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'Boston Strong' to Show How Beantown Braved Through the Marathon Bombing

Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy Getty Images

"The Fighter" co-writers Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy are ready to explore some of that Olde Towne strength once again, this time giving cinematic nod to the city's reaction to the devastating Boston Marathon Bombing on April 15.

According to Deadline, the pair purchased the rights to an as-yet-unreleased book on the events of that day and the following four-day dramatic manhunt which led to arrest of surviving suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev on April 19. Get More »

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The Best & Worst Boston Accents in Movies

The Fighter Paramount

There's something about the Boston accent in cinema that forces actors to feel like they really have to nail it. Of course, there are movies set in other cities (Chicago or New York, for example) featuring normally straight-voiced actors straining to sound like they're from the area. But it's not as seemingly mandatory as it is with a Boston-set movie. Get More »

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9 Things Mark Wahlberg Has Mastered

Mark Wahlberg Getty Images

Everyone has some kind of skill, but there are few people in Hollywood — or on Earth, for that matter — who can match Mark Wahlberg. The guy isn't just skilled, he's actually skilled at looking skilled.

Think about it. Running? Walking? Shooting? Punching? Looking hot? Doing it with the ladies? Showing off his six-pack? Hell, Wahlberg is so good, he makes just standing and staring into space look like an incredible feat of manliness. The guy can do everything and he can do it better than you.

Don't believe us? Well, just check out some of these examples of the many, many skills Mark Wahlberg has mastered over the course of his movie career.


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The United States of Movies Summer Olympic Teams

This Friday will kick off the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and though our old Revolutionary War adversaries might be our allies now, that doesn't mean the U.S. of frickin' A. isn't ready to bring the thunder.

Using our powers of make-believe and fantasy, we've assembled athletic champions from the entirety of movie history to give us a clear advantage towards the race for Olympic glory in every sport of the XXX Olympiad. Get More »

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David O. Russell Caught in Bizarre Row With Transgender Niece

David O. Russell
Getty Images

UPDATE:Looks like David O. Russell can wipe his wandering hands clean of the inappropriate contact allegation made by his 19-year-old niece.

"We are pleased that the authorities have looked into this matter, and have confirmed that the investigation has been concluded and the case has been closed," reps for Russell told The Playlist in a statement.


So this is a weird one, even by Hollywood standards.

Apparently, director David O. Russell (of "The Fighter" fame) was involved in an incident with a teenage transgender relative in the gym at an Embassy Suites in Florida last week.

Russell, 53, and Nicholas Peloquin, 19, happened to be working out at the same time and, according to Nicholas (who goes by "Nicole"), Russell is his mother's adopted brother, making Russell Nicole's uncle.

Now, why Peloquin just happened to be at the same hotel gym at that time beats us, but here's where it gets really twisted. Get More »

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'Warrior' Is the 'Rocky' of Mixed Martial Arts on DVD and Blu-ray


Yo, Adrian! They did it ... again. With "Warrior," director Gavin O'Connor based his story on the "Rocky" formula of a working-class fighter who rises up through the ranks to achieve greatness in the ring while overcoming domestic drama.

It's not surprising that filmmakers keep returning to the 1976 Best Picture Oscar winner for inspiration. Just last year, the biographical boxing drama "The Fighter," starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg as brothers with an arena's worth of family issues, took home two Oscars by also dusting off the "Rocky" blueprint. Get More »

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Q&A: Melissa Leo Finds 'Utopia'

Melissa Leo
Getty Images

Melissa Leo first gained recognition playing tough-cookie Det. Sergeant Kay Howard on the series "Homicide: Life On The Street," then worked steadily as a character actress until landing her Academy Award-nominated role in 2008's illegal immigration drama "Frozen River."

She made an even bigger impression the following year in "The Fighter" opposite Mark Wahlberg as the real-life Alice Ward, a role that earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar and a chance to drop the F-bomb in front of a billion people.

Leo now appears alongside Lucas Black and Robert Duvall -- who play a pro golfer and a sage cowboy-golfer, respectively -- in the drama "Seven Days in Utopia." We sat down with the veteran actress to discuss "Utopia," her Oscar win and more. Get More »

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David O. Russell Hoping to Write 'Fighter' Sequel

Mark Wahlberg in "The Fighter"

The cast and crew of "The Fighter" wasted no time in considering a sequel -- and in an exclusive interview with MTV Movies, director David O. Russell stated that he'd like to take a jab at writing the script himself.

"I would do it whenever anyone says they're ready," Russell said. "I'm ready to write it."

Russell stated that the sequel would involve all the original cast, and has a strong possibility of focusing on Micky Ward's epic trio of fights with Arturo Gatti. For the full story, head on over to MTV Movies.

Hey Micky, get back in the ring, whydontcha?!

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Award-Winner 'The Fighter' Dukes It Out on DVD & Blu-ray

The Fighter DVD

A big winner at this year's snooze-inducing Oscars, where it nabbed Best Supporting gongs for both Melissa Leo and Christian Bale, David O. Russell's "The Fighter" makes it way to Blu-ray and DVD as one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year.

The praise is warranted.

A jacked up Mark Whalberg stars in this true uplifting story as Micky Ward, a talented boxer held down by his drug addled brother/trainer Dicky (Bale) and domineering mother/manager Alice (Leo). When he meets feisty bartender Charlene (Amy Adams), Micky finally comes to realize what he needs to do in order to break free from his family and own the ring. Get More »

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Round 2: 'The Fighter' Sequel Already in the Works

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

When a pet project garners five Oscar nominations, two Oscar wins and over $90 million at the box office (so far), what do you do next?

Make a sequel. Immediately.

And that's exactly what "The Fighter" star Mark Wahlberg has in the works for Micky Ward and his trainer/ brother Dicky Eklund.

On the red carpet at Sunday's 83rd Annual Academy Awards, Wahlberg told "Extra"'s Mario Lopez that he's already gearing up for "The Fighter 2." Get More »

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