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Casting Roundup: Franco, Williams and Affleck Get the Gigs

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All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• James Franco continues to provide evidence that he lives in a world where there are more than 24 hours in a day. According to Deadline, the crazy busy thespian has added "The Grace That Keeps This World" to his insane schedule, a family drama co-starring Brit Marling and Glenn Close that follows a father and his sons as they prepare for the upcoming hunting season.

• Michelle Williams, whom we haven't seen on the big screen since "My Week With Marilyn," is in talks to star in "Suite Francaise" for English director Saul Dibb ("The Duchess"). Williams would be playing, according to Variety, "a spirited young woman in occupied France who falls for a German officer and must choose between love and her country." She'll probably find a way to choose both.

• The con is on with Ben Affleck! Deadline reports that the "Argo" man is in talks to star in "Focus," the tale of a grifter who falls in love with a female up-and-comer — a recipe for heartbreak when one's in the business of cheating and lying. Get More »

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Casting Roundup: McGregor, Rockwell and Lucas Get the Gigs

Ewan McGregor
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All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• At this point, who isn't going to be in "August: Osage County"? Deadline reports that Ewan McGregor has joined the family as Bill, a college professor and estranged husband of Barbara (Julia Roberts) and son-in-law of pill-popping matriarch Violet (Meryl Streep).

• Every movie becomes better if Sam Rockwell is in it, which means "Why Now" is destined for greatness. Screen Daily reports that the "Seven Psychopaths" star has joined the cast of the indie comedy alongside Marisa Tomei and Brian Geraghty.

• Mrs. Robinson, eat your heart out! Broadway World reports that Decepticon co-ed Isabel Lucas is set to turn up the heat in "Careful What You Wish For," a "Basic Instinct"-esque thriller about a high school student's affair with an older woman that ends up having devastating consequences (as these things often do). Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Fassbender, Wood and Bell Get the Gigs

Michael Fassbender
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Michael Fassbender's riding into the sunset, Evan Rachel Wood is hitting the road and Jamie Bell is gettin' busy in this week's casting news.

Fassbender may soon be studying to be a quick draw as he's in talks to join the western, "Jane Got a Gun," according to Vulture. Natalie Portman is currently attached to the film about a woman who hires an ex-lover (Fassbender) to protect her ranch after her outlaw husband returns home bullet-ridden and with former criminal colleagues hot on his heels. Lynne Ramsay ("We Need to Talk About Kevin") is attached to direct.

Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman? Together? In a western? Please. We'll be there, guns a'blazin'. Get More »

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Shia LaBeouf Might Become a 'Nymphomaniac'

Shia LaBeouf
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Lars von Trier is about as far from Michael Bay as you can get.

Shia LaBeouf continues to shun his past as a Hollywood blockbuster headliner as he's in talks to join the cast of Lars von Trier's latest bit of instant cinematic controversy, "The Nymphomaniac," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Get More »

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Gets in Bed with 'The Nymphomaniac'

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Lars Von Trier is no stranger to controversy, both on and off-screen. (He's still licking his wounds from an unfortunate Nazi comment that slipped out during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.)

But the prolific director is gearing up to get back to the big screen, and has just secured a leading lady for his next feature, pointedly titled "The Nymphomaniac." We'll give you one guess to figure out what it's about. Get More »

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