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He'll Be Back: New 'Terminator' Trilogy Officially Begins in 2015


With both Dwayne "Please Stop Calling Me The Rock" Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly, maybe, probably in the mix for the next installment of the "Terminator" franchise, this one under the control of art house messiah Megan Ellison ("The Master," "Spring Breakers"), it was only a matter of time before more official-sounding details for the proposed film emerged like a robot hand from a lake of lava. And now it has.

Paramount has announced that  "Terminator 5" (they lost the "the," by the way) will be a complete reboot and the first part of a stand-alone trilogy. Let that sink in for a second. Surprised at all? Yeah, us neither. Get More »

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Link Riot: Full Scale T-800 Terminator Made Out of Legos

• Someone made a full scale T-800 Terminator out of Legos. Amazing. [Gizmodo]

• Everything that you need to know about 'After Earth' can be learned from the reviews. [FilmDrunk]

• 'Girls' isn't the first and won't be the last. Porn parodies are here to stay. []

• 'Finding Nemo' is 10 years old. Here's 25 things you didn't know about it. [Moviefone]

• Do you think any of these actresses could pull off playing Hilary Clinton? [BuzzSugar]

• Grumpy cat is only the beginning. These other memes are worthy of movie adaptations. [Hollywire]

• Check out these photos of props from 'The Mortal Instruments.' [Hypable]

• Has anyone ever listened to the commentary in 'Independence Day?' Here's 25 things that was learned from it. [Film School Rejects]

• These movies were so confusing. Seriously, what the eff happened? [ScreenCrush]

• Oh you have the antidote handy? Here's 14 movie villain cliches that should go away. [Buzzfeed]

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What the Apocalypse Looks Like: 1927-2013

Oblivion Universal

Apocalyptic and dystopian stories have always intrigued us. If societal structure was to break down, the void left behind would expose the basest of human impulses. And over the last century, movies have taken a sick sort of pleasure in showing us what the worst case scenario might look like, with ominous features of the future mirroring the most pressing concerns of the present.

Seeing as how Tom Cruise's new film "Oblivion" is opening in the not-too-distant-future (April 19), we're taking a look back at pessimistic looks forward. Get More »

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50 Upcoming Movie Sequels (Yep, 50)

Army of Darkness Universal

Sequels are awesome, plain and simple. Returning to familiar characters and worlds we love is like covering yourself with a warm blanket, although when a sequel is bad it can be like a blanket covered in potato bugs and lice. Studios love sequels because seven times out of ten they open huge, no matter how good they are. Get More »

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Go Inside Your Favorite Cyborgs (Anatomically Speaking)

Artist Josh Ln wants to know what's going on inside your favorite cyborgs. Well, okay, not necessarily the brains, but in his "Decommissioned" series on his Society6 page, Ln has created original art that details what the anatomy of these iconic characters looks like, piece by piece. Get More »

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He'll Be Back: Schwarzenegger Returns to 'Terminator' Series

Terminator MGM

It feels like ages ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger made his most famous promise (no, not the one to Maria Shriver) when he declared, "I'll be back." Well, it turns out he might just be a man of his word after all—at least when it comes to his career. The actor-turned-politician-turned-actor is, indeed, coming back… to his most famous role, that is.

During a press conference in London for "The Last Stand," Schwarzenegger revealed that he will appear in the next "Terminator" film, which is currently being developed by producer David Ellison, Bleeding Cool reports. Get More »

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When Fandom Goes Wrong: High School Principal Suspended Over 'Terminator' Parody

The Terminator Warner Bros.

It's cool being a hardcore fan of something — "Star Wars," Robert Downey Jr., Gerard Butler romcoms (okay, just kidding, nobody is a fan of those) — but fandom can have its downsides. Many fans, for instance, sometimes have a hard time objectively seeing the positives and negatives of the thing they love so much.

Case in point: A Massachusetts high school principal has just been suspended for two days after introducing himself to his new student body by means of a really bizarre "Terminator" parody. Get More »

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Forget Cyber Monday — Happy Cyborg Monday!

Cyber Monday? Put away your wallet and forget about online shopping for a few minutes.

Yes, avid online shoppers are still on their post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping blitz, scouting out the best Cyber Monday deals, but movie lovers have their own special day to celebrate: Cyborg Monday.

Today is a day to give thanks for all your favorite cinematic cyborgs: The Terminator, R2-D2, Andrew Martin (remember "Bicentennial Man"?) — even WALL-E can get in on this action. So pop in your favorite robot movie, make yourself a tinfoil hat, talk in a robot voice, whatever you need to do.

Happy Cyborg Monday, from your friends at NextMovie!

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9 Movie Moms We Wish Were Ours

Easy A

We love our mothers. We wouldn't be here without them. As the years tick by, we become grateful for all the stuff that Mom bugged us about at the time – eating our vegetables, not sitting too close to the television, wearing warm clothes, paying attention in school, etc.

But sometimes, we wish our moms were a little cooler, and more like the ones we see in movies. Our moms grounded us for calling people names and wouldn't let us go to concerts. Movie moms fought killer robots, let their sons tour with rock bands... Our moms freaked out if we got home late, but movie moms are just glad you survived your fight with an evil wizard or supervillain. Get More »

The 9 Baddest Muthas In Movies

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol. 1

If there's one rule governing the animal kingdom, it's this: You do not mess with Mom. Ever. If you come between a mama and her cub, you will lose. They're the most terrifying force in the animal kingdom, and they'll do anything to protect their babies.

Of course, you don't need science to tell you that. You know Mom can always be counted on to swoop in like a cookie-baking Batman, knock out a bully, and take you home for story time. (That reminds us, have you bought her a present yet?)

Movies may not get a lot right (physics, romance, book adaptations), but for the most part, they do right by moms. Especially tough moms. Cinema is packed with gun-toting, take-no-prisoners, willing-to-die mothers, and they're all so inspiring that we hated cutting it off at 9. But we did, and here are the Baddest Muthas in Movies. Add your own at #10. Get More »

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