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MASHUP: Our Movie Blood Splatter Supercut Is Bloody Good

Whether it's excessive and gross, used for comedic effect, or just pouring out of elevators all willy-nilly, blood's everywhere in movies. And with Halloween right around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to sit down and squirm through the best bloody movie moments. Get More »

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Supercut: Boy, Wolverine Sure Does Scream A Lot

As an actor, when you play the same character approximately 37,653 times (margin of error +/- 37,648), you're bound to give that character some of the same mannerisms over the course of its movie lifetime.

Hugh Jackman (and each movie's writer and director, I guess) decided that Wolverine likes to scream. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. As compiled by our compadres at Vulture, embedded is a supercut of Wolverine screaming and shouting and hollering and grunting, a 1:17 video of which I could only reach the :54 second mark without having to give my ears a one minute break. Get More »

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Supercut: Every Question Ellen Page Asks In 'Inception'

If you left watching "Inception" scratching your head and wondering what your eyeballs just spent the last 148 minutes observing, you are not alone. Not only do millions of viewers feel the same way, one of the film's actors isn't even sure what's going on: Ellen Page.

Page, who plays grad student-cum-dream archictect Ariadne in the film (alongside va-va-voom hotties Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt), spends an awful lot of time asking questions. In fact, curiosity almost kills Page when dream residue knocks her right off her chair mid-question. So much for knowledge being power or whatever. Get More »

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Link Riot: Supercut of John Goodman Losing His S**t

• Watch a great supercut of John Goodman losing his s**t in various movie and television roles. [Flavorwire]

• 'Where the Wild Things Are' and James Gandolfini's defining film performance. []

• Speaking of James Gandolfini, did you know he was on 'Sesame Street?' [Death and Taxes]

• A tribute to Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. [Neatorama]

• This is an awesome periodic table of The Muppets. [Mike BaBoon Design]

• Daniel Radcliffe is headed back to the West End stage. [Hypable]

• Take a mental note: Quentin Tarantino will fire you if you don't bring a pen to rehearsal. [The Blemish]

• These are the best and worst examples of Kanye West songs in movie trailers. [BuzzSugar]

• George Clooney as Batman and other horribly miscast movie roles. [ScreenCrush]

• Here's 8 things you didn't know about zombie survival. [MTV Movies Blog]

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Supercut: 'We're Not So Different, You and I'

For whatever reason, there have always been a select few lines in movies that are repeated often over the history of cinema but are never actually said by anyone in real life. No one ever responds to an invitation with a heartfelt "I'd like that" in real life. It's just "yes" or "sure" or something. There is no "I'd like that." It's bothersome. If it started actually being said by people any of us know, I'd like that. Get More »

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Supercut: Beware of the Phone Booth

Where can you go that causes incredible amounts of pain, grief and emotional struggles? No, we don't mean your mother-in-law's house, high school or Burger King. For the ultimate collection of everything tragic in this world, look no further than your corner phone booth. A haven to Superman, we've noticed that the phone booth is a hellish place for seemingly everyone else in the world.

Phone booths bring out the worst in humanity, and movies prove this. These little glass boxes serve up heaping slices of horror every time an unsuspecting person steps inside. Get More »

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Link Riot: A Supercut of Movie Dance Scenes

• We Can Dance: a supercut of Hollywood movie dance scenes. [YouTube]

• The Cannes Film Festival is over and these are the 10 best films from this year's fest. []

• Here's the problem with celebrating straight actors in gay roles. [Flavorwire]

• Better start writing: Samuel L. Jackson will read a fan-written monologue chosen by Reddit users. [FilmDrunk]

• Speaking of Reddit, did you know a Reddit thread inspired a Hollywood movie? [Mashable]

• Mara Wilson, former child actor and star of 'Matilda,' writes 7 reasons why child stars go crazy. [Hypable]

• Read the worst reviews written about these classic movies. [ScreenCrush]

• See the insane early versions of these 27 famous characters. [Cracked]

• These 5 movies featured real-life fathers and sons. [Moviefone]

• Did you know that these awfully similar movies came out around the same time? [BuzzSugar]

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Here's 'Iron Man' on Nintendo in 60 Seconds

The first "Iron Man" came out in 2008, long past the zenith of Nintendo's glory days, which meant, sadly(?), that none of us ever got a chance to enjoy the 8-bit version of the movie after blowing on a plastic game cartridge for 10 minutes and repeatedly hitting the side of an ugly-looking gray and black console, as if that made any difference. Get More »

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Supercut: NOOOOOO!!!!

The ratio of people screaming "NOOOOO!!!!!!" in movies to people screaming "NOOOOO!!!!!" in real life is extremely high. In a 2005 study, scientists from Harvard University concluded that this number was roughly 12.7 to 1,* though each scientist individually claimed that he or she had never met anyone who screamed no for more than the quarter-second it takes to say the word normally.** Get More »

Supercut: Disney Movies Are Actually Pretty Violent?

Have you ever noticed that Disney movies, for being Disney movies, are actually pretty violent? And not just in a lighthearted way, either; for every "Mickey playfully smashes a friend with the lower part of his fist on the top of his head," there's a "The Beast is brutally shot in the spine with a bow and arrow." Ow.

I'll tell you who noticed it, if you didn't: a bored video editor, that's who. And as a result, we have a fun 85 second supercut of all the incidences of violence in every Disney movie, embedded at the top for your sick, masochistic enjoyment. Get More »

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