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No One Got to See Will Ferrell's Sexy Super Bowl Commercial

It's no secret that at least half of the fun of watching the Super Bowl is seeing the big-budget, blockbuster commercials between plays. But sometimes a genius really, really weird ad slips through the cracks. And by slips through the cracks, we mean it only airs in a few "select" markets. Like this Will Ferrell ad for Old Milwaukee beer.

The commercial, which manages to suck up an entire minute of airtime, features a nice Christian woman (as deduced by her cross necklace) woman on a bus. At first, she just stares longingly out the window—until she turns to a mustached Will Ferrell and beings making out. We're not talking some friendly kiss. This is a full on face-sucking session. The whole tryst is set to a distinct Chinese song, identified as "Mother, Where Are You?" Creepy. Get More »

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The Top 5 Super Bowl Movie Trailers (Out of 5)

Marvel Studios

All around the country, fans are gathering online and in person to chat about the amazing way that, uh, that one team totally beat the other one with that great... thing they did. With the ball. That was amazing.

Okay, fine, you caught us: We were hardly paying any attention to the actual game itself. But that's not because we weren't watching the Super Bowl — it's because we were too busy getting totally pumped by all the great new movie trailers that aired during the game.

So with that in mind, here's our look at all the best new trailers from this year's Super Bowl. And seriously: Congratulations to the fans of whichever team won whatever. Get More »

Forget the Puppy Bowl: Watch Great Moments in Animal Sports

Why watch the Puppy Bowl when you can get your puppy fix and more with this adorable supercut? Check out some of the greatest four-legged sports heroes in cinema (well, mostly four-legged — there might be a basketball-playing werewolf in there somewhere) as they prove that you don't have to be a human being to be a great athlete. Thanks to our furry friends at for making us feel like winners as we enter Super Bowl weekend!

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'World War Z' Meets Super Bowl XLVII

Sports fans, and football fans in general, enjoy using war metaphors to describe the action. But this year, the Super Bowl is going to take things to new heights thanks to the release of the first television teaser for Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie epic "World War Z."

Forget sacking the quarterback — how about eating his brain instead?
Get More »

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Poster: It's Brother Vs. Brother in 'Harbaughier'

Warrior Poster Lionsgate

This Super Bowl Sunday, family is worth fighting for.

"Warrior" stars Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy as two brothers who are pitted against each other in an epic mixed martial arts match. This weekend, life will imitate art as real-life brothers Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh stand on opposite sides of the football field as the proud coaches of, respectively, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

We'd love to be a fly on the wall at the next Harbaugh family gathering. Oh my, the tension.

Anyway, will the game end with one of them tapping out when the other says he loves him, all set to the rousing sounds of "About Today" by The National? Hell no.

FOOTBALL. Get More »

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Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen Kick Off 'El Plato Supreme' Early

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and for many fans, that means just one thing: A bunch of awesome new TV commercials featuring their favorite film stars. But why wait until Sunday night when you can check out the hottest new Super Bowl ad right now?

It's the new Samsung campaign featuring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. And since this is for the Super Bowl, they've got some pretty big ideas. Just one problem: The term "Super Bowl" is trademarked, as are the names of the teams involved. So what do you do? Get More »

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NFL's Greatest Players: The 13 Best Football Stars in Movies

Terry Bradshaw in Failure to Launch

On Super Bowl Sunday, the best and baddest of the professional football world will lay it on the line for the biggest of prizes. But only a select few will go on to achieve an even greater glory: movie superstardom.

Okay, the odds of anybody from the NFL rubbing shoulders with Daniel Day-Lewis is somewhat slim, but there have been several former players who have acquitted themselves well on the big screen. Get More »

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Giants vs. Patriots: Which Teams 20 Celeb Fans Are Rooting for in the Super Bowl

Viggo Mortensen

Who says Hollywood doesn't know sports? With Super Bowl XLVI just days away, many in the movie biz are showing their true colors in preparation for the big game. But the fandom elevates when two storied teams like the New York Giants and the New England Patriots face off.

Here, we take a look at 10 die-hard celebrity fans for each team. Based on this study alone, the Patriots fans may be better-looking; but if a fight were to break out at the bar this weekend, we'd want these Giants fans to have our back.

Get More »

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'The Dog Strikes Back' at the Super Bowl

The Dog Strikes Back

Remember that awesome Volkswagen commercial featuring the pint-sized scourge of the galaxy who came to be known as "Kid Darth Vader" that aired during last year's Super Bowl?

Well, like the "Star Wars" movies before it, that ad has spawned a sequel, one that Volkswagen is calling "The Dog Strikes Back." In this new adventure, a family dog engages in a series of doggie activities, both surreal and mundane, before becoming inspired to chase after the sweet Volkswagen bug cruising down the suburban street. Get More »

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This New 'Avengers' Clip Is Super (Bowl, That Is)

The Avengers

In America, football is seen as the ultimate team sport, with eleven players on each side of the ball working together to accomplish a goal that no single player could accomplish alone. So it's only fitting that during this year's Super Bowl, the ultimate team game will feature a brand new spot for the ultimate team movie: "The Avengers."

And we've got your first sneak peek of it right here. Football Fans Assemble! Get More »

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