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9 Greatest Full-Episode TV Tributes to Movies

Family Guy Fox

As The Onion has pointed out, full-episode parodies of movies can be a sure sign that a TV show is running out of steam and ideas. And, historically, they're right. (See: Almost any '90s comedy series that ever did a Halloween episode homage to cheesy horror movies.)

But there are a select few shows that have consistently brought the goods when it comes to film satire, using movie plots as a springboard to create something special with their own characters instead of just covering for a lack of originality with 23 minutes of "Hey, look at us making references to this thing you loved!" Get More »

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Here Now is a List of Every Celebrity Ever Mocked on South Park

Comedy Central Comedy Central

If you were at all famous sometime in the last sixteen years, congratulations, you were probably made fun of on "South Park" in some manner. Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone didn't touch you? Well, you probably weren't all that famous to begin with. Sorry.

Inspired, our friends at Vulture took seven total years (we're guessing) to compile a list of every single celebrity ever mocked on South Park. Every single one, from Dr. Oz to Ozzy Osbourne to Jesse Jackson and Meredith Vieira. Yes, even Vieira, America's sweetheart. Get More »

Will We Finally See 'The Book of Mormon' on the Big Screen?

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The Latter-Day Saints probably aren't going to be too happy about this one.

"South Park's" dynamic duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone are ready to make movie mischief once again, and this time their target is "The Book of Mormon."

The movie adaptation of the much-applauded musical has been long rumored, but this time it seems a little more legit: Parker and Stone have announced their plans to develop their very own little - big, actually, since they've reportedly got $300 million to play with - Important Studio, and project number one on their list is an adaptation of their satirical smash Broadway musical. Get More »

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Movie Icons Re-Imagined as 'South Park' Characters

Harry Potter

Comedy Central's "South Park" returns for its 15th season this week ... with, of course, an episode making fun of Asperger's Syndrome. (It's entitled "Ass Burgers.")

The show's cutout animation may be simple, but Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny have become some of the most indelible characters in cartoon history.

So, naturally, we've always wondered how "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker would have applied their signature style to some of our favorite movie icons. Our old mate Old Red Jalopy was up to the task. Get More »

The Top 9 TRON-Inspired Parodies

Everett Collection

Who would have thought back in 1982 that "TRON" would be bigger than ever 28 years later?  Certainly no one at Walt Disney Studios, as the film was considered a critical and commercial disappointment.

Steven Lisberger, the director of the film that started it all, has theorized, "It took 28 years because we needed the 10-year-olds (who enjoyed the original) to grow up and take their 10-year-olds to see it."  And those 10-year-olds did just that, growing up to get jobs as writers of widely popular TV shows, comedians, pro skaters and advertising reps. Get More »

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