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MASHUP: Cars Crashing Into Weird Things

Put on your seatbelt, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

There's nothing we love more than a good car crash. Something about the metal-on-metal action triggers the daredevil in us, makes us stare in awe and glee at the wreckage. But as car crashes became more common, directors had to figure out more and more inventive ways of redefining the car crash game. Simply put, cars sometimes crash into the darndest things.

Ever wanted to see a car blow up a helicopter? "Live Free or Die Hard" has you covered. Michael Bay makes sure no fruit stand or water canisters are safe in "The Rock," while "Cannonball Run" gets its cars to cool off by taking a nice dip in the pool. You'll see all that and plenty more in the our mashup, compiled by Avaryl Halley. Be sure to watch till the end, which proves cars can truly crash through anything. And next time you get behind the wheel, remember: no texting, cause if you're not paying attention, this could happen to you.

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Supercut: Denzel Washington Guarantees He'll Make...Guarantees

Ahhh, Denzel Washington — we've seen him play almost every role under the sun. From a tough-as-nails veteran railroad engineer to an ambitious, and still pretty tough-as-nails, football coach, Washington is not a stranger to role diversity.

But one thing you can almost guarantee in a Washington film is him making...well, guarantees. And lots of them. Whether he's insulting a group of rowdy footballers or reassuring a 10-year-old Dakota Fanning, Washington has a penchant for promising and — more often than not — literally saying the phrase "I guarantee." We guarantee it (puns, puns, puns!). Get More »

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Every Movie Reference in 'The Office'

From Jim and Andy singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to Michael Scott putting his own spin on the classic "Airplane" quote, "The Office" is so littered with movie references that it seems impossible to keep up with all of them. Get More »

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BOOM! Goes The White House (in Film)

For those of you who aren't necessarily as sensitive as we are, seeing The White House — the bastion of American freedom — blown to smithereens onscreen can be a real treat. But it's been a common trope in American film for years, which isn't to say that filmmakers are hellbent on turning terrorist attacks into campy fodder, but stranger things have happened. Get More »

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Hoo-Ah, It's a Supercut of Al Pacino Noises

Suffice it to say, there is no one like Al Pacino. From "Scarface" to "Serpico," "Dog Day Afternoon" to "Scent of a Woman," he is the actor's actor, a one-man powerhouse who has clocked over a half-dozen Oscar nominations, and whose performance are always unshakable (and, yes, we've forgiven him for "Jack and Jill." Ish). Get More »

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Ring in Easter With a Supercut of Bunnies in Film

No holiday can go by these days without seeing its share of timing-specific supercuts. And, of course, that includes Easter, the holiday that reminds us that colored eggs are delicious, the best candy gets released in spring, and giant bunnies (well, bunnies of all kinds, but, specifically, giant bunnies) are to be treasured across time. Get More »

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The Ultimate Movie Vomit Mash-Up

If you just had lunch, you may want to quietly escort yourself off the internet right about now.

That's because it's time for the most unholy of mash-ups: the Ultimate Movie Vomit Mashup. Or, as we call it for short, the Throw-Up Mashup.

Featuring choice chunks from "Stand By Me," "The Exorcist," "Clueless" and many, many more, vomit enthusiasts may find it hard to keep their excitement down about this one...or their lunches.

Check out the mashup above, see if you can ID every scene, then yak to us about it in the comments or on Twitter!

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Behold Film's Worst Karate Sequences

Anyone who does karate knows that there is a very specific niche for its practice in film, and everything else is garbage. No, really, it's true! Slacktory took notice of how poorly karate is treated on film (and on TV), and packed it all into one neat supercut. Get More »

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Big Money Mashup! Watch the Ultimate Movie Auction

Whoa ... we had forgotten about the Poison Ivy auction scene (which featured the appearance of the "Batman Forever" credit card) in "Batman & Robin." Yeesh.

Still, an unfortunate bit of Bat-history shouldn't keep you from participating in the Ultimate Movie Auction, a fast-paced, big-money mashup that collects several on-screen auction moments to create one mega-auction scene, complete with several different kinds of currency, conflicting stereo vs. mono sound mixes and at least two appearances by a cranky-looking Cary Grant. You can't lose!

Thanks to our auctioneers at for this decades-spanning look at big-screen bidding.

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Supercut: Every Best Picture Oscar Winner in 4 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to just sit down and watch every single movie that's ever won the Academy Award for Best Picture? Well, now you can ... in a considerably abbreviated sense, anyway.

Digital filmmaker Nelson Carvajal has created the ultimate checklist for your Netflix queue with this elegant supercut that journeys through the history of the Oscars via every consecutive Best Picture winner, from William A. Wellman's "Wings" in 1927 to Michel Hazanavicius' "The Artist" in 2012 (being bookended by two silent black and white movies makes this montage all the classier). What better way to prepare for Sunday's 85th Annual Academy Awards than by reviewing the 84 incarnations that have come before it?

And the thanks goes to The Playlist for the find.

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