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Enter for the Chance to Win a Scary Awesome 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Prize Pack

Don't turn around — it's right behind you.

An awesome "Texas Chainsaw 3D" prize pack, that is. To celebrate the Jan. 4 release of the latest installment in the bloodcurdling "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" horror franchise, starring Alexandra Daddario, NextMovie is offering two lucky winners the chance to win horrifyingly cool prize packs. Get More »

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9 Movie Families You Wouldn't Want to Spend Thanksgiving With

The Shining Warner Bros.

Ah, Thanksgiving: the time of year we pause, count our blessings and enjoy time with the family try not to murder our loved ones.

While it's true that most of us go into this holiday with only the best of intentions, it seems few of us escape the sit-down dinner with our nearest and dearest unscathed. Uncle Rick had too many cocktails. Mom forgot to turn on the oven. Someone threw the raw turkey through a picture window. Okay, maybe that's less common than we'd like to think. Get More »

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