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Why Can't My New Year's Eve Be Like the Movies?

When Harry Met Sally MGM

Ah, New Year's Eve — a magical evening filled with champagne, kisses at the stroke of midnight and, of course, a fresh start to the year ahead. Too bad in real life it's so much more often filled with overpriced dinners, obnoxious drunks and broken resolutions. (Yes, we often do manage to break our resolutions before even crawling into bed.) In other words, New Year's Eve almost always blows … yet somehow in the movies it's so damn perfect. Get More »

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Adam Scott Discovers 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'

Adam Scott
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Adam Scott, the geeky quirky heartthrob of "Party Down" and "Parks and Recreation" fame, may be crossing back over to the big screen for Ben Stiller's latest, a remake of the Danny Kaye starrer, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

If the deal goes through (which we really, really hope it does), Scott would join an A-list cast that already includes Kristen Wiig, Patton Oswalt and Shirley MacLaine, as well as—you guessed it—Ben Stiller himself.

(You thought Stiller might not put himself in the titular role for a movie he's directing? Surely you jest.) Get More »

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Vera Farmiga and Alan Arkin Checking Out 'The Locals'

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It's time for another stab at that old tale of star-crossed lovers and squabbling families by way of New York City. No, not another "West Side Story."  Instead of singing teen gangs, "The Locals" will take a crack at updating the story of Romeo and Juliet "by injecting a Jewish/Italian twist."

So, kind of like "West Side Story" but with more guilt and food and less singing and knife fights. Get More »

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10 Infamous On-Set Fights


It's awards season which means, among other things, that those in the movie industry must smile and make nice with their enemies and competitors while cameras are rolling. We all saw the nominees' thin, tight-lipped smiles as host Ricky Gervais roasted them at this year's Golden Globes ceremony. What else can they do? The world is watching.

However, on the movie set, it's a different ballgame. Actors and directors may say everyone was a joy to work with during interviews. However, tensions run high on-set and creative types can be explosive by nature. The film set is where bridges are burned and arch-nemeses are made. As proof, we look at the 10 most-explosive on-set fights (that we know about). Get More »

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Old But Awesome: Our 15 Favorite Seniors in Hollywood


In the new action blow-out "Red," which stands for "Retired, Extremely Dangerous," a group of ex-CIA agents led by Bruce Willis are hunted by high-tech assassins.

Two of those agents are played by Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren, stars gleefully playing against their age as gun-toting badasses (also see Dames With Guns).

With this in mind, we thought long and hard about some of the best elderly actors out there still scoring big roles and monster acclaim. Here are our nine very favorite old-timers in Hollywood. Get More »

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