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GALLERY: Ryan Gosling Pointing at People

We all know about Miley Cyrus flashing her peace signs and AnnaLynne McCord blowing kisses on every red carpet ever, but there's another repeat poser in Hollywood who deserves a special gallery.

Ryan Gosling.

The "Gangster Squad" star has his very own signature red carpet quirk we'd like to point out. Literally. The guy just can't stop pointing. He points at his co-stars, he points at the cameras, he points at the sky.

Dude, we get your point. (Ha!) See for yourself.

Originally published Oct. 6, 2011.

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Oscars 2012 Poll: Biggest Snub

Oscar Poll: Who Was Snubbed?
FilmDistrict / Universal / Warner Bros.

The nominations for the 2012 Academy Awardsare in, and now all that's left to do is debate, scratch our heads, and guess like crazy until the winners are announced on February 26.

Of course, half the fun is getting outraged about what was left out. Every year the Academy makes some idiosyncratic choices -- or "gets it wrong," as some would argue -- and this year was no exception.

In this, the first of our daily polls leading up to the Oscars ceremony, let us know who you think wuz the most robbed; then come back every day for a brand-new Oscars poll. Let the voting begin!

More on the 2012 Academy Awards
Oscar Predictions 2012: Who Will Win?

This poll will close at 1 p.m. on February 22, 2012.

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Use the New Ryan Gosling Channel to Channel Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling
Getty Images

When you're hot; you're hot. And Ryan Gosling is on fire — figuratively, of course.

The 31-year-old thesp is taking cable waves by storm this February, as Time Warner Cable's Movies On Demand channel will feature a whopping eight of the star's most popular movies, The Wrap reports. But wait; there's more.

While scrolling through TWC's movie listings, you may notice a new genre pop up. No, it's not romantic thriller, though we think that has promise, and it's not horror comedy. It's Ryan Gosling.

That's right, Ryan Gosling is now his own movie genre. Not bad for a guy whose big break was "Young Hercules." Seriously, look it up. Get More »

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25 Shockers from the 2012 Oscar Nominations

Albert Brooks in Drive
Film District

It's Academy Award Nominations Day, which means for every sure-thing nominee to applaud (go George Clooney!) or fan fave who squeaks in (woo hoo Melissa McCarthy!), there's a snub to bemoan (where's Albert Brooks?) or a huge surprise to marvel at (who's Demian Bichir?), and this year's list of Oscar hopefuls contains several shockers.

Before we start a month of predictions and odds-making, let's take a moment to point out the many ways the Academy missed the mark or pleasantly surprised us with their picks. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Ides of March, 'Abduction' and More

The Ides of March
Columbia Pictures

This week: Ryan Gosling is the man behind presidential candidate George Clooney in "The Ides of March," Taylor Lautner takes off his shirt and tries on a new role in "Abduction," Nick Swardson aspires to be an adult performer in "Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star," Juno Temple is a high school gal with a bad reputation in "Dirty Girl," and 2008's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" gets a proper Blu-ray 3-D release before its sequel hits theaters.  Get More »

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Golden Globe Predictions 2012: Who Will Win at the Globes?

Golden Globe predictions 2012 Fox Searchlight / Weinstein Co.

Get our Golden Globes Predictions 2013 here.

On December 15, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominees for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. In predictable form, their choices consisted mainly of performers and films practically engineered for awards-season attention, save for a few left-field (but entirely safe) nominations that demonstrated the HFPA's so-called eclecticism.

Now that almost all the films are in theaters, we're taking a look at the nominees to predict who seems destined to win, and who might end up disappointed on January 15 when the winners are announced. Get More »

'Bridesmaids,' 'Dragon Tattoo' Make Strides With Producer's Guild Nominations

Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids

Happy New Year to "Bridesmaids," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Ides of March."

The three fringe awards contenders got the biggest boosts from today's Producer's Guild of America nominations, which pundits and handicappers regularly look to in predicting Oscar's Best Picture candidates.

While frontrunners like "The Artist," "The Descendants" and "War Horse" also made the cut, "Bridesmaids," "Dragon Tattoo" and "March" edged out critical favorites like "The Tree of Life" and "Drive" for three of the 10 coveted spots. Get More »

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The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2011

Since computers took over the traditionally hand-painted posters that graced movie lobbies over the last two decades, things have taken an artistic slide. But there is still a crop of truly awesome, borderline iconic imagery being produced by studios to sell their movies.

We're counting down the best and brightest of this year's slick one-sheets. Generic floating Photoshop heads? Not in this bunch.

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The Biggest Shockers From the 2012 Golden Globe Nominations

Melissa McCarthy in "Bridesmaids"

While the Academy Awards may have prestige, the Golden Globes are like the rowdy, beer-swilling younger brother that everyone wants to party with. They're the Roger Clinton of awards ceremonies.

Like all black sheep, though, the Globes occasionally embarrass their family with mistakes so heinous it almost makes us want to not pay bail when they get arrested. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced this year's nominees, and before returning host Ricky Gervais even opens his mouth we find ourselves utterly shocked by some surprising inclusions and omissions. Get More »

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Year-End Poll: Hottest Dude of 2011

Who's the hottest dude of the year?
Summit / Warner Bros. / FilmDistrict

PREVIOUS: Who's the hottest babe of the year? >>

This poll will close on Dec. 26 at 11 p.m.

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