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Link Riot: What News Headlines Would Look Like if 'The Avengers' Were Real

• These are what news headlines would look like in a world with The Avengers. [Nerd Approved]

• How Brad Pitt's refusal to make bad movies has changed movie stardom. []

• Did you know that Michael Cera is a serious actor now? Seriously. [The Blemish]

• An open apology to the 'Harry Potter' fandom. [Hypable]

• How to tell 'White House Down' and 'Olympus Has Fallen' apart. [ScreenCrush]

• These new 'Enders Game' propaganda posters mark 3 major plot points in the movie. [/Film]

• Check out these newly released behind-the-scenes photos from 'Iron Man 3.' [Comic Book Movie]

• Kermit the Frog murders Gonzo is this illustration inspired by 'Drive.' [Dan LuVisiArt Deviant Art]

• This is the problem with the Internet's brand of fandom. [Videogum]

• These movie directors got their start doing music videos. [BuzzFeed]

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'Thanks for Sharing' Trailer: Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow Are Sex Addicts

Considering how tight Tony Stark and Bruce Banner were by the end of "Marvel's The Avengers," Iron Man can't be psyched about the Hulk hooking up with Pepper Potts.

Wait, right, Marvel superheroes aren't real. These are actors.

Mark Ruffalo returns to his indie roots in "Thanks for Sharing," starring opposite Gwyneth Paltrow as a pair of sex addicts trying to figure out how to have a normal relationship. Get More »

Loki Won't Be Avenging Anything in 'Avengers 2'

Loki in 'The Avengers' Marvel

Another hit for the Hiddlestoners: it looks like Loki won't be back to his badboy antics in time for "The Avengers 2."

Director Joss Whedon spoke to Empire Magazine about some of his plans for the second "Avengers" installment, and it was not good news for Tom Hiddleston, who also recently lost out on leading up that reimagination of "The Crow" despite some over-the-top effort on his part.

Get More »

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Bat Bummer: Christian Bale Won't Be In 'Justice League'

Justice League Alex Ross/DC Comics

We all know that Warner Bros. has high hopes for "Man of Steel," especially after losing money on the last Superman reboot.

With "Marvel's The Avengers" and "Iron Man 3" both joining the billion dollar club, who could blame the studio that owns all of the DC Comics Universe characters for wanting their own post-"Harry Potter" billion dollar franchise? "Green Lantern" was a misfire, but "Man of Steel" should setup a future "Justice League" nicely. There's just one problem: they're gonna need a new Batman. Get More »

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Evan Peters Cast As Quicksilver in 'X-Men': What Does This Mean for 'The Avengers'?

Getty Images Getty Images

According to director Brian Singer's Twitter feed, "American Horror Story" star Evan Peters has just signed on to play Pietro Maximoff, aka the mutant superhero known as Quicksilver, in Singer's 2014 comic book epic "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Just one problem: Joss Whedon has already revealed that Quicksilver is going to appear in 2015's "The Avengers 2."

Uh oh, you guys. Get More »

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Movie Cliché Du Jour: Bad Guys Getting Caught on Purpose

Star Trek Into Darkness Paramount


Generally speaking, bad guys are bad guys because they want to do bad things and get away with them, so if you see one get caught in the middle of a movie it usually means they've got an ace up their sleeve. Lately we've been seeing this trend of the bad guy getting caught on purpose (capture, interrogation, threat, destruction, escape) in big tentpole blockbusters, and either every copy of Final Draft has a glitch that automatically pastes that into a script … or folks are getting lazy. Get More »

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'Iron Man 3': The Story Behind Mark Ruffalo's Top Secret Cameo

[From MTV NewsAs with all of Marvel's movies, "Iron Man 3" ended with an Easter egg — this time, a little button of a scene between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and a decidedly unengaged Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), as the eponymous superhero recounts his post-"Avengers" experiences.

According to Mark Ruffalo, that scene was conceived and abandoned at least once before time actually came to film it. Get More »

Marvel Unveils First 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Promo

For the past decade or so, critics and fans have put forth the theory that we are living in a new Golden Age of Television thanks to acclaimed shows like "The Sopranos," "The Wire," "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men." But if that's the case, then it looks like we just got upgraded to the Diamond Age, because ABC has officially picked up the coolest TV show ever conceived, "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

And thanks to YouTube, we've got the first promo spot right here.

Avengers, assemble! Get More »

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The 15+ Cutest 'Iron' Kids in the World

YouTube YouTube

Cosplay is always pretty awesome, but when people fuse their little ones with "Iron Man" it's a heart-melting metallurgical masterpiece indeed.

Tony Stark's in for some real trouble when his new foe The Mandarin traipses into town for "Iron Man Three," so things are bound to get pretty heavy with all the disaster-wreaking and revenge-seeking going down in theaters this weekend.

So, to energize the lighter side of things, as it were, here the absolute most smile-worthy "Iron" kids (no, not the vitamins, silly) ever. Brace for cuteness overload. Get More »

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Watch Marvel's Phase One In Three Minutes

In case you missed the memo, "Iron Man 3" hits theaters today. And not only does it feature Robert Downey Jr. once again kicking butt and slinging quips at the speed of light, it also signifies something more important: The beginning of Marvel's highly anticipated Phase Two.

So what better time than now to check out this sweet YouTube tribute to the awesomeness of Marvel's Phase One? Get More »

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