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The 20 Coolest Movie-Themed Holiday Gifts

Remember when you used to think Santa and his elves took care of all the Christmas presents every year?


Holiday shopping season is upon us, which means you've got your own list, and you're checking it twice. But if anyone on your list is a movie fan, then you're in luck.

Check out our 20 hand-selected cool gifts for people who love movies, and you'll be done with your shopping before Santa even gets up for breakfast. You're welcome.

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The Best DVD & Blu-ray Holiday Gift Ideas

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'Super 8' Is Super-Great on DVD and Blu-ray

Super 8

Remember when movies like "E.T.," "The Goonies" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" sparked a sense of adventure and childlike wonder in people of all ages? All of those movies were directed or produced by Steven Spielberg, who also produced this year's "Super 8," a heartfelt homage to Spielberg's classic sci-fi stories that was written and directed by J.J. Abrams for a whole new generation.

The story follows a group of six children, including 14-year-old Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney), who are filming their own Super 8 zombie drama in their small town of Lillian, Ohio, circa 1980. The five boys catch a ride with their friend Alice (Elle Fanning) to a train depot to film a scene for their movie. While they're there, a train roars by and the group witnesses a pickup truck purposely drive onto the tracks and wreck into the train, which causes a massive derailment that the children catch on film. Get More »

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The 9 Best Alien Invasion Movies

Super 8

We're not alone, are we? It's fun to believe that we're not -- that somewhere, out there amongst the stars, there's intelligent life. Intelligent life with giant laser cannons and plans of domination.

For some people, the idea of an alien invasion is a terrifying nightmare. For others, it's a dream come true -- it would be proof that aliens actually exist, and we'd get to fight them with helicopters and laptop computers!

Alien invasion movies bring those dreams and nightmares down to Earth. With J.J. Abrams' top-secret "Super 8" invading DVD and Blu-ray, we take a look at some of the best other times we've been "visited." Get More »

Next Factor: 'Super' Star Joel Courtney

Joel Courtney
Getty Images

Fifteen-year-old Joel Courtney had only ever acted in a few school plays before when he scored the lead role in director J.J. Abrams’ highly anticipated movie "Super 8" (on DVD & Blu-ray Tuesday).

Looks like Courtney won't be hoofing it to commercial auditions in his home state of Idaho anymore. In his film debut he plays Joe Lamb, a Midwestern boy who, grieving the loss of his mother, devotes his time to helping his friends make a Super 8 zombie movie. "His dad, being the town deputy, is never really around," explains Courtney. "So, Joe finds his only comfort with his friends. His dad wants him to be a regular kid and play baseball, but Joe just wants to make movies." Get More »

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End of Summer Poll: Best Movie

End of Summer Poll: Best Movie
Warner Bros./Universal/20th Century Fox

We hate to break it to you, but we're approaching the end of summer... which means an end to 100-degree days (whew), summer vacations (boo) and summer movies (double boo).

It's been an interesting season, dominated by blockbuster sequels ("Harry Potter," "Pirates," "The Hangover"), yet dotted with newbie surprises ("Bridesmaids," "Super 8"), promising reboots ("Rise of the Planet of the Apes," "X-Men: First Class") and indie successes ("Midnight in Paris").

Now's your chance to weigh in on the summer's hits and misses. What did you love this summer? What didn't you love? What made you laugh, cry, drool, ask for your money back? We'll be asking a question every day for the next 11 days -- because it's 2011, naturally -- so come vote in our daily poll and join us in paying one last tribute to the summer movies season of 2011.


What was your favorite 'Harry Potter' moment? >>
What was the biggest surprise? >>
What was the best comedy? >>
What was the best superhero movie? >>
What was the most disappointing movie? >>
Who had the best abs this summer? >>
Who was the hottest babe of the summer? >>

Poll closes Aug. 29 at 11 p.m. ET

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And the First Big Post-'Bridesmaids' Role Goes To...

Melissa McCarthy and Judd Apatow
Getty Images

For the last two months, "Bridesmaids" has been kicking butt at the box office, wowing both critics and fans alike and becoming both the top grossing female comedy of all time and the biggest hit of Judd Apatow's career (which is saying something). So naturally, it's only a matter of time until the film's star signs her next big deal, right?

Well, that moment has come -- only according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's not Kristen Wiig who is set to appear in Apatow's next production but rather Melissa McCarthy. So much for conventional wisdom, right? Get More »

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'Super 8' Kid Joel Courtney Goes Down South for 'Tom Sawyer'

Joel Courtney
Getty Images

Teaming up with an A-List producer or director for your very first starring role is not a bad way to start an acting career. Just ask Joel Courtney, the lead kid in J.J. Abrams' "Super 8," who's currently in the beginning stages of racking up every male tween role from here to the end of the Mississippi.

This is known as the "Hailee Steinfeld Effect." Get More »

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'Inception,' 'The Social Network,' 'Super 8' Top Golden Trailer Award Nominees

Warner Bros.

With the editing of movie trailers quickly becoming an art in its own right, its only fair that the brains behind the stylish ads be rewarded for their efforts.

Enter: The Golden Trailer Awards.

This year marks the 12th round for the awards and, telling from the recently released nominees, should be spotlighting some of our favorite flicks from 2010 and 2011. Get More »

Get the Goods: Make Movies Like the Kids in 'Super 8'

Many prominent directors like Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams -- two great tastes that taste great together when it comes to "Super 8" -- kicked off their careers making movies with small video cameras and friends in the starring roles.

Of course, this inspired that little alien movie that topped last weekend's box office. Clearly, starting small isn't a bad thing.

Filmmakers today have the technology to start super-small and, frankly, super-young. And, while we love our Flip Cams, that's not even what we're talking about. In today's day and age, people can make movies using toys, pens, hats and even lighters. In fact, here's a whole gallery full of inexpensive tools to make your own movies.

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Before They Were Famous: Kyle Chandler In 'Pure Country'

Kyle Chandler in Pure Country
YouTube/Warner Bros.

Handsome, affable, and intense, Kyle Chandler has earned critical and popular acclaim thanks to his role as pressure-cooked Coach Taylor on TV's "Friday Night Lights." With the release of "Super 8," we suspect Chandler -- who co-stars in the film as deputy sheriff Jackson Lamb -- will be hailed as an "overnight sensation" by critics and audiences. If only they knew how long he's been up-and-coming!

Major stardom may have eluded him, but the Buffalo, NY native has been working steadily for nearly 20 years, landing meaty roles in blockbusters like "King Kong," "The Kingdom" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still." But before he dodged apes, angry football fans and Keanu Reeves, he was making moves on George Strait's tour bus in 1992's "Pure Country." Get More »

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