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And the New 'Fast & Furious 7' Director Is...

The Fast and the Furious 6 Universal

Man, it seems like only three days ago that we were discussing possible directors for "Fast & Furious 7" now that "Fast & Furious 6" auteur Justin Lin has decided to bow out, with most of the speculation centering on the trio of Harald Zwart, Brad Furman and Jeff Wadlow.

But a lot can apparently change in the course of 72 hours, because according to Deadline, it turns out that James Wan is actually Universal's pick.

We sure never "Saw" that one coming! Get More »

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The New Weapon of Choice For Horror Movie Villains: Butter

Bioenergy Nutrition

In horror films, serial killing weirdos will use just about anything to murder their victims. Chainsaws, axes, knives, hatchets, guns, ropes, bear traps, poison, gas, swarms of rats, water, whatever. You name it, someone has used it in a movie to kill people.

But you know what can really kill you? Butter.

Just ask Ghostface. Get More »

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'Saw' Director Takes On the Anti-Jigsaw: 'MacGyver'


Okay, so when you think of the 1980s cult TV hit "MacGyver," you probably don't immediately think of torture porn.

But that's about to change in a big way, as according to The Hollywood Reporter, "Saw" director James Wan is in talks with New Line to direct the big screen adaptation of "MacGyver."

And this one actually makes a lot more sense than you might think. Get More »

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Torture on the High Seas: Carnival Sets Sail With 'Saw' Cruise


Yes, you read that headline right and its not a joke: Carnival is teaming up with Twisted Pictures for 5-days of non-stop terror, buffets and miniature golf during their "Saw"-themed cruise.

Collider discovered this dream (nightmare?) vacation where you and the entire family can meet-and-greet stars from the seven-film horror franchise as you sail the beautiful Atlantic ocean en-route to Canada, where they actually filmed the "Saw" movies! Also, John Kramer/Jigsaw is the captain and Billy the puppet is his first mate (not really). Get More »

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10 Movie Franchises Get Disney-fied

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was first released in 1991, but it's still as fresh and appealing today as it was 21 years ago, which a new generation of moviegoers will find out with the film's 3-D re-release this week.

What's responsible for the studio's lasting success? In part, it's the marketing. Disney movies have an unmistakable look and charm that gives us the warm and fuzzies. (You know your studio's in good shape when a film that grossed over $100 million was considered a failure, as was the case with Disney's 2009 release, "The Princess and the Frog.")

What would the Disney magic do if applied to other films? We imagine what 10 other big movie franchises would like if they were created by the Mouse House.

Get More »

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The Hint of Another 'Saw' Tortures Us


We know that advertising is often a clever smokescreen for psychological manipulation, but when a movie is called "Saw 3D: The Final Chapter," well, we kind of assume that's the final chapter, right? Yes and no.

Lionsgate's VP Michael Burns stopped by CNBC to chat about "The Hunger Games," but more importantly, Lionsgate's possible merger with Summit. In between other nuggets of info, Burns mentions that, "I'm sure, some day, you'll see 'Saw' back in the picture.'" (You can watch the video here.) Get More »

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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Horror Flicks


The Ghostface Killer from the "Scream" movies and NextMovie are kindred spirits.

OK, so we don't kill people (promise!) but we do occassionally go around asking people their favorite scary movies. And, since a few of you asked that very same question on Twitter, we decided to include ourselves in the process.

So, without further ado, here are the NextMovie staff picks for favorite horror flicks. Get More »

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Poll: What's the Best Horror Movie Franchise of All Time?

Horror Poll: Best Franchise
Paramount / New Line / Compass

Previous: What's the worst horror movie cliché? >>

Poll closes Oct. 24 at 11 p.m. ET

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Jane Russell, First Scandalous Lady of Hollywood, Dies at 89

Jane Russell
Getty Images

These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a movie poster that isn't exploiting some "shocking" element of perverse culture.

Sex, drugs, rock and, foul language - there's nothing a studio won't touch (or photograph) to get your butt in the seat for their movies. While parent groups and the MPAA board actively fight to censor Hollywood ("Think of the children!"), the leniency on sultry advertising has certainly loosened up in modern times.

But it wasn't always so, as the busty, leading lady Jane Russell learned the hard way back in the 1940s. Russell, who the New York Times reports passed away on Monday from a respiratory-related illness at the age of 89, was a singer and actress first discovered by the wild Howard Hughes (go rent "The Aviator" for more on that) and cast in his gritty Western picture, "The Outlaw." Perhaps, a bit too gritty for the public's taste. Get More »

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'Insidious' Trailer Is… Insidious

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson in "Insidious"

In 2009, Oren Peli and Jason Blum took the classic horror tropes of a haunted house and demonic possession, then stripped them down to their essence by shooting the whole thing with a camcorder and unknown actors.

Two years later, the producer team decided to hook up with "Saw" creators James Wan & Leigh Whannell to do the same thing, only this time with movie stars and shot like normal. Twisted!

Now that these titans of terror have collided (creatively), we get a trailer showing what has oozed forth from their collective horror hive mind, and the result is insidious. It's also called "Insidious." Coincidence? We think not. Get More »

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