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9 Blockbusters Recast With Old School Action Figures

Admit it — when you watch the various Hollywood blockbusters that turn some of your favorite childhood toys into a big-screen extravaganzas, this is what you're picturing in your head.

You no doubt remember the action figure poster we conjured for "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" earlier this spring. Reworking the latest cinematic Yo Joe adventure as a showcase for our old toy collection made it the first movie with swivel-arm battle grip. Now, we're taking that several steps further and reimagining several Hollywood action tentpoles trading the flesh-and-blood actors for plastic.

Think about it: They don't eat, need breaks or demand $20 million paychecks. We could be on to something here.

Man of Steel Get More »

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Liam Neeson’s 9 Most Badass Movie Moments

Liam Neeson in "Taken 2" Fox

Liam Neeson has played thoughtful and sensitive in movies like "Kinsey," or romantic in "Love Actually," but we love him best when he's slinging swords or kicking butt.

Since he's reprising his role of ex-CIA man Bryan Mills in this week's rip-roaring sequel "Taken 2," we thought we'd refresh your memory on just how big of a badass this 60-year-old Irishman really is before you watch him blow away Albanians for two hours. Get More »

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Plan For 'The A-Team' Sequel Doesn't Come Together

Bradley Cooper in "The A-Team"

Hannibal, B.A., Mad Murdock, & Faceman love it when a plan comes together, but what about when a plan utterly screws the pooch?

That's the unfortunate situation after the gleefully stupid-fun of last summer's TV-to-film adapation of "The A-Team" learned the harsh difference between a box-office explosion and a crash-and-burn. Get More »

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My Favorite Movie of 2010: Sharlto Copley

Getty Images / Warner Bros.

"This year, without question, my favorite movie was 'Inception.'

"Why? I love it when someone is able to make an original film that hits huge numbers of people. That really gets to me. 'District 9' did it in a way, and 'Inception' did it in a massive way. I really enjoyed it."

Sharlto Copley plays Murdock in "The A-Team," which is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray, and will next appear in "Men in Black 3."

More Favorite Movies of 2010: Matthew Bomer | Executive Editor Kevin Polowy | Senior Editor Breanne L. Heldman | Senior Editor Brooke Tarnoff

Enter to Win ‘The A-Team’ on DVD!

"The A-Team" DVD cover

Ready for an adrenaline rush?!

'Tis the season of giving! NextMovie would like to extend a little holiday cheer by giving away three DVDs to celebrate the release of "The A-Team."

Inspired by the 1980s television series, "The A-Team" has been revamped with more action, more stunts and, most importantly, sexier stars. Yep, we're giving you a little Jessica Biel and Bradley Cooper for the holidays. You're welcome. Get More »

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Exclusive Q&A: Lifelong 'A-Team' Gang Member (and Possible Cat Thief) Sharlto Copley

Getty Images

Sharlto Copley is a South African actor best known for his role as Wikus van de Merwe—the man tasked with relocating angry alien prawns in the Oscar-nominated sci-fi sensation "District 9." Recently, Copley jumped at the chance to play loony helicopter pilot H.M. Murdock in the big-screen adaptation of "The A-Team," which comes out on DVD and Blu-ray this week.

We sat down with Copley and chatted to the friendly, fast-talking actor about growing up with "The A-Team" TV show, why he almost made original Murdock actor Dwight Schultz cry, and what the least manly thing this star of a red-meat action film has done lately. Get More »

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The 2010 Summer Movie Awards

Inception / Toy Story 3
Warner Bros. / Disney

Summer 2010 started with neither a bang nor a whimper – more like a "meh." Highly anticipated blockbusters fizzled with both critics and moviegoers, leaving some feeling like the dogs days of summer were arriving even before its solstice.

Then came June and July.

We laughed, we cried at "Toy Story 3." We had our minds blown by "Inception." And we were happy to report that "Eclipse" was the best "Twilight" movie by a landslide. Get More »

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