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Sundance Questions and Answers With Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell at Sundance Getty Images

The stars have traveled to the sleepy town of Park City, Utah to once again celebrate movies and piss off the locals at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. We caught up with one of our favorite sexy funnygirls Kristen Bell, who is here with the coming-of-age tale "The Lifeguard." (Being a Sundance movie, how depressing it is? She’ll tell ya in a sec.)

The film stars Bell as a nearing 30-year-old who returns home to live with her parents and hopes to find herself through late nights out with friends and her high school job as a lifeguard.

Here Bell, who is six-and-a-half months pregnant, talks about how fiance Dax Shepard supports her in her time of need and why she wasn’t sweating the wedgies from the lifeguard suit. Get More »

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5 Questions With Teresa Palmer from the Sundance Film Festival

Teresa Palmer
Getty Images

Being the best thing in a movie can be both a curse and a blessing, but Teresa Palmer has used that gift to carve out a distinctive career for herself, even in the occasional film where she might have been the onlygood thing ("I Am Number Four," we're looking at you).

But in "Wish You Were Here," she joins an able cast that includes Joel Edgerton ("Warrior") and Felicity Price (TV's "Home and Away") to tell the story of a young woman whose tryst with her sister's husband is the tip of a much larger iceberg of bad decisions and dangerous encounters, and proves she's even better when matched with folks who are equally formidable. Get More »

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GALLERY: Stars and Snow at the Sundance Film Festival

The one annual event that allows Hollywood to really experience winter is in full swing in Park City, Utah. The Sundance Film Festival allows the stars to hit the slopes in-between screenings of the latest independent films as the Sundance Kid himself, Robert Redford, watches on.

This year has attracted the likes of Parker Posey, Kate Bosworth, Taylor Swift, Malin Akerman, Bruce Willis, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Elizabeth Olsen, Kirsten Dunst, Spike Lee, Peter Jackson and Joel Edgerton, with more famous-types coming in every day -- stop by our gallery often, as it will only get bigger!

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Planet Fanboy Orbits Sundance


This dispatch is coming to you from the Ice Planet of Hoth. But instead of Tauntauns, they ride Audis. I'm at the Sundance Film Festival, a wonderful, magical place where your feet may be constantly cold and damp, but your heart is kept warm by a bombardment of the best in independent and world cinema.

The "sun" in Sundance is a cruel joke. Park City, Utah, is atop a mountain and, in case you didn't notice, it is January. This means snow, this means slush, this means wet, this means slipping on the ice and this means frequent hits off the asthma inhaler due to the intense elevation. Still, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I know what you're thinking. This is Planet Fanboy! This isn't Planet Snootypants McArthouse! To which I respond: a) Planet Fanboy plots no such predictable orbit! and b) There's plenty of stuff at Sundance for nerdy movie lovers. Get More »

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Teresa Palmer Uncovers 'Warm Bodies'

Teresa Palmer
Getty Images

With the possible exception of  Zooey Deschanel, it's hard to imagine an actress playing "dream girl" with more charm than Teresa Palmer. With her appearances in "December Boys," "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "Take Me Home Tonight," Palmer is securing a role as one of Hollywood’s up-and-coming love interests, as much for her down-to-earth personality as her stunning good looks.

In her upcoming film “Warm Bodies,” Jonathan Levine puts her remarkable co-star chemistry to the ultimate test. Palmer plays a young woman who finds herself slowly getting involved romantically with... a zombie. Speaking to the actress in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival after the premiere of her new film "Wish You Were Here," she explained how she wrapped her head around portraying attraction to the undead. Get More »

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Is Emma Roberts The New Ke$ha?

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All the stars are out at this year's Sundance Film Festival, but it turns out that Emma Roberts isn't content being the next big thing in movies — she's also ready to become the next big thing in pop music as well. And her inspiration, according to her wild new chat with MTV? Ke$ha.

Okay, so the music gig is actually for her new movie "Celeste and Jesse Forever," but Roberts still couldn't be happier over the chance to let it all hang out. "I get to play a pop star, which is so fun. Why not?"

So where does Ke$ha fit in to what Roberts describes as a "wildly entertaining and inappropriate" musical experience? Check out this exclusive interview from MTV — and get ready to rock.

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Tracy Morgan Hospitalized After Sundance Collapse

Getty Images

Tracy Morgan has been hospitalized after collapsing during an event at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday.

According to TMZ, the "30 Rock" comedian and "Death at a Funeral" star was being honored at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City, Utah last night when he apparently became disoriented; after being escorted out of the event, he fell unconscious and was rushed by ambulance to the Park City Medical Center. Get More »

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Spike Lee Does the Profane Thing With Sundance Rant

Getty Images

To put it bluntly, Spike Lee isn't a guy who bottles up his feelings, regardless of occasion. Lee makes tough films about subjects other directors are loath to touch, loudly disputes referee calls courtside at Knicks games, and isn't about to let a bunch of Sundance executives stifle his, er… "creativity," something they learned the hard way at a screening of Lee's latest film.

Lee previewed the film, "Red Hook Summer," with no introduction, but all bets were off once the movie was over. Get More »

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'Wish You Were Here' Trailer Will Make You Glad You Aren't

Felicity Price and Teresa Palmer in "Wish You Were Here"
Aquarius Films

Ever wonder what "The Hangover Part II" might be like if it had been done as a deadly serious crime thriller instead of a wacky comedy?

Well, wonder no more, because the first trailer for "Wish You Were Here" has just arrived — and we don't think anybody is going to be laughing about this one.

Turns out that sometimes what happens on these trips doesn't just stay with you, it haunts you forever. Get More »

Paul Rudd Perfects the Lovable Moron in 'Our Idiot Brother' Trailer

Big Beach Films

Whether he's playing the straightman to a band of wacky co-stars ("I Love You, Man," "Role Models") or the affable dunce ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall", "Anchorman"), Paul Rudd  is always exuding charisma. The actor would have to commit a fairly heinous crime for our love to even begin to wane -- he's that charming.

Now, Rudd will put his laid back allure to the test with his new movie "Our Idiot Brother," a family comedy about a all-around nice hippie who redefines Murphy's Law. Get More »

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