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Costume Designers Guild Honors 'Tattoo,' 'Potter,' 'W.E.'

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

A cardinal rule of moviemaking has always been, "Show. Don't tell."

And no one knows this truth to be more paramount than the Costume Designers Guild — these are the people who turn Rooney Mara into Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Radcliffe into Harry Potter. In other words, they've got some serious skills that go far beyond sewing, which is why last night's Costume Designers Guild Awards brought out some of Hollywood's brightest stars to celebrate some of cinema's most eye-catching achievements. Get More »

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Oscars 2012 Poll: Best Actress

Oscar Poll: Best Actress
Weinstein / Disney / Columbia Pictures

PREVIOUS: What was the biggest Oscars snub? >>

More on the 2012 Academy Awards
Oscar Predictions 2012: Who Will Win?

This poll will close at 1 p.m. on February 22, 2012.

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GALLERY: Our 15 Favorite Women in Black

In "The Woman in Black," Harry Potter himself (or rather, Daniel Radcliffe) takes on the darker side of the supernatural as he investigates a haunted estate and the dark history that brought one of its former residents back from the grave for revenge.

The "Woman" of the title is kind of a pain in the butt, what with all the murdering and all; but not every similarly clad woman is quite so gloomy. Some of our favorite filmic females have donned a dark look for some memorable roles, no doubt bolstered by the fact that black is slimming.

As Wesley Snipes said in "Passenger 57": "Always bet on black."

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GALLERY: 2012 Oscar Nominees

The 2012 Oscar nominations have been announced, with the usual mix of odds-on favorites and long-shot shockers.

Not so much a "words" person as a "pictures" person? Want to see what Glenn Close looks like as a man? Need to find out who this Demián Bichir fellow (nominated as Best Actor for "A Better Life") actually is? Get your eyes and your clicking finger ready and browse through our gallery of 2012's Oscar-nominated movies and actors.

More on the 2012 Academy Awards Nominations:


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25 Shockers from the 2012 Oscar Nominations

Albert Brooks in Drive
Film District

It's Academy Award Nominations Day, which means for every sure-thing nominee to applaud (go George Clooney!) or fan fave who squeaks in (woo hoo Melissa McCarthy!), there's a snub to bemoan (where's Albert Brooks?) or a huge surprise to marvel at (who's Demian Bichir?), and this year's list of Oscar hopefuls contains several shockers.

Before we start a month of predictions and odds-making, let's take a moment to point out the many ways the Academy missed the mark or pleasantly surprised us with their picks. Get More »

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David Fincher Reveals the Secret of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'


When David Fincher agreed to direct Sony's adaptation of Steig Larsson's wildly popular bestseller "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," he had a very tall task ahead of him: Not only had tens of millions of people already imagined their own version of the story, the Swedish film adaptation starring Noomi Rapace was a runaway international blockbuster as well. Luckily, however, he had a secret weapon: He's David Effing Fincher.

Problem solved. Get More »

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10 Movie Franchises Get Disney-fied

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was first released in 1991, but it's still as fresh and appealing today as it was 21 years ago, which a new generation of moviegoers will find out with the film's 3-D re-release this week.

What's responsible for the studio's lasting success? In part, it's the marketing. Disney movies have an unmistakable look and charm that gives us the warm and fuzzies. (You know your studio's in good shape when a film that grossed over $100 million was considered a failure, as was the case with Disney's 2009 release, "The Princess and the Frog.")

What would the Disney magic do if applied to other films? We imagine what 10 other big movie franchises would like if they were created by the Mouse House.

Get More »

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'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo:' Best Title Sequence Ever?


It's full of disturbing imagery, powered by amazing graphics and it's driven by an insidious, pounding soundtrack, but we're not talking about the latest music video from Tool — we're talking about the groundbreaking opening credits from David Fincher's acclaimed big screen adaptation of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

And now you can see what the whole world is talking about, as the whole mind-blowing sequence has just been posted online. Get More »

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'Bridesmaids,' 'Dragon Tattoo' Make Strides With Producer's Guild Nominations

Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids

Happy New Year to "Bridesmaids," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Ides of March."

The three fringe awards contenders got the biggest boosts from today's Producer's Guild of America nominations, which pundits and handicappers regularly look to in predicting Oscar's Best Picture candidates.

While frontrunners like "The Artist," "The Descendants" and "War Horse" also made the cut, "Bridesmaids," "Dragon Tattoo" and "March" edged out critical favorites like "The Tree of Life" and "Drive" for three of the 10 coveted spots. Get More »

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'Dragon' Is Laggin', But 'Girl Who Played With Fire' Is Still on Its Way


For torture porn enthusiasts who still like to fancy themselves intellectuals, there may have been no better Christmas present than David Fincher's love letter to bleached eyebrows and revenge, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

However, many film industry insiders are wondering if the franchise is sustainable due to the first movie's relatively low box office numbers, grossing just $60 million in its first two weeks. Get More »

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