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What Did Fassbender Say to the Engineer in 'Prometheus'? Now We Know


Over the course of Ridley Scott's frustratingly ambiguous space epic "Prometheus" the only thing we really learn about the oddball android David (Michael Fassbender) or his motivations is that the dude liked to touch everything. A lot.

One of the biggest mysteries was *SPOILER* what exactly David uttered in unsubtitled Proto-Indo-European to the giant engineer douche who then goes on a pointless killing spree, but Stu Holmes over at The Bioscopist got the skinny directly from Dr. Anil Biltoo of the SOAS Language Centre in London. Get More »

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In Space No One Can See These 4 'Prometheus' Clips

Noomi Rapace in "Prometheus"

Ridley Scott defined sci-fi terror with 1979's "Alien," so it's only fitting that the director would redefine the genre with "Prometheus," a prequel that takes many detours into rabbit holes of philosophical pondering.

What are they pondering, exactly? Only the nature and purpose of mankind's origin, that's all. No biggie. Oh, and there's monsters! This epic stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and the amazing Michael Fassbender as a robot to be reckoned with.

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Is 'Prometheus' an 'Alien' Prequel? The Answer, Once and for All

Noomi Rapace in "Prometheus"

Is director Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" a full-on prequel to his 1979 sci-fi horror masterpiece "Alien" or not?

That's the question movie fans have been asking for months and we're going to answer it for you, once and for all. The answer, friends, is yes ... basically.

Scott has been adamant that while "Prometheus" "carries the DNA" of "Alien," it is an original piece of science fiction that delves into everything from biotechnology to artificial intelligence to the origins (and possible destruction) of mankind itself. Get More »

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'Prometheus' Trailer Redone: Now With 100% More Paper


Just how great is Ridley Scott's already-iconic trailer for "Prometheus?" It's so great that even if you take out all the visuals and replace them entirely with construction paper cutouts and drawings, it's still one of the most powerful trailers in recent memory.

How do we know this? Because someone actually did just that and we've got the results right here for you to marvel over. Get More »

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Cameron Diaz Hooking Up With Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor'

Cameron Diaz
Getty Images

Cameron Diaz might be best-known for her work in comedies like "There's Something About Mary," "Shrek" and, most recently, "Bad Teacher," but one would be remiss to forget she's held her own with edgier material too, including "Vanilla Sky" and "Any Given Sunday."

Diaz, according to Deadline, will be getting a great new shot at proving her muster in the serious film biz, as she's just been attached to Ridley Scott's impressive cast for "The Counselor."

The film will be based upon author Cormac McCarthy's script and will feature Scott's "Prometheus" star Michael Fassbender in the lead as an attorney who muddies up his clean reputation and endangers his formerly respectable life by involving himself with cocaine trade. Get More »

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Michael Fassbender's Android Makes a Sales Pitch For 'Prometheus'


The latest piece of the "Prometheus" puzzle has arrived online, and it's a must-see.

The new clip, "Happy Birthday David," is the sort of thing companies play internally to school employees on the dangers of sexual harassment; in this case, Michael Fassbender's android David explains who he is, what he does and why he's the perfect employee in what's likely a promo video for Weyland Corporation.

David blends in perfectly, he assures us, despite the fact that he's wearing the face of one of the sexiest men alive. He can also play chess with himself, he enjoys the delights of fresh flowers, and he can do things that humans "might find… distressing or unethical." Tell us more! Get More »

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Could Brad and Angelina be Appearing Together in the Next Ridley Scott Film?

Getty Images

This June, director Ridley Scott is going to debut "Prometheus," the long awaited and eagerly anticipated sequel to his classic 1979 sci-fi/horror epic "Alien." It's a movie that fans have been hoping for and dreaming about for over three decades.

But once "Prometheus" arrives, the question becomes, what can Scott possibly do to top it?

Well, how about a movie starring Brad Pitt, Angelina and Jolie and Javier Bardem?

Yeah, that should just about do it.

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10 Directors Who Could Take Over 'The Hunger Games' Sequel, 'Catching Fire'

The Hunger Games

This morning, we were surprised to learn that "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross might've just made the unfortunate decision to vacate his chair for the first sequel "Catching Fire."

The news is not officially official just yet, but fans across the various districts are already up in arms about it. The hashtag #WeWantGaryRoss made its way into today's trending topics on Twitter as a result of the story.

If it is true, and Ross will not return for the second film, we're left with a very burning question: Who could take his place?

Ross' will be big shoes to fill by whomever steps in, of course, so we thought we'd go ahead and size up some of the potential candidates for the job. Get More »

GALLERY: All the 'Prometheus' Photos So Far

Sometimes the more you know about a movie, the less excited you are to see it. Explanation and revelation often has a way of taking all the fun out of a film that's been shrouded in secrecy. But unlike a lot of highly anticipated mystery flicks, the more we learn about "Prometheus," the more we can't wait for June 8 to finally get here.

Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic marks the A-list director's return to the genre that made him a household name with "Alien" and "Blade Runner." At this point, we don't care if "Prometheus" is an "Alien" prequel or not (it is, sort of, but whatever) — we just want to see it.

Take a look at a master filmmaker's brave new world.

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New 'Prometheus' Trailer Sets WonderCon On Fire

20th Century Fox

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who felt the wrath of Zeus for giving mankind the secret of fire. In modern day movie mythology, on the other hand, Ridley Scott is doing everything in his power to make sure mankind doesn't learn the secrets of his upcoming sci-fi epic "Prometheus."

Until now, that is. Get More »

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