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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Conjuring' and More

The Conjuring New Line Cinema

This week: Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play real-life ghost hunters Lorraine and Ed Warren in the supernatural thriller "The Conjuring," one of the scariest and most profitable films of the year.

Also new this week is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the buddy comedy "The Internship," Ryan Gosling reuniting with his "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn for "Only God Forgives" and Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy at it again as Jesse and Celine in the romantic sequel "Before Midnight." Get More »

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Movie Stars Reveal Their Porn Star Names

The "porn star name game" is a time-honored tradition in America.

It's a game pretty much anyone can play, depending on the rules — we employ the First Name: First Pet, Last Name: Street You Grew Up On method (our apologies to those with allergies, maybe you had a goldfish?). And the results are, without fail, hilarious.

We asked over 100 of our favorite movie stars in Hollywood — including Channing Tatum, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and Neil Patrick Harris — for their porn star names. They did not let us down. Click through the gallery for all 100+.

Reporting by: Sandie Angulo Chen ("Millie 69"), Robert DeSalvo ("Rocky Waverly"), Claire Donovan ("Spunky Walter"), Elizabeth Durand ("Stephanie Veronica"), Bryan Enk ("Buck Densmore"), Max Evry ("Orion Cedar Crest "), Breanne Heldman ("Krugerrand Ardon"), Jenni Miller ("Mitzi Turtle Creek"), Kevin Polowy ("Sparkle Sterling"), Brandon Rae ("Sammi von Fernway"), Brooke Tarnoff ("Brandy W. Riviera"), Joanna Varikos ("Angel 14") and Kase Wickman ("Blake Sisters").

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Watch This Guy Try to Recreate 'The Notebook' Rainy Kiss Scene With Randos

You might not have heard of this dude Jarek before, but you should know that he's got moves like Jagger Gosling.

Our suave pal Jarek figured that if he can't actually be Ryan Gosling, then the next best thing must be to mack like The Gos, "The Notebook"-style. He set out with a camera crew and a strategically placed sprinkler, then invited women on a boardwalk to tell him whether they found kissing in the rain romantic. Well, duh.

As one woman in the video wryly says, "It's about to start raining, isn't it?" Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Oblivion' and More

Oblivion Universal

This week: Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman make an "effective team" in director Joseph Kosinski's eye-popping sci-fi think piece "Oblivion," which also stars Olga Kurylenko, Melissa Leo and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Also new this week is Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper in the intense crime drama "The Place Beyond the Pines," the infuriating documentary "West of Memphis" and the earth-shatteringly stupid horror flick "Aftershock" starring Eli Roth. Get More »

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Guess Who's Being Considered to Play Batman in the 'Man of Steel' Follow-Up

Batman and Superman Movie Warner Bros.

With Christian Bale out of the Batman picture for good, director Zack Snyder's got some serious wheel-turning to do over who he'll choose to put on the black cape next for his "Man of Steel" follow-up, set to crossover the Big Blue Boy Scout with Gotham City's very finest in 2015.

And it looks like there might already be a few frontrunners for the coveted gig of the Caped Crusader — though nothing's even remotely official yet as it's script drafts, not talent offers, which are currently crowding the guy's table.  Get More »

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Free S#!t: Enter to Win a Copy of 'The Place Beyond the Pines' Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack!

placebeyondthepines-220Just how far would you be willing to go in order to provide for your newborn child? In 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' Ryan Gosling plays a motorcycle stuntman who turns to bank robbing in order to do just that. Things go terribly wrong when he encounters a rookie cop, played by Bradley Cooper. This very original crime drama is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat.

To celebrate the August 6 Blu-ray release of 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' we are giving away the Blu-ray/DVD combo of the film to three very lucky winners! Get More »

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Duh, Ryan Gosling Won't be in 'Star Wars'

Getty Images Getty Images

Whoever started this rumor, dude(s), we like your enthusiasm and all but c'mon... Ryan Gosling in a "Star Wars" movie? It's way too absurd to be even remotely believable, in this galaxy or one far, far away.

So, it probably wasn't even necessary for his people to reach out and officially put the big fat kibosh on that line of chatter, though they did. Get More »

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Ryan Gosling Characters You DON'T Want to Say 'Hey' To You

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Oh, Ryan Gosling. America's Sweetheart. The man who was robbed — robbed! — of the Sexiest Man Alive title. There are several good reasons why The Gos inspired the wave of "Hey Girl" memes: He's our handsome dream boyfriend who will write to us every day for a year, will do the "Dirty Dancing" lift with us in his living room and break up a street fight in New York on his way home from the gym, and so much more. Get More »

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Ryan Gosling: 'Only God Forgives' is Like a Video Game

Get More:
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Ahhh, Gosling — sweet, sweet Gosling. There are normal humans and then there's the beautiful Ryan Gosling (honestly, who needs friends when you look that good)?

Gosling took a few minutes out of his busy schedule of, ya know, being hot, to chat with MTV News' Josh Horowitz about his new film "Only God Forgives," directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (responsible for the also Gosling-filled, oddly silent "Drive"), and according to him, it's a lot like "Grand Theft Auto." Yep. Get More »

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Gosbook: The Ryan Gosling Loner Friend-o-Meter

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Poor Ryan Gosling. He's one of the most popular actors on the planet (or at least on the Internet), and yet he usually plays such a lonely boy.

Sure, Gosling has had his share of companions, lovers and even wives in his movies, but for the most part he's made a career at playing the rugged loner, the lone wolf who walks (or drives) the earth with only very few "friends" ... if you can even call them that half the time. Get More »

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