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20 Movie Stars You Didn't Know Were Jewish


Ah, Hanukah! Festival of Lights! A time for Jews everywhere to get together in a spirit of peace, give gifts and sing songs. It's also a time for gentiles everywhere to ask questions like "So... what's the deal with Hanukah?" and "How do you spell Chanukah?" and "Why does it keep moving around the calendar like a celebratory hobo?"

These are good questions; deep questions. And who better to ask than Hollywood's Jewish stars! But who's Jewish? It's no shock that certain actors are from the tribe (shalom, Sasha Baron Cohen!), but Zac Efron? Get More »

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Your Favorite Rom-Coms Get Face Swapped

Face Swapped "Pretty Woman" Poster

Remember when we decided to do a few face swaps for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" photos? Of course you do. They were so hilariously creepy that you will probably never be able to get those images out of your head.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet, we've dug up some photos to keep you horrified. Someone decided to give a few rom-com posters a facelift — or two — and swap the faces of the lovable leads.

So if you've ever wondered if Richard Gere could pull off Julia Roberts' iconic hair and thigh-high boots in "Pretty Woman" or if Sarah Jessica Parker is laid-back enough to fill Matthew McConaughey's shoes in "Failure to Launch," the answer is in this imgur photo album, and it's not pretty. Get More »

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'Lovelace' Gets Multiple Partners With Moore Out, Sarah Jessica Parker In

Getty Images

Tap-outs and new partners are nothing new in the porn world, but it seems like Linda Lovelace is getting more than her fair share these days.

Following Demi Moore's hospitalization for having a freak out after trying Ashton's stash of whip-its exhaustion, the newly single actress has dropped out of Linda Lovelace biopic "Lovelace" as feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

Deadline reports that Sarah Jessica Parker will be taking over as Steinem in the movie, which stars Amanda Seyfried as the "Deep Throat" star. Parker joins an already impressive cast, including Sharon Stone, Wes Bentley, Peter Sarsgaard, and James Franco, as porn pioneer/smoking jacket enthusiast Hugh Hefner. Get More »

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It’s Time to Ring in 'New Year's Eve' in Style

There's more than just celebrity eye candy and holiday spirit filling "New Year's Eve."

There's also awesome holiday fashion. From fantastic dresses (we're looking at you, Lea Michele and Halle Berry) and great bags (ahem, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michelle Pfeiffer) to killer menswear (hi there, Josh Duhamel and Jon Bon Jovi), the film is like a holiday wishlist for the stylistically-minded.

Drool for yourselves with our latest Get the Goods. And, yeah, have a happy new year!

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The 9 Most Fashionable Movie Characters

Film stars and fashion go together like a horse and carriage and killer leather riding boots, and while you may live you life in Levi's jeans and Gap tees (no shame in that), you can't help but admire those chosen few who wear next season's styles like they were meant for today.

With "Crazy Stupid Love" hitting DVD and Blu-ray (featuring the ultra-fashionable Mr. Ryan Gosling), we decided it was high time to pay homage to nine movie characters whose personal styles turned the silver screen into the world's biggest runway.

Originally published Sept. 7, 2011.

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Feeling the Love (and the Cold) in 'New Year's Eve' Trailer

Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher in "New Year's Eve"
New Line

Man, oh man. It's still September, but it's time to start thinking about New Year's Eve … or Garry Marshall's "New Year's Eve," anyway.

We got a peek at "New Year's Eve" earlier this summer, but the first official trailer for this ensemble comedy just popped up on Apple Trailers like a champagne cork. (Watch out for your eye!) Get More »

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We 'Don't Know How She Does It' and Looks So Good

At this point, no matter how many films Sarah Jessica Parker does, she'll always be Carrie Bradshaw. However, while SJP’s newest role as Kate Reddy in "I Don't Know How She Does It" deviates from the shoe-obsessed, fashion fiend we all learned to know and love, Kate also knows how to look great.

Kate Reddy is a finance executive and breadwinner to her husband and two children. Wife, mom and executive? It’s quite a lot to juggle. “I Don’t Know How She Does It” chronicles her attempt to balance all of the facets of her life while resisting a dapper new business associate (played by the tough-to-resist Pierce Brosnan).

With a movie featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, there’s bound to be some great merch. Check out some major steals and covetable items in our latest Get the Goods column.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Juggles Five 'I Don’t Know How She Does It' Clips

I Don't Know How She Does It
Weinstein Company

"Sex and the City" made Sarah Jessica Parker an icon of female empowerment, but now she's experiencing the downside of all that power and responsibility in "I Don't Know How She Does It." She plays Kate Reddy, a financial analyst trying to balance work and family and sabotaging both by being a stressed-out mess.

Greg Kinnear costars as her frustrated hubby, Pierce Brosnan as a flirtatious business associate, and "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks as her (prettier) best friend.

Find out how she does it (or not) with these five clips.

Get More »

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Greg Kinnear and Sarah Jessica Parker Read For 'SATC 3'

Greg Kinnear and Sarah Jessica Parker on MTV After Hours' "Leakage"
MTV After Hours

Have faith, Carrie fans -- "Sex and the City 3" could happen!

In fact, there's apparently even a script! Imagine Sarah Jessica Parker's surprise when she showed up for an interview for "I Don't Know How She Does It" and was presented with a "leaked" page from the "SATC 3" screenplay.

And imagine Greg Kinnear's surprise when he and Sarah were forced to read from this page by MTV's own Josh Horowitz.

Actually, you don't have to imagine any of that -- you can watch the "Leakage" unfold at MTV After Hours.

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SJP and Jolie Raking In the Lady-Money

Angelina Jolie in The Tourist

Forbes' has published its yearly ranking of actresses who are raking it in -- and the big winners are Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie, neck and neck for that number one spot.

Though they certainly make more in a single movie paycheck than we'll make in a decade... collectively...  their top ranking doesn't necessarily mean they're getting the biggest payout per flick. Both actresses are earning their $30 million (each! In one year!) based on more than more than their latest roles, especially Parker.

The actress is making bank, but mostly from "Sex and the City" residuals and the many products she has a hand in, from perfumes to clothes. On the other hand, Angie pulls it in at the box office, with films like Salt and even The Tourist, which made the bulk of its cash in foreign territories. (The Johnny Depp thriller didn't go over so well in the US but grossed over $210M worldwide.) Get More »

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