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Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 List of Fave 2013 Movies is BIZARRE

Disney Disney

What are your top 10 favorite movies of the year so far? Whatever they are, we'd be willing to bet not even half of 'em sync up with Quentin Tarantino's little listoid.

Tarantino's a notoriously off-kilter dude, sure, but he's also a two-time Oscar-winning screenwriter and a well-respected (albeit strange) director, so you might think he's at least somewhat on the "12 Years a Slave"-"Fruitvale Station"-"The Butler"-"Inside Llewyn Davis"-ish bandwagon, but noooooo.

Not. even. close.

Just wait 'til you get a look at some of these crazytown title choices (brace for the anomaly votes, Academy)!

Meanwhile, we'll try to make a 'lil sense out of why it is that these are his picks (where possible), since he didn't offer up his own reasons when passing this list along to his fans.

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Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Blame Critics for 'Lone Ranger' Crash and Burn

Why did "The Lone Ranger" perform so poorly at the box office — earning just $86.7 million domestically on a $215 million, James Cameron-sized budget — and put such a stinky critical egg in the faces of director Gore Verbinski and stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer?

'Cause the movie sucked, you say? Well, they beg to differ. Get More »

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Old Dog, New Tricks: DreamWorks Preparing for a 'Lassie' Comeback

lassieforthewin3 From Lassie's Facebook Page

She's been stealing America's heart since 1938, and now DreamWorks Animation wants a piece of the "Lassie" pie.

The Los Angeles Times reports that DreamWorks Animation, responsible for "Shrek," "Shark Tale" and "Kung Fu Panda" among other modern children's classics, plans to reboot the famed "Lassie" brand for a public-eye comeback.

"She's heroic, she's loyal, she really is man's best friend," said Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation's chief executive. "She's the single most recognized pet in the world." Get More »

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'Despicable Me 2' Owns 'Ranger' at Box Office

Universal Universal

"The Lone Ranger" has been taking down bad guys since the 1930's, but this Fourth of July weekend he finally met his match as "Despicable Me 2's" supervillain Gru and his band of fluffy minions destroyed the box office to the tune of $142.1 million according to

That amount reflects a five day debut, with the traditional three day weekend take clocking in at a still impressive $82.5 million. "The Lone Ranger," meanwhile, did a major league faceplant, bringing in $48.9 over the five day frame and only $29.4 over the weekend. That won't even cover Johnny Depp's makeup budget.

For a full look at the weekend top ten, including figures for returning hits "World War Z," "The Heat" and "Monsters University," head to

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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Lone Ranger' & More

"I guess that my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did was the biggest record that I'll ever have." – Alex Chilton

Greetings from the apocalypse! It's a weekend full of westerns, cool bands and two movies with Steve Carell. That helps to ease the pain of yet another extended Johnny Depp mugging session masquerading as a popcorn film. I'm on to you, Depp … Get More »

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Armie Hammer on Playing 'The Lone Ranger:' 'They're Big Boots to Fill'

When Armie Hammer decided to slip into the southwestern-sized boots of John Reid, better known as the Lone Ranger, in the film of the same name, he knew there would be some pressure. And not just from the sweltering heat or his cuckoo bananas costar Johnny Depp (who plays Hammer's Native American partner in crime Tonto), but his family. Dun-dun-dun!

In an interview with MTV News, Hammer admitted that when he accepted the role, he knew he had "big boots to fill." Hey! Your character wears cowboy boots, Hammer! We see what you did there. Get More »

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Hot People Looking Hot: Johnny Depp Photos

We're trying really hard to keep this terrible pun to ourselves, but it's just not worth the fight. This Hot People Looking Hot gallery takes an inDepp-th look at the star of "The Lone Ranger."

Annnnd ... cue the requisite eye roll.

But, bad jokes aside, Johnny Depp really is a character, and we mean that in every way possible. From the roles he chooses (Captain Jack Sparrow, anyone?) to his own persona (making music with Marilyn Manson) and all the blue-hued glasses in-between, he's both pleasing to the eye and entertaining to the core.

You know, kinda like this gallery. Take a look.

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Infographic: The 20 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

This week's "The Lone Ranger" carries with it a hefty production budget of $250 million. That's more money than Alex Rodriguez makes from the Yankees in three weeks! But sadly, a large budget doesn't always guarantee a massive box office windfall — just ask "John Carter" after he stops crying. There's always a risk in committing nine figures to a movie.

Here are the top 20 biggest-budgeted movies of all time and how they performed at the box office, both adjusted for inflation because, you know, money inflates sometimes.

Click on the image below for an inflated version.

The Most Expensive Movies Ever Made Get More »

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Hollywood's 12 Worst Cases of Ethnic Miscasting

The Lone Ranger Disney

When it was first announced that this week's "The Lone Ranger" was going to star Johnny Depp as the Native American warrior Tonto, fans around the country scratched their heads ... and not just because they were wondering what he would look like with a giant dead bird for a hat. Depp as Tonto? Really? Get More »

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Johnny 'One-Shot Deal' Depp Isn't So Sure About a 'Lone Ranger' Sequel

Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in "The Lone Ranger" Disney

This week, "The Lone Ranger" — Disney's risky $200 million+ no-spaghetti western based on an ancient radio serial — rides into town nationwide, hoping to convince you that it's one of the summer's most breathlessly entertaining blockbusters and that the second it's over you're more than ready for a sequel.

On that note, chatting up the flick with E! Online most of the stars said they're already committed to more masked justice-dealin'... with one notable holdout presenting itself in the form of Mr. Johnny Depp who apparently always considered his turn as Tonto "a one-shot deal."    Get More »

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