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Dear Hollywood: Whatever Happened to a Bright Future?

After Earth Columbia Pictures

Once upon a time, the future was going to be awesome. We were promised flying cars, robots that would wait on us hand and foot and possibly jet packs, just for the hell of it.

And now that we're actually living in that future, it is, in fact, awesome. Sure, we might not have any of those specific things, but we do have smartphones, the Internet and Video On Demand, allowing us to watch movies in high definition at our own convenience. Yes, the future is awesome.

Except in the movies. Because in the movies, man, the future royally sucks. Get More »

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'Inception' Finally Explained in Honest Trailer

There were a lot of confusing and intriguing sci-fi films last year — "Looper" and "Prometheus" both come to mind right off the bat — but as interesting as those films might have been, frankly we didn't really have the energy to even try to figure them out. The reason? We're still busy puzzling over 2010's "Inception." What does it mean?

Just think of all the mental anguish we could have been spared if only the new "Inception" clip from the folks at Honest Trailers had been available back then. Get More »

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Sandra Bullock to Kick Asteroid in 'Gravity'?

Sandra Bullock

Add Sandra Bullock to the list of actresses who have been sucked in by "Gravity." The Oscar winner is the latest A-lister attached to the hot sci-fi flick, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The $80 million, 3-D film, directed and co-written by Alfonso Cuaron ("Y Tu Mama También"), is set to star Robert Downey Jr. but has yet to land a leading lady. Get More »

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