has Fallen FilmDistrict

"Olympus Has Fallen" hits theaters this weekend and if you've seen the trailers, well, it might look just a little familiar to you. Gerard Butler plays a disgraced Secret Service agent who finds himself trapped inside the White House when it's overrun by terrorists. Armed only with courage and, well, a gun, he wages a one-man war to save the President — and America itself.

In other words, it's "Die Hard" in the White House. Get More »

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Versus: The Rock Vs. Dwayne Johnson

The Rock vs. Dwayne Johnson / Summit

One used to take us for a wild ride down Know Your Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive before he checked us in at the Smackdown Hotel. The other is cast in Susan Sarandon movies.

One had his own theme music that strangers sang along to as he entered various American arenas. The other pretends to race cars with Vin Diesel.

One frequently knocked out his scantily-clad colleagues by landing on them with his elbow. The other has probably never done that ... at least not in any kind of official capacity. Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Jon Bernthal

Getty Images Getty Images

The last time you saw Jon Bernthal, he was probably hunting a zombie. In the new movie "Snitch," however, the "The Walking Dead" star is hunting for justice alongside Dwayne Johnson (known to most as The Rock). Johnson portrays a man who won't stop at any means to free his son, unjustly imprisoned on drug charges, and Bernthal is one of the many he meets along the way. 

NextMovie caught up with Bernthal ahead of "Snitch"'s release to ask a few questions about breaking promises, being intimidated by The Rock and which action movie heroes would win in a fight. Get More »

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Hot People Looking Hot: Dwayne Johnson Photos

He's walked tall, been cool and felt the need for speed in "Faster" and "Fast Five." Now, 2013 is truly the Year of the Rock, with the WWE Champion appearing in no less than five feature films.

We begin this week with the release of "Snitch," in which he plays the greatest dad in the world. Five weeks later, he'll be fighting for freedom in the "G.I. Joe" sequel (March 29), and four weeks after that he'll be robbing from the rich in Michael Bay's "Pain and Gain." (April 26). That's not all — four weeks after that, he'll be feeling that need for speed again with "Fast & Furious 6" (May 24). You'd think he'd take a vacation after all that, but no, he'll also be investigating an armored car heist in "Empire State," which will probably hit theaters this fall.

Let's get the Year started with hotness, shall we?

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Dwayne Johnson Punches Drugs in 'Snitch' Trailer

Snitch Summit

If you're ever thrown in the slammer for a drug deal you had nothing to do with, you'd better hope your dad is The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson (who's apparently now old enough to have a teenage son, which kind of freaks us out) stars as a construction worker who volunteers to go undercover into the dangerous world of drug trafficking in order to reduce his son's prison sentence in "Snitch" (which obviously isn't the sequel to "Snatch," as you may have thought upon first hearing the title). Get More »

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Dwayne Johnson Packs His Bags For Third 'Journey'

Getty Images

Dwayne Johnson is going to see what else is out there besides giant electrical eels and super-advanced submarines.

The "Fast Five" star is in talks to continue replacing Brendan Fraser in the third installment of the incredibly successful "Journey" series of sci-fi adventure films, according to The Wrap. Get More »

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Rob Corddry to Feel The 'Pain' With The Rock & Michael Bay

Getty Images

Rob Corddry knows a little something about pain. After all, the one-time "Daily Show" correspondent now spends his time (sort of) helping sick (pretend) kids on the Cartoon Network comedy "Childrens Hospital."

But now he's about to experience pain on an entirely different level courtesy of none other than ... Michael Bay?!

According to Variety, Corddry is in talks to join the cast of Michael Bay's upcoming dark comedy "Pain and Gain." And in this case, it appears that Corddry's pain is going to be our gain. Get More »

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