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The 9 Best Films of Sundance 2011

BorderLine Films

After 10 days of movie marathons, studio acquisitions and the unearthing of up-and-coming talent, a frigid Sundance 2011 has come to an end. The tears we've shed upon departure are still frozen to our faces.

There were over 100 films that played at this year's festival, and we've picked the best of the best of the bunch, most of which will see the light of day sometime in 2011. Read on and take notes - these are the movies you need to see. Get More »

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Hot at Sundance: YouTube Bred 'Life in a Day' Defies Reason By Being Awesome


A collective groan (emoticon) was heard from across the Internet when Ridley Scott ("Blade Runner," "Robin Hood") and Kevin MacDonald ("Last King of Scotland," the upcoming "The Eagle") joined forces with YouTube to create an outsourced documentary titled "Life in a Day" The idea was for members of the video sites to record their goings-on for an entire day and submit them to the filmmakers to edit into a feature film that would premiere at Sundance.

A "YouTube documentary" brings flashes of adorable kittens, Funniest Home Video-style slapstick and X-rated prank submissions to mind. Could anything of worth be produced by a site that delivers 55 search results for "monkey drinking urine?"

Answer: yes. Get More »

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Hot at Sundance: 'Pariah' Does Teen Drama the Right Way

MBK Entertainment

You've seen it before: the broken family, the conflicted daughter, the wavering love interest, the slighted best friend. The coming-of-age drama has been done a thousand times, each iteration pushing the archetypical story closer to spoof. How many times can I watch a mother, father and daughter bicker over a moral issue only to come out closer by the end of the spout?!

Thankfully, there is hope. Director Dee Rees' first-time feature "Pariah" is a breath of fresh air for the genre. The film abandons the typical "urban" feel - it's vividly photographed and hopeful in its message. Centering on Alike, an African-American teenager struggling to keep her lesbian lifestyle hidden from her parents, "Pariah" paints its familiar characters - the overbearing religious mother, the aggressive cop father, the friend pushed aside in favor of new romance - with a spectrum of colors, giving each of them something interesting to do. Get More »

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Hot at Sundance: Paul Rudd Steals the Show in 'My Idiot Brother'

Big Beach Films

Resistance to Paul Rudd's charisma is futile. Any attempt to abjure his charm will result in immediate mental shutdown.

Seriously, "My Idiot Brother," the latest comedy from director Jesse Peretz and the aforementioned Mr. Rudd, is all about the smug actor's ability to win over an audience with the most simplistic of ideologies. Rudd's Ned is two links removed from Rain Man. Recently released from prison for dealing weed to a cop, the fun-loving, laid-back organic farmer seeks new direction in his life and jumps between the houses of his three sisters as he finds footing. Get More »

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Hot at Sundance: Ed Helms' 'Hangover' Antics Head to the Small Town of 'Cedar Rapids'

Fox Searchlight

Sundance gets a bad rap - for every artsy fartsy, low-budget cinematic poem, the mecca of indie programming sneaks in a studio picture dressed in drag. This year, it's "Cedar Rapids," a studio comedy with enough heart to earn the respect of festival-goers while also delivering on the laughs.

Director Miguel Arteta turns the Ed Helms' hoity-toity comedy stylings on full display in "The Hangover," into a three-dimensional, heartwarming character. There are plenty of man-children in movies, but few for whom you'd give a hoot. Helms plays Tim Lippe, an insurance salesman with a heart of gold. While attending the biggest conference in Iowa, Lippe saddles up with a group of renegade salesfolk who seize the trip to Cedar Rapids as their opportunity to let loose. Get More »

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Hot at Sundance: Elizabeth Olsen Gives Us Nightmares in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

BorderLine Films

Who'd have thunk? The sister of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen has serious acting chops! We should never have doubted her brief appearance in "The Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley: The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission."

Elizabeth Olsen is currently sweeping up the Sundance film festival with a double dose of scared faces in both ghostly horror flick "Silent House" and the emotionally riveting, equally terrifying "Martha Marcy May Marlene." Get More »

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