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Squirrel Superheroes Are the Highlight of Your Tuesday

Santiago-Perez at DeviantART Santiago-Perez at DeviantART

You guys, it is only Tuesday.

And Tuesday is almost worse than Monday because you're no longer rested up from the weekend — unless you were one of those select few peeps who got Columbus Day off — and yet there's still so much week left.

So, we here at the net's most entertaining film site would like to offer you a condolence laugh or two by way of a squirrel photoshopped into your favorite superheroes and other iconic film characters. Of course. Get More »

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Christian Bale's 'Batman Begins' Audition is Just as Amazing as You'd Expect

You might still be scratching your head over Ben Affleck being chosen as the next Batman, but there's a reason the role has become so sacrosanct to Batfans and normies alike these days. That reason, of course, is Christian Bale. Get More »

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'Out of the Furnace' Trailer: Christian Bale (Not Batman) to the Rescue

Christian Bale is back to his crime-fighting ways — some good 'ole fashioned sleuthing, tough guy threats and, of course, an intense mission to save a life. We know what you're thinking, so stop right there; it's totally not "The Dark Knight Rises ... Again." Rather, it's Bale's latest film "Out of the Furnace," the first trailer for which just dropped today.

Bale returns to the big screen as Russell Baze, a gritty, greasy mill worker living in the poverty-ridden Rust Belt town of Braddock, Pa. His brother Rodney (played by Ben Affleck's kid brother Casey Affleck) has just returned from fighting in Iraq, which should be the most joyous of occasions, right? Wrong. Turns out Rodney's a little short on cash and joins a crime ring led by Curtis DeGroat (a creepy-as-f*** Woody Harrelson) to settle his debt. Oh, and, Curtis does not play nice, so eventually Rodney ends up missing and Bale's Russell has to put on a brave face and save his brother. How's he going to do this without the bat cape and of those cool Wayne Enterprises' gadgets, you ask? Well, Russell here's an ex-con who has tattoos and lives by the sauce! He does not play, people!  Get More »

Our Superheroes Ranked From Least to Most Patriotic

Iron Patriot Marvel

One of the best things about "Iron Man 3" was the debut of Iron Patriot, which is basically a suit of Iron Man armor painted to look like the American flag. Seriously, just when you thought Iron Man couldn't get any cooler, this thing comes along, smashing evil ideologies with the fist of superhero righteousness. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Really, Rhodey's a one-man Fourth of July party in that get-up. Which got us thinking: who might be the ultimate Independence Day superhero? Get More »

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Why Must Every Action Movie Have Multiple Endings?

Man of Steel Warner Bros.


By not simply rolling to "The End," "They all lived happily ever after," etc. after Frodo made a three-pointer chucking The One Ring into Mount Doom, Peter Jackson set a pretty bad precedent in "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." Every time it seemed like all was well and we were fading to credits, another five-minute scene would roll in. Toss in a few Oscars and you've got a bunch of blockbuster directors wanting to add 20 endings to their genre films, too. Get More »

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What Probably Happened After These 9 Movies Ended

When a movie is so good that it completely pulls you into its universe, it's only natural to wonder what must have happened after the credits rolled.

Thankfully, we've followed some of your favorite movies through to their logical next steps so that when you watch them again on DVD or at their inevitable 3-D re-release, you won't have to waste mental energy asking questions like "Whatever happened to that guy?" and can move on to more important stuff like "What's the meaning of life?" and "Who the hell ate my Girl Scout cookies?"

Check out the illustrated speculations below, courtesy of our pal Old Red Jalopy.

'Die Hard' (1988)

After Die Hard Get More »

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Patton Oswalt Teaches Batman About Death

The inimitable Patton Oswalt stars as the Penguin in this laugh-out-loud (I mean that in a literal way, not in a "standard adjective for funny" way; I laughed out loud while watching it) video from College Humor that co-stars fellow comedian Pete Holmes as the Caped Crusader.

In the video, the Penguin and Commissioner Gordon good-naturedly but futilely attempt to explain to Batman that his "one rule" — that he will not kill people — has actually been broken several times, before ultimately realizing that Batman has no actual grasp of the concept of death. Batman gruesomely kills multiple criminals mid-conversation without realizing that they are dead and not "asleep," which astounds both Gordon and the Penguin. Then things take a turn for the ultra-violent. Get More »

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MTV Movie Awards: Best Male Shirtless Performance Nominees Strip for Your Vote

Juicy. Firm. Luscious.

Guys, we're not talking about a piece of fruit! (Though fruit is a nutritious snack that can often be described by the above adjectives.) Uh-uh, we're thinking more along the lines of abs than apples. Particularly, the abdominal regions of our 2013 MTV Movie Awards Best Shirtless Performance nominees. Which nominee will dance away with the Golden Popcorn in this brand new category on Sunday night? Get More »

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Batman Stars in All Your Favorite Movies

Everybody has at least one friend who is obsessed with Batman. They collect the comics, put the pointy ears and cape on for Halloween, or watch "The Dark Knight" like it's their job.

There's probably a part of these incurable obsessives that wishes either A) they could live in Wayne Manor with Alfred or B) that Batman was in every movie, and luckily that second fantasy has been fulfilled with the YouTube vid "Batman in Classic Movie Scenes." Get More »

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The 25 Best Movie-Inspired Graffiti Pieces

Some people spend most of their time in front of a computer ... and others go out and do stuff like this.

Behold some of the most elaborate and large-scale movie-themed fan art you'll ever see, most of it created under cover of night with a few spray cans and a seething desire to create ... or at least conjure stunning portraits of Neo, Freddy Krueger, Yoda, the Dude and other pop culture icons that shape our everyday lives. If only all walls were this cool.

The Avengers

[World of Superheroes] Get More »

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