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Andy Samberg And Terry Crews Will Do Anything Together...Anything

Andy Samberg and Terry Crews are no strangers to comedy, or to each other. The two paired up for the new TV cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and you can hear both of their voices in "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2." Unfortunately for Terry, he had to record his lines for the sequel, in which he replaces Mr. T, all alone, while according to Samberg, "Me and Bill [Hader] and Anna [Faris], we were hanging out all the time in the studio...Terry, good luck buddy!" Get More »

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Sylvester Stallone Movie Turns to Kickstarter to Finish

Sylvester Stallone Getty Images

Ah, Hollywood people problems. As you probably know, film investors rarely have a household name outside of the biz the way that the stars and most esteemed directors do, but it's their stacks of cash that make the production world go 'round. Actors are replaceable, and — as we saw with the wild west that was the set of "Jane Got a Gun" — even directors come and go. But the money people, they are the clutch and if they pull the plug, well, it's quittin' time for everybody.

But "Reach Me" director John Herzfeld, with the help of his long-time pal and central star Sylvester Stallone, aims to finish what he started on this passion project and raise the funds needed to make up for what a runaway investor has lost them by way of a Kickstarter campaign. Get More »

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New 'Cloudy 2' Trailer: Now That's What We Call a Food Fight

There's a reason this thing was originally set to be titled "Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers": those foodimals can be finger lickin' fierce!

Check out the Sony Pictures' international trailer for "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2," showcasing more of Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) and his, um, epicurean adventures. The wacky inventor's oh-so-pesky machine — the "FLDSMDFR," short for "Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator" — is still bent on causing global catastrophe (with gravy on top of the food mountain!). Get More »

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Are These Famous Movie Presidents Democrats or Republicans?

White House Down Columbia Pictures

It's only been a few months since President Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term and already some folks are starting to handicap the 2016 presidential race. In the  battle between the Democrats and the Republicans, there's no such thing as a clear winner, because the contest never ends.

Until now, that is, because we're about to declare a winner when we reveal which of your favorite movie presidents are Democrats and which are Republicans. Get More »

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5 Things We Learned at the 'Cloudy 2' Sneak Peek

Sony Pictures Animation Sony Pictures Animation

Heads up: The forecast is calling for meatballs once again this fall.

In "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2," Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader), Sam Sparks (Anna Faris), Brent McHale (Andy Samberg), Steve the (mentally unstable) Monkey (Neil Patrick Harris) and the rest of the team reunite for a battle of epic pro-portions September 27.

We got a special sneak peek of the film -- including never-before-seen footage and a presentation from directors Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn -- so we're serving up five nuggets we digested from the experience. Get More »

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The 9 Most Jacked Dudes in Hollywood

Pain & Gain Paramount

Most of us understand that as we age, it's important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Go for a jog (or a "yog" if you're Ron Burgundy) once in a while. Maybe opt for a salad sometimes instead of a few slices of pizza. If you work at a desk, perhaps you make sure you walk around your office for five minutes every hour. Feel that burn.

Then there are others who take that notion to extreme lengths, who hear "maintain a healthy and active lifestyle" and think "lift enough weights every day of my life to tear a horse in half with my bare hands and have a laughing fit in its blood." Get More »

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Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan In Bed? Now That's A Truly 'Scary' Trailer

Dimension Films

In Hollywood, there's often a fine line between good-natured parody and outright exploitation. You know, should a down-on-their-luck star take the potentially embarrassing "Celebrity Apprentice" gig or not? It can be a real grey area.

Luckily for us, though, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan still haven't figured out the difference, which is probably why they both have such a large presence in the new trailer for "Scary Movie V."

Hey, if you can't get people to laugh with you, at least you can still get them to laugh at you. Get More »

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Lock and Load With Three 'Expendables 2' Clips

Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone in "The Expendables 2"

The boys are back, and this time they brought some big reinforcements as "The Expendables 2" torpedoes its way into theaters.

Sylvester Stallone's mercenary-for-hire Barney Ross has the old (in some cases very old) team from the first film including Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews. Lending him an assist this time around are his former Planet Hollywood compatriots Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with "Delta Force" captain Chuck Norris and "Hunger Games" heartthrob Liam Hemsworth, all to do battle against Jean-Claude Van Damme. It's a veritable action lover's wet dream! Get More »

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'The Expendables 2' Cast: Who's the Most Badass?

"The Expendables 2" Cast

What happens when you put the greatest action heroes of all time into one movie? You get the epic explosion of badassery that is "The Expendables 2."

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Jean-Claude Van Damme lead this sequel to the successful 2010 action film about a band of hired mercenaries. Although they're one cohesive unit, with so much testosterone gathered in one movie, we couldn't help but pit these actors against each other to see who can really be considered the most badass, based on their fighting style, muscle mass, studliness, weapons expertise and one-liners from their entire filmographies.

Whether they're a martial arts master, a skilled sniper or a bodacious bodybuilder, read on to see who's really the least expendable of "The Expendables 2" cast. Get More »

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Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Get the Ax in 'Scary Movie 5'

Lindsay Lohan
Getty Images

We were excited to learn that headline-grabbers Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were joining forces for what is bound to be the most killer cameo of 2013, but we didn't know just how "killer" it would be until now.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Lohan and Sheen's appearance in "Scary Movie 5" as "the world's hottest new couple" will end with both of them probably getting the ax within the first few minutes. Get More »

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