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6 Craigslist Ads for Movie Babysitters

The Sitter
20th Century Fox

In "The Sitter" (now on DVD and Blu-ray) Jonah Hill has his hands full when he takes on a babysitting gig and ends up running all over New York City with his charges in tow.

Just a guess, but it's possible that the kids' parents didn't quite have that in mind when they hired him. Perhaps they would have done better looking for a sitter on Craigslist? Based on these ads that other fictional babysitters might have posted -- helpfully provided by our friend Old Red Jalopy -- well, hmm, maybe not.
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Dr. Seuss' 'The Cat in the Hat' … Comes Back?

The Cat in the Hat
Random House

What happens when "The Lorax" scores the biggest opening of 2012 to date (and took the #1 box office spot in its second week as well)? You start planning for more Dr. Seuss movies, that's what!

However, Universal and Illumination Entertainment aren't turning to "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish," "Green Eggs and Ham" or even "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" for their next animated Seussian adaptation. They've got their eye on what might be the most popular Seuss story of all time (next to "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"), "The Cat in the Hat," according to Deadline. Get More »

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