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The Devil Is in 'The Details' in This Trailer

The Weinstein Company

Who knew Spidey could be such a convincing existentialist?

Rescued from the dusty shelves at the Weinstein Company's island of misfit movies, Jacob Aaron Estes' 2011 Sundance Film Festival debut "The Details" has finally gotten a proper (albeit "unofficial") trailer, and all we can say is "metaphors much?"

In the dark comedy, Tobey Maguire stars opposite "The Hunger Games" star Elizabeth Banks as a one-half of a disillusioned married couple which suffers from pests which are not just tearing up their yard but also nimbly bringing to light the desolation of their marriage. Get More »

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Sam Trammell Brings New Blood to 'Long Time Gone'

Getty Images

"True Blood" star Sam Trammell has shape-shifted himself into something even more dynamic than a collie – the actor is turning himself into a real-life movie star.

Collider reports that Trammell has signed on to play Jeff, a landscaper who serves as a source of comfort to a distraught divorcee in "Precious" producer Sarah Siegel-Magness' directorial debut, "Long Time Gone," an adaptation of April Stevens' novel "Angel, Angel." Get More »

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