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Does 'The 40 Year-Old Virgin' Still Hold Up?

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The 9 Best Pee Scenes in Movies

Millennium Entertainment

At this year's Cannes Film Festival, a steady stream of chatter swirled around "The Paperboy" due to a scene in which Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron's face.

"Dear Lord, why?" you might ask. Well, aside from the fact that an Oscar winner urinating on your head grants you thespian superpowers and cures migraines, the starlet's saintly spray also cured the searing pain of a jellyfish sting.

We're sure you're all now bursting to witness this degrading spectacle, and, thankfully, "The Paperboy" opens in select theaters this Friday. So while waiting to go — and you gotta go — let's revisit some timeless tinkles from tinseltown. Because while these golden moments might be listed as our Top 9, but they're all  #1 in our book. Get More »

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Elizabeth Banks' 7 Most Effie-Like Roles


"The Hunger Games" star Elizabeth Banks has a very Effie Trinket-esque — only, add a sense of humor — role in the upcoming sing-off flick "Pitch Perfect." For the "Clueless" meets "Glee" meets "Bring It On" movie, Banks serves as a producer and an actress, which means fans will get to see her work her magic with hilarious one-liners starting this Friday.

When it comes to these types of zany roles, Banks is on point at every turn, so, to celebrate her latest we decided to hash out some of her quirkiest, most Effie-like portrayals to-date. Get More »

Jonah Hill's 9 Funniest Moments

Jonah Hill in The Sitter
20th Century Fox

With only a few leading roles under his belt, 27-year-old Jonah Hill has secured his place as one of young Hollywood's top funnymen by crafting characters who are crude, horny yet eerily relatable to most audiences.

His recent move to dramatic fare like “Moneyball” -- and his even more dramatic weight loss -- hasn't robbed him of his comedic talents (see "21 Jump Street" trailer); and with "The Sitter," we see Hill in his usual form. Yes, he shot it before losing the weight, but we mean his knack for being playfully offensive while also portraying a lovable guy next door.

In only six years, Hill has compiled an impressive number of funny moments on screen. Here we take a look at his top nine (warning: some videos are NSFW). Get More »

Drunk People Are Hilarious: The Mashup

Animal House

We at NextMovie don't condone drinking to excess. No sir. Nuh-uh. Alcohol is bad, mmkay?

That said, while watching people get drunk in real life isn't always a barrel of laughs (ever been to a St. Patrick's Day parade?), watching people in movies get drunk can be downright hilarious.

They fall on their faces! They say and do crazy things! (Bless you, Will Ferrell, you are indeed going streaking.) They're far more entertaining -- and infinitely more clever -- than your buddy Joe after he's broken open a bottle of tequila. Get More »

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The 25 Funniest Movies Ever... This Millennium


Everyone has their own personal favorite genre, but comedy is arguably the most universal. Have you ever met someone who's said, "I don't like to laugh"? Neither have we.

The past decade has seen filmmakers like Adam McKay and Judd Apatow rise from obscurity onto the A-list, while actors like Seth Rogen and Zach Galifianakis have gone from esoteric television shows to big-budget movies.

But enough talk. Read. Argue. Yell at us. You can debate the order of these films all you want, but you can't deny the humor of any of them. Get More »

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Our 9 Favorite (Movie) Virgins


Virginity. It's the biggest thing you've ever lost… or will lose (just hang in there).

In some cultures, parents of a new bride will parade her sheets through town to prove the honeymoon night is her first time. Luckily, in America, we opt for our public displays of virginity and the loss thereof to be portrayed fictionally on film.

The latest to join the ranks are this month's "The Virginity Hit" and "Easy A." Get More »

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