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Squirrel Superheroes Are the Highlight of Your Tuesday

Santiago-Perez at DeviantART Santiago-Perez at DeviantART

You guys, it is only Tuesday.

And Tuesday is almost worse than Monday because you're no longer rested up from the weekend — unless you were one of those select few peeps who got Columbus Day off — and yet there's still so much week left.

So, we here at the net's most entertaining film site would like to offer you a condolence laugh or two by way of a squirrel photoshopped into your favorite superheroes and other iconic film characters. Of course. Get More »

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Christian Bale's 'Batman Begins' Audition is Just as Amazing as You'd Expect

You might still be scratching your head over Ben Affleck being chosen as the next Batman, but there's a reason the role has become so sacrosanct to Batfans and normies alike these days. That reason, of course, is Christian Bale. Get More »

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Maggie Gyllenhaal: 'White House Down' Is a Party

It's been a while since audiences have seen Maggie Gyllenhaal in an action film (five years, to be exact -- she played Rachel Dawes in 2008's "The Dark Knight"). But she returns to blow-em-ups with a presidential-sized bang in "White House Down," directed by Roland Emmerich.

Gyllenhaal plays Carol Finnerty, a tough-as-nails Secret Service agent reluctant to give John Cale (Channing Tatum, in all his sweaty, muscled glory) a spot on the president's team of top protectors.

NextMovie sat down with Gyllenhaal at the film's D.C. junket where the actress dished on her decision to take on this not-so-predictable role ("I like to go see a movie that's a good time— that's a party!—like this is," she says) and Emmerich's fascination with blowing up landmarks ("Roland is a good time, and I think a real good time is always a little bit dark— and I think he knows that"). Get More »

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9 Blockbusters Recast With Old School Action Figures

Admit it — when you watch the various Hollywood blockbusters that turn some of your favorite childhood toys into a big-screen extravaganzas, this is what you're picturing in your head.

You no doubt remember the action figure poster we conjured for "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" earlier this spring. Reworking the latest cinematic Yo Joe adventure as a showcase for our old toy collection made it the first movie with swivel-arm battle grip. Now, we're taking that several steps further and reimagining several Hollywood action tentpoles trading the flesh-and-blood actors for plastic.

Think about it: They don't eat, need breaks or demand $20 million paychecks. We could be on to something here.

Man of Steel Get More »

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Bat Bummer: Christian Bale Won't Be In 'Justice League'

Justice League Alex Ross/DC Comics

We all know that Warner Bros. has high hopes for "Man of Steel," especially after losing money on the last Superman reboot.

With "Marvel's The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" both joining the billion dollar club, who could blame the studio that owns all of the DC Comics Universe characters for wanting their own post-"Harry Potter" billion dollar franchise? "Green Lantern" was a misfire, but "Man of Steel" should setup a future "Justice League" nicely. There's just one problem: they're gonna need a new Batman. Get More »

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Zack Snyder: 'Man of Steel' to Come Before Any 'Justice League' Business

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

Looks like the "Man of Steel" will be getting a sequel faster than a speeding bullet ... or at least, faster than any "Justice League" composite, if director Zack Snyder has anything to do with it.*

To recap, ever since Marvel starting building their "cinematic universe," with stand-alone films introducing several major (and some not-so-major) superheroes, which crescendoed brilliantly with last summer's team-up movie "The Avengers," comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike have been wondering when Warner Bros., slinger of all-things-DC Comics, would adopt a similar approach. Get More »

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Take a Look at Heath Ledger's 'Dark Knight' Diary

It's a pretty uncontested fact that the late Heath Ledger delivered something insanely special when portrayed The Joker in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight."

Filling a crazed pair of shoes previously occupied by Jack Nicholson is no small feat for anyone, but Ledger managed to meet and well exceed all expectations for the twisty character and even went on to (deservedly) receive a posthumous Oscar for the wild performance. And there's a reason he was so good in the role: he worked his britches off to prepare.

In this video excerpt from a German documentary series called "Too Young to Die," the actor's father Kim Ledger introduces the world to the little-known diary he kept while readying himself for the movie.

Get More »

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Movie Cliché Du Jour: Bad Guys Getting Caught on Purpose

Star Trek Into Darkness Paramount


Generally speaking, bad guys are bad guys because they want to do bad things and get away with them, so if you see one get caught in the middle of a movie it usually means they've got an ace up their sleeve. Lately we've been seeing this trend of the bad guy getting caught on purpose (capture, interrogation, threat, destruction, escape) in big tentpole blockbusters, and either every copy of Final Draft has a glitch that automatically pastes that into a script … or folks are getting lazy. Get More »

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These Behind-the-Scenes Pics of Iconic Movie Moments Will Freak You Out

delorean-220 The Photo Mag

Ready for one of those "so that's how they did it" moments? Great. Strap in for the geeky ride.

As you might've figured out by now — you are smart enough to be visiting the raddest movie site on the web-o-sphere, after all — movies don't just appear out of thin air. A lot of technique, manpower and good old fashion ingenuity goes into making every single frame happen on-screen.

Some movies require more creativity and craftsmanship than others, of course, and with the most iconic movies in history, there's a lot to be explored about how these awesome flicks came to be. Get More »

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Patton Oswalt Teaches Batman About Death

The inimitable Patton Oswalt stars as the Penguin in this laugh-out-loud (I mean that in a literal way, not in a "standard adjective for funny" way; I laughed out loud while watching it) video from College Humor that co-stars fellow comedian Pete Holmes as the Caped Crusader.

In the video, the Penguin and Commissioner Gordon good-naturedly but futilely attempt to explain to Batman that his "one rule" — that he will not kill people — has actually been broken several times, before ultimately realizing that Batman has no actual grasp of the concept of death. Batman gruesomely kills multiple criminals mid-conversation without realizing that they are dead and not "asleep," which astounds both Gordon and the Penguin. Then things take a turn for the ultra-violent. Get More »

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