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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' & 7 Other Movie Mulligans

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fox

When Hollywood dishes out big bucks to make a brand name movie, there are generally some huge expectations. Sequels! Toys! A themed ride at Universal Studios!

But when that movie alienates fanboys, draws the ire of critics, is generally a pile of crap, and, most importantly, fails to make enough cash money, all bets are off. And usually, instead of humanely laying an ill-received film to rest, the powers that be beg audiences for another shot at a franchise — henceforth known as a "movie mulligan." Get More »

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'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Holland Roden Shoots Down MJ Rumor

"Teen Wolf" star Holland Roden took a break from looking gorgeous to address a pesky little rumor that's been spreading like wildfire across Hollywood. Did she get cast as Mary Jane in the third installment of Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man" series, due out in 2016, or didn't she?

Turns out, Roden doesn't even know how this story started, especially because she said she never even read for the part. Whodathunkit! Get More »

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Mary Jane Nixed from 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Shailene Woodley Getty Images

Mary Jane Watson may have played a central role in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy, but she won't show-up in the rebooted version until 2016.

Yes, there were set photos of "The Descendants" star Shailene Woodley floating around from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but those scenes have either been axed or will be saved for the third movie, "Superman: The Movie"/"Back to the Future"/"Kill Bill"/"The Lord of the Rings" style.

According to a new interview in Entertainment Weekly (which we became hip to thanks to Superhero Hype), Woodley understandably isn't super stoked about the news, but she gets the reasoning behind it. Get More »

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Here's What 'Rise of the Guardians' Would Look Like as a Live-Action Movie


When we first saw the trailer for Dreamworks' new animated epic "Rise of the Guardians" and beheld the nondenominational team-up of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and Jack Frost, we wondered how on God's green earth this had never been done before.

It turns out all the ingredients were right there for an "Avengers"-style franchise crossover movie and, just to rub it in the studios' faces, we've assembled a first-class poster mock-up by Old Red Jalopy to prove it. Get More »

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