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Will We Finally See 'The Book of Mormon' on the Big Screen?

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The Latter-Day Saints probably aren't going to be too happy about this one.

"South Park's" dynamic duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone are ready to make movie mischief once again, and this time their target is "The Book of Mormon."

The movie adaptation of the much-applauded musical has been long rumored, but this time it seems a little more legit: Parker and Stone have announced their plans to develop their very own little - big, actually, since they've reportedly got $300 million to play with - Important Studio, and project number one on their list is an adaptation of their satirical smash Broadway musical. Get More »

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'Animal House' Is Relocating to Broadway

Animal House

If you're like us, every time you watch the John Belushi classic "National Lampoon's Animal House," you probably think to yourself, "This is great, but if only it had a score written by the Barenaked Ladies."

Well, guess the F what.

Yes, the day you never expected to see -- mainly because it's pretty hard to predict something quite this weird -- is here. Get More »

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