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'The Inbetweeners' Is Filthy and Fun: Go See it Naked

The Inbetweeners
Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Full disclosure: I have not seen "The Inbetweeners" TV show, for which this film serves as the series finale. I did, however, do extensive research (Wikipedia) prior to watching the film, and I'm fully aware there are some inside jokes I may have not picked up on.

Best friends Will (Simon Bird), Jay (James Buckley), Neil (Blake Harrison), and Simon (Joe Thomas) have a really hard life. And when we say "hard," we mean they live in an upper-class suburban neighborhood, their parents have really good marriages (except for Will's, but we'll get to that) and they've just graduated high school. Get More »

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Jump Into the Pool in Behind-the-Scenes Clip From 'The Inbetweeners'

The Inbetweeners
Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Warning: NSFW!

The uncanny thing about the members of the "Inbetweeners" gang — on both their television show and in their new feature film — is their uncanny ability to completely and totally humiliate themselves no matter what kind of situation or scenario they might be in.

Really, how hard is it to not get into trouble at a public swimming pool? We tell ya, these blokes ... Get More »

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