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25 Cool Movie People Doing it Right on Twitter

Anna Kendrick's Twitter feed Twitter - @AnnaKendrick47

When it comes to Hollywood people on Twitter, there are basically four different types:

1. Those who just think they're way too cool for tweet school before setting virtual foot onto the platform in the first place (here you have your Megan Fox-style fails);

2. The ones that are obviously controlled by some P.R. lackey receiving triple-filtered fluff to post (lookin' at the noob, Liam Hemsworth);

3. Those other guys who totally should have had someone buffering their tweets and/or should altogether just avoid typing while under the influence of alcohol, anger or any other inhibition-lowering stimuli (most recently, Alec Baldwin); Get More »

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Would Ricky Gervais Host the Oscars? Under One Condition.

Ricky Gervais Getty Images

Ricky Gervais: Oscar host? It has a nice ring to it, but after backlash to his biting humor at the Golden Globes, would the comedian even consider it?

"It's a tough one," the comedian told Gold Derby after being told that veteran Emmy, MTV Movie Awards and People's Choice Awards producer Mark Burnett suggested him as a good pick. Get More »

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Christoph Waltz Waltzes Onto 'The Muppets ... Again' Cast Again

Christoph Waltz Getty Images

Looks like Christoph Waltz is a part of "The Muppets ... Again!" again!

The two-time Oscar winner was originally slated to star in the Euro-caper sequel as an Interpol agent but was later replaced by "Modern Family" star Ty Burrell in December due to scheduling complications.

Elmo was very, very sad.

Shortly thereafter, though, Waltz told Collider that he was meeting with the Powers That Be about, to use his words, what "might not be a proper part [but] might just be one of those 'cameos.'" Such a cameo, he expected, may not include a dance with Miss Piggy ("they told me that dancing with Miss Piggy is almost impossible because she's totally operated by puppeteers") during her upcoming wedding. Get More »

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Ricky Gervais Philosophizes with Pepe the King Prawn

As both "The Office" and "Extras" proved, Ricky Gervais never met a pregnant pause he couldn't impregnate with more awkwardness.

Looks like he's bringing that comedy of discomfort to the set of "The Muppets… Again!" as evidenced by this new 30-second clip featuring Gervais and Pepe the King Prawn chillin' between takes on the London set of the puppetastic sequel.

Pepe half-heartedly attempts to strike up a bond with Gervais, only to… well, it's only 30 seconds, so let's not get too deep into spoiler territory.

According to Cinema Blend (via Bleeding Cool) Gervais also did an interview where he elaborated on his relationship with the shrimpiest Muppet:

"I didn’t really rate him before but he’s a brilliant bloke," joked Gervais. "'I said to him, I went, 'Are you a prawn?' He went, 'King prawn.' I said 'What’s the difference between a prawn and a shrimp,’ and he says, 'It’s all about the size, baby.'"

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The 9 'Greatest' Moments in Golden Globes History

Scarlett Johansson and Isaac Mizrahi at the Golden Globes E!

When we think of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and its annual televised Golden Globes ceremony, we think of class, dignity, decorum, integrity and above all, sobriety.

Also: It's Opposite Day.

As co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler look to follow in Ricky Gervais' wake at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards this Sunday, January 13, we take a look back at the over-the-top milestones of shocking behavior we've come to expect from our beloved Globes.

Get More »

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Ricky Gervais Will Try to Upstage 'The Muppets'

Ricky Gervais Getty Images

Hey, if anyone can do it, it might be everyone's favorite former Golden Globes host.

The man who once ran "The Office" is in talks to get things started as the human star of the still-untitled "Muppets" sequel, according to Heat Vision.

The details of Gervais' character, like those of the sequel's plot itself, are being kept under wraps, though it's known that he would be playing a lead role equivalent to that of Jason Segel's in the original "Muppets." There's no word on whether this role will require Gervais to sing, though we can't imagine director James Bobin would allow anything otherwise. Get More »

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Golden Globes Update with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey

The Hollywood Foreign Press announced their nominations for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards earlier today, but that announcement may have been overshadowed by some even bigger Golden Globes news, as new hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey released their first teaser ad for the ceremony.

All we can say is, Ricky who? Get More »

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Ricky Gervais On Golden Globes: 'Thank F**k That's Over'

Ricky Gervais
Getty Images

Ricky Gervais' third stint as host of the Golden Globes is now history and there's at least one person who's glad it's over: Gervais himself.

"Thank f**k that's over," Gervais wrote on his website,, though he didn't use asterisks. Which isn't to say that Gervais didn't enjoy himself, sort of; he just would really rather not ever do it again. Get More »

The Best & Worst Moments at the 2012 Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais
Getty Images

Last year, we (and everyone else in Hollywood) mistakenly thought Ricky Gervais would never be asked to host an awards show – much less the actual Golden Globes – again. But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association proved they could take a joke by inviting the sharp-tongued Englishman back for a repeat performance.

But Gervais was slightly kinder and gentler this time around, taking a rather laissez faire attitude toward the Globes. He'd pop up for extended bits one moment and then stick to just announcing the next – usually with a drink in hand.

Although there weren't any huge upsets or disappointments (except for perhaps Madonna, who managed to be both unfunny and unappealing both times she went on stage), we still had plenty of Best and Worst moments to remember the night by until next year. Get More »

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A Gentler Gervais Turns Up for Third Globes Gig

Ricky Gervais
Getty Images

"So, where was I?"

And with that intro, Ricky Gervais returned as host of the 69th Annual Golden Globes – but this was no continuation of the emcee's feather-ruffling antics from a year ago.

Despite an advertising campaign that played up the British comedian's rabble-rousing rep by showing him about to cut through tape covering his mouth, Gervais delivered a decidedly toned down performance. It was a far cry from last year, when Gervais made headlines for sharp verbal zings against nominees and presenters that drew the ire of stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hanks.

Instead, Gervais lampooned establishments like NBC and the Oscars and "easy" celebrity targets like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian. Get More »

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