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GALLERY: Celebrities Tell Us Their Favorite Romantic Movies

Valentine's Day is upon us, love is in the air, and we are so on it.

Oh, we don't mean candlelit dinners and flower deliveries -- we mean romantic movies, in which every meet-cute and heartbreak has a soundtrack; and hot, sensitive characters say "I love you" better than your significant other ever will.

You know who loves romantic movies, too? Celebrities. From Channing Tatum to Christina Hendricks, these 20 famous folks name their favorites and give us some pretty good ideas for what we might be watching (again) this Valentine's Day.

Rooney Mara Braces for the 'Side Effects'

Getty Images

Move over, Blake Lively. There's a new Gt girl in town. The buzz around Hollywood is that "Dragon Tattoo" star Rooney Mara (who just nabbed herself an Oscar nod, btw) has signed on to play the lead in Steven Soderbergh's latest, "Side Effects," a role that was previously earmarked for Lively.

The thriller, which was previously known as "Bitter Pill," is set in the world of psychotherapy. We're scared already. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story follows a troubled and depressed young woman (Mara) who is coping with the imminent release of her husband from jail and begins to take a new prescription drug to… er… help ease her nerves—only, it turns out to have unforeseen consequences. Dun dun dun. Get More »

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'The Hunger Games' Oscars Pedigree: By the Numbers

Getty Images

Yesterday, Jennifer Lawrence took the podium – tough Katniss on The Capitol interview stage-style - to perform the 2012 Academy Award nominations reading, but that's just a drop in the bucket when it comes to "The Hunger Games" Oscar connections.

In fact, between the cast and filmmakers, we counted more than two dozen Oscar nominations and quite a few wins. Who knew these gamekeepers, so to speak, were so accomplished?!

This list should tell you just what caliber of talent is involved in "The Hunger Games," both on and off-screen. Get More »

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Feeling Some 'Side Effects'

Getty Images

Catherine Zeta-Jones has caught the acting bug again ... and Steven Soderbergh has the cure.

The "Mask of Zorro" beauty has signed on to join Blake Lively, Channing Tatum and Jude Law in the director's drug-addled thriller, according to Deadline.

"Side Effects" follows a depressed young woman (Lively) who's been taking a large amount of prescription drugs as a way of dealing the anxiety brought on by her husband's (Tatum) impending release from prison. Things get even more dramatic when she embarks on an affair with a doctor (Law). Get More »

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Film Is Dead in Keanu Reeves' 'Side by Side' Trailer

Side by Side
Company Films

Will actual film -- you know, the 35mm kind of stuff -- be little more than a novelty by 2015?

That's what they say, which means digital filmmaking may be poised to become the norm in Hollywood, a transition that's already spurning much debate and discussion (not to mention lamentation). Does digital take the "art" out of filmmaking? Is digital making it impossible to discern the real deal from the amateur shooting in his backyard? And what the heck does James Cameron mean with "You can't shoot 3-D on film?" Get More »

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Q&A: 'Haywire' Star Gina Carano on Beating Up Famous Actors

Gina Carano
Getty Images

In an already narrow playing field of female actors who play characters as tough as their male counterparts, Gina Carano is just about the only one who’s tougher than most of them. In Steven Soderbergh's new film "Haywire," the former mixed martial arts star not only holds her own against the acting talents of Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor and Antonio Banderas (among others), but she also convincingly beats them all to a bloody pulp.

Carano plays Mallory Kane, a freelance operative who must fight her way to freedom after she’s betrayed by the people who hired her. Conversely, Carano indicated that the experience of shooting her first film was a great collaborative experience. She recently explained to us how her previous career has helped guide her through a whole new one. Get More »

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This Steven Soderbergh Giveaway Is Totally 'Haywire'


Steven Soderbergh's brand new high octane spy thriller "Haywire" is set to arrive in theaters on Jan. 20 and, just in case you've somehow forgotten why you should be totally jazzed for it, we've prepared a helpful reminder for you — and it involves free copies of both "Ocean's Eleven" and "Traffic" on DVD.

Now is that reason enough to go "Haywire," or what? Get More »

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Blake Lively, Channing Tatum and Jude Law About to Experience 'The Side Effects'

Getty Images

Steven Soderbergh is starting to bear a striking resemblance to the Energizer bunny — this guy just keeps going.

With not one, but two features out in the next six months ("Haywire" on Jan. 20 and "Magic Mike" on June 27), the director du jour is already locking down an all-star cast for his next flick "The Side Effects."

Penned by Soderbergh's frequent collaborator Scott Z. Burns (the scribe behind "The Informant!" and "Contagion"), this psychological thriller will star Blake Lively, Channing Tatum and Jude Law. Umm… is it hot in here or is it us? Get More »

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Ewan McGregor and Gina Carano Go Totally 'Haywire' In Three New Viral Clips


Steven Soderbergh has made some pretty sweet thrillers in his day (see: "Out of Sight") but now he's getting ready to take things to a whole new level -- and he's got not one but three brand new clips from his upcoming blockbuster "Haywire" to prove it.

Lock and load, ladies and gentlemen. Lock and load. Get More »

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Adam Rodriguez Chose Stripping with Channing Tatum Over 'Dark Knight'

Getty Images

Would you chose the stripper life over hanging out with Batman?

If you're Adam Rodriguez, apparently you would. The "CSI: Miami" heartthrob, who's about to step strut onto the big screen wearing very little, just revealed that he passed up a role in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" in order to do so.

(Insert "Are you insane?" face here.) Get More »

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