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Talking With Bret Easton Ellis About Feminism and Lindsay Lohan

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Talk about "The Canyons," Paul Schrader's new film starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen, has been nearly unavoidable, even though you'd be hard pressed to find the movie on a big screen. (It debuted on VOD and in select theaters in New York last week, and opens in Los Angeles this weekend.) Almost as controversial as the sex and violence-filled unrated film itself is its screenwriter, Bret Easton Ellis.

Perhaps equally known for his writing ("American Psycho") and his penchant for inflammatory remarks (remember when he said that "Zero Dark Thirty" was receiving attention just because director Kathryn Bigelow was a "very hot woman"?), Ellis, 49, has staked out what seems to be a permanent corner of the spotlight on literary terrain.

NextMovie called up Ellis this week to talk about paranoia, Lindsay Lohan and whether "The Canyons" is feminist. Get More »

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Live-Blogging Lindsay Lohan's Return in 'The Canyons'

The Canyons IFC Films

From the initial Kickstarter campaign launched by scribe Bret Easton Ellis and director Paul Schrader to the bizarre, somewhat sad, incredibly well-written profile of the film's troubles in New York Times Magazine, I've been compelled by what "The Canyons" might turn out to be off and on for the past year. Could the long-maligned Schrader, who once upon a time wrote "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull," score an unlikely directing comeback? Could teen mom special friend James Deen make the transition from porn star to legitimate actor? Get More »

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This Weekend's Movie Math: '2 Guns' and a Lohan

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We get it: At this point, text can be a little much. It's been a whole week of week, man, and the computer screen is swimming in front of our faces just as much as it is yours. It's time to let your mind wander beyond the constraints of the weekday and dip into the weekend.

If you're anything like us, that means you're yearning for the air-conditioned climes of the movie theater right about now. (New Yorkers, ask us about the absurdly awesome theater uptown we just found out about. Two keywords: Reclining seats.) This weekend brings us a little something for everyone: A tale of high school love and alcoholism in "The Spectacular Now," explosions and muscles galore in "2 Guns," and, in limited New York release, La Lohan's triumphant return to the big screen in "The Canyons."

Your mother always told you math would be important, we're just here to prove her right. To get the equations for this week's new releases, read on. Get More »

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'The Canyons' Trailer: Lindsay Lohan, A Porn Star, Dubstep

WOMP-WOMP! Can't imagine Skrillex will be showing up in this movie the way he cameo'd in "Wreck-it-Ralph," but the new trailer for "The Canyons" gets its dubstep on nevertheless. Get More »

Porn Star James Deen Offered his Own Part in X-rated 'Canyons' Parody


We should've seen this coming.

Porn star James Deen, who took his first dive into acting on the shallow end of the ratings alphabet opposite Lindsay Lohan for "The Canyons," has now reportedly been offered the chance to play his own character in an upcoming X-rated parody of the film. Not only that, but he's also been given a chance to take the director's chair for the movie.

A moment to process? Sure. Get More »

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'The Canyons' Porn Star Says Lindsay Lohan's Intentions are 'Fine'

Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons Canyons

When it comes to Lindsay Lohan, there's no denying that the career damage has long been done, and that New York Times exposé of all her rampant hissy fits on the set of "The Canyons" only served to justify the world's vitriol — and pity — for her self-destructive ways.

Porn star-turned-actor James Deen, whose victimization at the hands of Lohan has been well-documented, has spoken up to admit he pretty much agrees she's intolerable and horrible to work with, but he also maintained that deep, deep down — we're talkin' Mariana's Trench here — her intentions are, well, "fine." Get More »

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Watch Lindsay Lohan Get Out-Acted By a Porn Star in 'The Canyons' Clip

Forget the cliché term "trainwreck," since the new Lindsay Lohan vehicle "The Canyons" is starting to look like a yacht got eaten by a shark which got hit by a car which caused a trainwreck that was blown up by missiles, and then a plane fell on it.

In other words, it's bad, and we've got a new three-minute clip as our pudding of proof.

The clip features Lilo and her increasingly Muppet-like features going about some luxurious Malibu mansion looking for her cell phone, which leads to an unexpected (or is that unmotivated?) explosion from porn star James Deen as her boyfriend.

Since this scene contains very little in the way of dialogue, we're guessing that Lohan's bizarre behavior on set (as chronicled in a recent New York Times exposé) didn't translate into a brilliant, Meryl Streep-like performance. It's trivial anyway, since Lilo will, in all likelihood, be having brunch with Brittany Murphy any day now, if you know what we mean.

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The 10 Best Tidbits From the NY Times Lilo Article

Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons Canyons

Hey, at least the movie got made, right?

Lindsay Lohan emerges as a whole new kind of train wreck thanks to an extremely detailed and revealing article that was published today in the New York Times. Ace reporter Stephen Rodrick delivers a lengthy but utterly fascinating read about "Taxi Driver" and "Raging Bull" screenwriter Paul Schrader, Twitter bully Bret Easton Ellis, porn superstar James Deen and everyone's favorite former Disney princess coming together to make "The Canyons," a microbudgeted sex-and-drugs odyssey funded mostly by a Kickstarter campaign. Get More »

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Lindsay Lohan Hits Rock Bottom in 'The Canyons'


Lindsay Lohan has had her ups and downs, to put it very mildly. It may be hard to remember now, but once upon a time she was considered to be one of Hollywood's brightest and most promising young talents before her offscreen antics and tabloid escapades derailed her career.

Now she's trying to forge a comeback — and as this brand new trailer shows, if Li-Lo wants to reach the heights again, first she has to survive "The Canyons."
Get More »

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Lindsay Lohan Heading to 'The Canyons' With a Porn Star

Lindsay Lohan
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Ah, Lindsay Lohan, a girl who's always in the news though rarely for any good reason. But this time, at least it's because she's landed a new movie. With a porn star, no less.

It's easy to forget that she's an actress and not some errant heiress running amok and causing mischief in Hollywood. Even still, she's said she wants an Oscar by the age of 30, so she'll have to actually make some movies in between court sessions to get her way.

Lucky for her, according to The Wrap, she's found a group of filmmakers who want her for their movie. Yep, Lilo's the girl for Bret Easton Ellis' "The Canyons," a new thriller brainchild of the "American Psycho" writer, co-starring renowned adult film actor James Deen. Get More »

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