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Mashup: 2012's Worst Movies Movies Review Themselves

Taste is subjective, right? One man's trainwreck is another man's cult classic... most of the time. But some movies are so bad, we've often suspected even the actors involved know they're making a piece of garbage.

This mashup of bad-movie characters proves our suspicions were right: In this educational video from, the brutal truth of 2012's worst movies comes straight from the horses' mouths. 


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Next Factor Q&A: 'Odd Life of Timothy Green' Star CJ Adams

CJ Adams
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CJ Adams was just six years old when he got his first gig playing Steve Carell’s nephew in “Dan in Real Life.” Now 12, the up-and-coming actor has moved on to taking the lead in a major motion picture, starring as the title character in "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" opposite Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton and Ron Livingston. The film, from "Dan in Real Life" director and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" writer Peter Hedges, is about a special boy who brings love and a little big of magic to those around him, and is sure to bring some tears to the eyes of those who watch it. 

While Adams is just getting his career started in Hollywood, he has a good handle on where he sees himself in a few years, and his aim is quite, well, super-heroic. We sat down with the young star to talk about "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," how he got his big break and whose shoes he's looking to fill when he gets older. Get More »

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The Odd Trailer For 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green'


The trailer for "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" has already had a bit of an odd life of its own; after debuting on Trailer Addict, the trailer got yanked only to later reappear on YouTube anyway. That's the spooky magic of the internet.

But now that we have the trailer back, it seems the film has a bit of spooky magic of its own -- and it involves a weird kid crawling out of the ground to teach Jennifer Garner the true meaning of parenthood. Get More »

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