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Our 15 Favorite Strippers (in Movies)

We're the Millers Warner Bros.

With soccer moms now taking pole dancing aerobics at the Y, it’s safe to say that stripping (not to mention its costumed cousin, burlesque) has seduced mainstream America ... for better or worse.

However, for every relatively whimsical look at the profession ("The Full Monty," "Sin City"), there seems to be at least two darker examinations. In the case of "About Cherry," sometimes working in a strip club can lead to stripping (and doing other stuff) on a porn set. But then there's Jennifer Aniston in "We're the Millers" and ... well, that's just all sorts of hot n' hilarious. Get More »

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The 35 Best Movie Cameos of All Time

This is the End Columbia Pictures

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have assembled a Murderer's Row of comedy heavy-hitters to provide cameos as themselves — including Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Emma Watson and Rihanna — in their new apocalyptic satire, "This is the End."

That's a buncha muncha cruncha cameos, but how do they stack up among the greatest ever perpetrated? We're counting down 35 surprise appearances in movies that pleased and shocked us ... and left us wanting more. Get More »

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Here's Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong Doing Standup Together in 1998

The internet's really cool sometimes, guys. This is one of those sometimes.

Above we have a lost video from the nether years of the late '90s — 1998, specifically, which is a full (uses Macbook calculator) 15 years ago — featuring the now uber-famous Zach Galifianakis and the now pretty damn-famous Ken Jeong (whose movie, "The Hangover Part III," comes out next weekend) doing some standup comedy together at a coffee house in Los Angeles. It's a fun watch, especially considering the rapport these two obviously already had a full decade before they would star together in "The Hangover." Get More »

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The 13 Most Gratuitous Nude Scenes in Movies

Swordfish Warner Bros.


Once upon a time (read: the '80s), movie fans could count on the fact that at some point, someone in the movie would randomly drop trou or rip off their shirt for no apparent reason whatsoever. And frankly, it was great. After all, why worry about things like plot or character development when you can have some good old-fashioned gratuitous nudity instead? Get More »

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The Most Horrifying 'Hangover'

So, you thought "The Hangover" was all boobs, babies, and bananapants adventures a group of pals? Well, you thought wrong. You may think of Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms' "Wolfpack" as the center of a record-breaking comedy best known for its dirty, twisted humor that sent comedy-seekers to the theaters in droves — think again. Get More »

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Today's Hottest Movies, Yesterday's Coolest Stars


Times change, styles change, technology changes. But in Hollywood, some things are timeless: A cool movie is still a cool movie and a star is still a star.

That's the takeaway from the fantastic array of new retro-posters from artist Peter Stults, who has taken some of today's biggest hits — "The Hangover," "Avatar" and "Inception" among them — and revealed what they might have looked like if they had been filmed with the stars of yesterday.

And they look pretty awesome. Get More »

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Infographic: Proof That 'The Hangover' and '21 and Over' Are Basically the Same Movie

21 and Over Relativity Media

"Man, let's go see a movie! You know, the one where a bunch of bros go out to celebrate another bro's milestone. Madness, shots, nudity and general hijinks follow! Laugh riot!"

"Yeah, dude! 'The Hangover' was so great, wasn't it?"

"No, I was talking about '21 and Over.'"

"You're blowing. My mind." Get More »

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8 Junior Versions of Other Movies

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms in "The Hangover Part 2" Warner Bros.

Okay, so here's a movie pitch for you: Take a group of mismatched friends, send them out for an evening of drunken revelry and then watch the hilarity ensue when they try to figure out just what the heck they did. Guaranteed hit, right?

But we're not describing the plot of "The Hangover" — we're actually describing the plot of the upcoming teen comedy "21 and Over," which is basically exactly like "The Hangover" except, you know, with college students in it.

"21 and Over" is hardly the first film to blantly remake another movie, book or play for a teenage crowd; it's actually a longstanding tradition in Hollywood. So in honor of "21 and Over's" brazen replication, here's a closer look at it and six other films like it. Get More »

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A Virtual Map of Road Trips in Movies

Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand in "The Guilt Trip" Paramount

The road trip movie: It's one of Hollywood's most sacred institutions. What other subgenre offers so many golden opportunities for rural stereotyping, rest stop potty humor and hot-boxing scenes?

But you know what can be frustrating about road trip flicks? We don't always know where those jaunts start and end.

In honor of Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand embarking on "The Guilt Trip," we've laid out the routes of 20 movie road trips in one handy map. You know, in case you get lost or something. Get More »

10 Movie-Related Budget Gifts for Broke Asses

It's been a rough year. Whether you've been laid off or just laid around a bit more than you should have, you're counting quarters this holiday season.

And that's where we come in. We've rounded up 10 awesome gifts that come in under $20. And, no, we're not including any DVDs or Blu-rays in this one. Something tells us you already know your way around (but you can find the must-haves for the year here).

1. 'Lord of the Breeze' T-shirt

$14.95 at NeatoShop
Get More »

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