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The Muppets Are Heading to the Smithsonian

Smithsonian Smithsonian

No, this is not some new plot-line to "The Muppets ... Again!" That's still taking place over in Europe with Tina Fey as some Russian femme fatale and Miss Piggy in a wedding dress and such. This is real life.

To celebrate the would-be 77th birthday of Muppets creator Jim Henson, who passed in 1990 but whose work very much still lives on to entertain and educate the youth, the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History has has accepted a donation of several Muppet-centric puppets and props to put on display within its American Stories exhibit. Get More »

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Link Riot: Superheroes & 'Sesame Street' Characters on Citi Bikes

superheroes.sesame.bikes• Superheroes and 'Sesame Street' characters on Citi bikes. Because, why not? [Laughing Squid]

• This is Spike Lee's list of essential films. [Kickstarter]

• Fear not, Twi-hards! The complete 'Twilight' box-set will be out in November. [Hypable]

• Everything known about 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' [ScreenCrush]

• Paul Schrader talks about 'The Canyons' know, Lindsay Lohan's latest movie. []

• Why isn't Hollywood panicking over this summer's costly box-office flops? [Moviefone]

• Are these the 6 best scenes from 'National Lampoon's Vacation?' [Film School Rejects]

• Listen to the entire 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' soundtrack online. [Fangirlish]

• There's a 'Star Wars' celebration coming to Anaheim in April 2015. Mark your calendars! [/Film]

• If you haven't seen it already, here's 5 reasons why you should see 'The Wolverine.' [MTV Movies Blog]

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Elmo Takes Pleasure In Jon Hamm's Pain On Sesame Street

Don Draper has officially made his way from Madison Avenue to Sesame Street.

Citing the undeniable fact that the "Mad Men" star’s rugged good looks seem as if they’re already carved from marble, Sesame Street decided to team up Jon Hamm with a beret-topped Elmo in order to educate America’s children about the wide world of sculpture.

Unfortunately, Elmo clearly doesn't feel the need to teach those same children about teamwork. Get More »

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Melissa McCarthy Visits Sesame Street, Puts on Her Dancing Shoes

Your favorite actress, Melissa McCarthy, loves to dance. She also loves Elmo, so much so, in fact, that she made a recent trip to Sesame Street, where the two explained to the viewing public the meaning of the word "choreographer." The "Bridesmaids" and "Identity Thief" starlet showed off her fancy footwork with the help of a penguin in a beret because sometimes, life is just that beautiful. Get More »

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Cookie Monster Gobbles Up Goofs on 'Hunger Games' & 'Avengers'


Only Cookie Monster could find the chocolate chip-flavored connection between Katniss Everdeen and Marvel's Incredible Hulk.

In the latest "Sesame Street" poetic parody on the cultural zeitgeist brought to us all by Entertainment Weekly, blue boys Cookie Monster and Grover tackle "The Hunger Games," "The Avengers," "Doctor Who," and "The Newsroom" with kooky quatrains such as this one from the big hungry monster himself:

Me the tribute from Sesame Street,
Hunting cookies cause they good to eat,
Is this terrible dystopia,
Making me weigh the cookiecopia. Get More »

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Big Bird Is Coming Back to the Big Screen


If you got up on the wrong side of the trash can this morning, this news might cheer you up.

According to "The Hollywood Reporter," 20th Century Fox has snagged the movie rights to "Sesame Street" and is lining up behind-the-scenes talent for a film.

The good news is that they've hired Joey Mazzarino to write the script. Mazzarino is a longtime denizen of "Sesame Street."  He wrote 24 episodes from 1998 to 2007, directed 13, and is also one of the puppeteers. He's won two Emmys, one for writing and one for directing. Get More »

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Oscar the Grouch Predicts Oscars the Awards

Getty Images

Before Armond White (and Statler and Waldorf) there was Oscar the Grouch, the OG grumpy critic. He hasn't been getting a lot of mainstream play lately -- probably because he lives in a trashcan -- but the good folks at AOL and Sesame Street would like to change that.

Thanks to the power of internet video, Oscar has a soap box from which to predict this year's Oscar winners. Why this short isn't called "Oscar on Oscars," the world may never know. Get More »

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Check This: Jonah Hill, Elmo Team Up for Mustache Tutorial

Jonah Hill on Sesame Street
Sesame Workshop

R-rated favorite Jonah Hill refrained from swearing for 58 seconds to stop by "Sesame Street" and explain the definition of the word mustache to Elmo. (Apparently Elmo's never caught an episode of "Magnum P.I." with Tom Selleck.)

Looking like an young unkempt Gene Shalit, Hill is the perfect star to demonstrate all the great things one can do with a (fake) mustache. Get More »

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